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15 Hardest Degree Courses in UK


Are you looking for an opportunity to prove yourself? Want to make your life exciting, and challenge yourself? Then the best way is to give it a try at pursuing the hardest degrees UK this year! Yes, you heard it right; this is not a boring task if you really want something challenging. And, if you are really interested, then here is a list you can consider and pick one that is suitable and interests you. So, let’s get going!

Toughest 15 Courses in UK for Students

Every year, millions of students across the globe get graduated. In the UK alone, thousands of students complete their degrees, and what is so special about it! But, the ones who pursue the toughest degrees and ace in them are considered toppers, provided with certificates, and importantly, they get to challenge themselves to an extent where there is no one better than them. 

Are you also looking for such kind of motivation and an opportunity to explore your intelligence, widen your knowledge and make a name through your academics as the best in it? If yes, then pursue your course from any of these hardest degrees in UK:

  1. Aerospace
    Aerospace engineering is a field of study related to the combination of aeronautical equipment, design, and maintenance. This is a study where the student is taught how to work with an aircraft, right from its parts, design, and dealing with dangerous situations. This is considered one of the toughest degrees in the UK because the study is quite complex. Here, the students are taught theoretical information, calculation part to derive equations and do estimations, assemble the parts, design the equipment, fly, land, and deal with critical situations.
  2. Architecture
    Many of you might be aware of this subject, right? If not, this is a subject that deals with planning, constructing, and designing buildings and other structures. Every wall laid, every step placed, and every room pulled up is the work of an architect. Students who are pursuing this course need to have a good hand at drawing, designing, painting, and observation skills to look for details. This is tough because when constructed something, there is n number of factors that you need to consider, and missing out on any of them can be troublesome and lead to rework of the entire plan.
  3. Biology
    This is a basic subject everyone is well-acquainted with; but, what one doesn’t know is how complex it can get with higher grades. When in school, you are just given a brief insight into what the subject is, but when you pick this particular subject for in-depth study, you learn it in detail. And, to excel in this subject, you need to have good drawing skills, understanding, a strong heart, curiosity, and patience. These requirements are rarely seen in students, and this subject includes experiments to a complex level. These all make this subject the third toughest to pursue a degree in the UK.
  4. Chemistry
    Chemistry is a subject of atoms and molecules. These are the basic fundamentals of chemical compounds. And these compounds are the reason behind the existence of any matter. This is a subject where a student needs to study the subject, analyze the salts, conduct experiments, learn about substances, understand reactions, figure out atoms, molecules, bonds, and the factors affecting a particular element. This together is a complicated process- long and tough too. This is the reason students consider this as one of the toughest subjects to pursue a degree in.
  5. Physics
    Physics is an important branch of science subject. It deals with the structure of matter, space, time, existence, motion, and behavior. This is a crucial subject that is all about the theories, reasons, and calculation behind what is happening, why, and how. Students studying this subject have to work on derivations, theories, formulas, applications, possibilities and do thorough study; thus, this becomes a tough one for students. And, when pursuing a degree, this is considered as fifth toughest in the UK.
  6. Law
    Law is a subject that covers many things. If you go especially into any course, then the thing is different; but, every student needs to get a basic idea about this. It includes a lot of understanding, analysis, memory, court trials, chamber work, research on the case study, reading of the evidence, collecting supporting sentences, etc. This is altogether a complex process and takes up a lot of effort. This is why students consider this a tough subject, and this ranks sixth in the list of  hardest degrees in UK.
  7. Computer Science
    Computer Science is one of the leading subjects- a bright scope for career to numerous people. This is the reason numerous students are willing to pursue a career in this. With rapid development, new technologies are emerging, and the subject complexity is on the rise. A student pursuing this course must learn programming, data management, logical understanding, computer accessibility, algorithms, and a lot more. One should also be fluent with the syntax and ready to find, understand and resolve issues in a program. This becomes a bit tough, and hence it is ranked as seventh in the toughest degrees in the UK.
  8. Biochemistry
    Biochemistry is a sub discipline of biology and chemistry. This is a subject that deals with the chemical reactions occurred in a biological body. It studies the processes that occur in an organism like metabolism, life process, and so on are. Students pursuing this course need to work on chemical reactions, understand biological structures, make diagrams, conduct experiments, study the working in detail, and prepare reports. This is a crucial task and requires proper dedication and concentration, making it difficult and time-tasking. The result is, this can be listed on the eighth number of toughest degrees.
  9. Medicine
    Medicine is a vast subject and a crucial one too. It deals with different medical sciences branches like dentistry, anthropology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and a lot more. Though the student may further choose a specific branch of this, he should have a brief idea on all. Thus a student has to do a lot of studies, prepare reports, attend laboratories, perform experiments, do case studies, analyze cases, come up with suggestive methods, conduct research, and do a lot more in a specific time. Handling all these tasks along with academic work like assignments, essays, and coursework gets more hectic. The burden of this work makes this one of the toughest.
  10. Economics
    Economics is a subject not many like. This has to deal with some complex theories and analyze the way people interact with values. It deals with the production, distribution, consumption of goods, services, and other related processes that are included in the manufacturing of items. This covers areas like buyers, market, potential, economy, sellers, scope, labor, land, capital, savings, consumption, raw materials, investment, and other related factors. This is a complex subject that gets tough for students to understand and write on; thus, pursuing a degree in this is hard too.
  11. Mathematics
    Mathematics, a nightmare of many students, is one of the complex subjects that everyone has to study during their academic life. But, when you go for further studies in this subject specifically, then things get more complex. The theories, applications, calculations are lengthy and complicated. This is why when students are pursuing this course, they feel it is difficult. This is why it is considered eleventh on the list of hardest degrees in the UK.
  12. Literature
    Literature is not less than beauty if you’re into the English language and study the same. This includes dealing with ancient literature, writing, and poetry. When a student chooses this subject, he is needed to work on it by reading the works of great poets, authors, and grammar nazis. He needs to read a lot of literature and understand different perspectives so that he can conclude his views accordingly. The toughest part is reading the age-old content already studied by many and writing a unique report on it. This is why it’s considered one of the toughest degrees.
  13. Arts
    Often students assume art is an easy subject. But, the level of dedication and creativity it requires is something unmatchable. When studying this course, the student has to learn different forms of art, get well-acquainted with art supplies, utensils, and other related products that are required for this purpose. This is a long and tedious job; so, one needs to be very calm, focused, and have a keen eye for detail if they are seeking perfection. These requirements make this subject a tough job and make this a tough degree to pursue.
  14. Psychology
    Psychology is a subject of mind and critical thinking. When studying this course, a student has to study the theories in-depth, go through concepts that are needed to understand the subject, methods to follow and techniques to apply for deriving results, how to calculate, analyze, and a lot more. This study aims to make a person capable enough to understand others’ behavior and analyze their thought-process. So, as it sounds, it is complex, and thus this is counted in the list of tough subjects.
  15. Business
    Business is one of the leading opportunities for students who are looking up for a bright career. This is a subject where you study the market, analyze the products or services, research the scope, predict the outcomes, estimate the calculations, and a lot more. The difficult part here is coming up with a case study and its reports after every research. Surveys are also an integral part of this subject. Together all these activities make this a difficult subject to pursue students.

This is the list of 15 hardest degree Courses in UK that a student can pursue to challenge himself. There are more, but they are not as complex as the ones in this list. And if academic work of these degrees are taking a toll on you, then you must seek assignment help from a reliable source right away for scoring better grades.

What Makes a Degree Difficult for Students?

Often we find students debating that their degree is harder than the others, right? Even you might have done the same as well. But have you ever wondered what exactly makes a degree difficult for students?

There are a few common reasons behind why students feel a particular course is one of the hardest degrees in the UK. So, let’s check them out!

  1. The chosen subject is not of the student’s interest- When you have to study something you are not interested in, it feels terrible and tough; thus making it harder to learn.
  2. The degree has ample class work and long study hours –Some courses are a bit tricky and complicated for understanding which, you need to give more time to. This time-taking task can make it seem tougher for students.
  3. The subject requires a good amount of homework and coursework – For some subjects, students can’t complete the whole syllabus at school and thus are provided homework and coursework for better understanding, which makes it seem tough.
  4. The subject needs a lot of research and study –If the subject is theoretical, the student needs to do a lot of research and study it from different sources and for long hours, which makes them feel it’s tough.
  5. Practical knowledge and implementation for practice –In the case of a few subjects, the student needs to gain practical knowledge of the subject, do experiments, attend conferences, workshops, live sessions, and more. All these can be hectic and make it tough for students.

These are a few reasons why students consider some degrees as tougher than others. But wait; we can help you in dealing with this struggle. Want to know how? Read the below section.

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