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5 Paragraph Essay


How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

One of the greatest ancient scholars, Socrates, once said to his students: “Speak! That I might see you”. This is a rational, intelligent and correct approach to cognition of human life and its essence. We get to know people who surround us, create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, and express our opinions on various issues through communication.

Yet, the modern system of education is more focused on the ability to declare thoughts orally and in written form. In particular, this can be applied to essay writing which became one of the most popular types of methods used to test students’ knowledge and skills. Today, this is a popular task in many schools, colleges and universities. It helps teachers bring out students’ potential, test their skills and see how well they learned the necessary material.

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to write a 5 paragraph essay. This is done by learning proper structure and the main requirements necessary to create an effective piece of writing that will earn you the highest possible grade!

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Contents [Plan the flow of work in advance](/blog/5-paragraph-essay/#plan)* [An Effective Strategy to Craft a Masterpiece](/blog/5-paragraph-essay/#strategy)* [Short sample 5 paragraph essay structure](/blog/5-paragraph-essay/#sample)* [Rules of citation](#citation)* [Maximize The Efficiency of Your Writing Time!](/blog/5-paragraph-essay/#efficiency)

Plan the flow of work in advance

It is obvious that a good paper cannot be written without some planning. However, a well-written and useful 5 paragraph essay template should not be too in-depth. The primary goal is to formulate a thesis and come up with your main argument, so there is no need to include unnecessary details. When you are writing an outline, ensure that each section of the paper corresponds to the chosen theme. The main goal of constructing an outline is to simplify the writing process per paragraph. Having a general sketch of the work before writing an essay smooths out any bumps and helps keep your ideas sounding coherent. When students have finally designed their 5 paragraph essay outline, the main topic per paragraph, and their method of persuasion, they are finally ready to start writing out the actual essay!


An Effective Strategy to Craft a Masterpiece

When under timed pressure, you will not have time to improvise. You must be prepared to write out the process, develop your strategy and sequence of actions that will allow you to cope with the task easily and quickly. Using this 5 paragraph essay sample procedure is a helpful guide: ![five paragraph essay structure visualization](/blog/content/images/2017/03/5-paragraph-essay.jpg)- **Ask a question.**This is the easiest and most efficient way to handle such an issue. If you were already given the topic in the form of a question, then carefully read the task/question and think about your method of approach. – **Identify the thesis.** The thesis is your argument to the question, and there is no place for uncertain answers like “maybe so, maybe not” because to prove your point of view, you must first define what your position is. Put together an informative statement that you plan to prove through your writing. – **Writing the Paper’s Introduction:** Using the right words can let your reader comprehend the topic of your work. The main purpose of the intro is to lead readers to the main content of the paper and attract their attention. Creating a hook statement is the best way to interest the readers from the start. To finish your intro, place in your informative thesis!  – **Prove Your Ideas:** Simply stating the thesis is not enough to validate truth. Readers need justification, so to assure your audience in the correctness of your opinion, use the *”Rule of Three”* by providing at least three main arguments *(1 per paragraph)*. Remember that provided arguments should be presented in the text ranked from the weakest to the strongest.- **Draw conclusions.** Restate the thesis statement in an assertive and conclusive style. Then go through and finalize the three main arguments you defended. Lastly, present the overall significance of your work. Keep in mind that in the future you will often have to write a short text on a random topic during the exams and you will never know in advance what theme you will get. Thus, it is necessary to be able to generate fresh ideas on any topic quickly and efficiently. To become well versed in academic writing, you can follow my example and practice writing a brief 5 paragraph essay plan on randomly selected topics; it is not necessary to make them detailed or long, as the idea is to improve your skills and automate the sequence of actions.

Short sample 5 paragraph essay structure

We advise you to take a look at this precise scheme of a 5 paragraph essay example that can help you understand how to structure the paper and give an idea of what you should get in result.

  • The opening part of the work must present the main theme of the paper, why the author chose it, what his goals are and what solutions (answers) he wants to get in result.

  • The arguments that support the thesis. For your 3 body paragraphs, each one should have their own individual argument.

  • Arguments against the thesis. The second and third paragraph should show the student’s competence in the question and give a balanced opinion about the stated subject. Being able to prove a counterargument Is just as important as defending ones own!

  • The main paragraph. To write this paper successfully, a student must clearly express his point of view in support of or against the thesis, adding his unique thoughts. Supporting your opinion with quotations is good if not necessary. Do not forget that you must express your views logically, emotionally, and factually!

  • Conclusion. The conclusion is a generalization of the reasoning from the previous parts of the text and should be derived from the main paragraph, but here, you must state only the most logical and important conclusions.

Rules of citation

A well-written paper that can score the highest grade should present not only your point of view as essay writer but also contain some quotes and ideas on the topic from other authors. Quotes should be used in a paper to strengthen the provided arguments, show that some of the famous people also have a similar point of view on the subject and thus it is necessary to select the quotes carefully and objectively assess their significance.

Learn how to cite in APA, MLA and Turabian styles

Use quotes to refer to an authoritative author. Quote something significant, memorable, and engaging.

Maximize The Efficiency of Your Writing Time!

While writing your work you should stay focused and attentive. This way you will be able to follow the chosen theme with ease. Gradually disclose the theme and ideas of the text to the reader without deviation from the given topic. Doing this shows great topic focus and paper coherency.

5 Paragraph Essay

Generate ideas for your essay: Make them unique, memorable and reflect your opinion on the subject. Allow the creative side of your brain to rule the process, but do not forget about the proper 5 paragraph essay format. Your paper must have three main parts: intro, main body (3 paragraphs), and a conclusion. Devote one paragraph to your introduction and one for the conclusion. As for the main body, you should break it into three paragraphs to have enough space to open the theme without making it too broad or narrow.

If you use the 5 paragraph essay template and follow the general rules of paragraph structure, you will be able to put together an excellent piece that will get you an excellent grade from your teacher.

Get a Completed 5 Paragraph Essay

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