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7 Discussion Essay Writing Tips by HND Assignment Help


Well-written college discussion essay showcase a writer’s intellect and analytical abilities and leave a lasting impression on their readers. Critical discussion essays call upon students to use their intellect and discuss certain opinions, statements and arguments. A well-guided preparation routine, general awareness about different topics and excellent writing skills are a must if you are looking to score high in these write-ups. So, in light of all the above factors, here are 7 Discussion Essay Writing Tips by HND Assignment Help that will cleverly guide you through your writing process.

  • Understand your objectives first

A discussion essay on any topic asks students to present their arguments and discussions on an opinion, a statement or a widely accepted rule. The most common question discussion essay formats are

  1. Opinion-based questions
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages questions
  3. Discussions
  4. Agree or Disagree questions
  5. Two-part questions.

For opinion-based questions, you have to understand the context of the given statement with an open mind. Carefully go through the question and find out the relevance and logic of the provided information. Try to understand the viewpoint of the speaker through their words.

The essay topic question might present you with an advantages and disadvantages statement. Evaluate both from your perspective without partiality. There might be questions that ask you to agree or disagree with a given the word. Choose one particular path, and explain why you think it’s the most valid one. Two-part question types need you to answer both questions one by one.

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7 Discussion Essay Writing Tips by HND Assignment Help
  • Create a mental blueprint of the whole essay

Having a basic outline of your writing ready in your mind is always a great idea. Brainstorm to come up with ideas that you will use while writing.

For example, briefly mention the context of given statements in the introduction and then support or contradict it. Rewrite the question in your words to make it more relevant.

Make plans on how to interpret the given opinions. Think up the various ways to present a discussion about both the opposing views in the essay’s body.

The conclusion of a discussion essay must end with emphasis. Write it well to leave a lasting impression on your teacher. State your opinion and recommendations here.

  • Be cohesive while presenting your arguments.

The views and opinions are a crucial part of the grading criteria. Teachers assess your awareness about a subject and your problem-solving abilities via your opinion.

Always be cohesive while presenting your arguments and avoid making any shallow statements. If you decide to present a supporting argument, then stick to it. Deliver your outlook with emphasis to put everything into perspective.

Whether the question asks you about your judgment or tells you to reflect on something, state your points firmly and back them to increase the weight of your writing.

  • Analyse opinions without any bias

To describe this particular point accurately, here’s an example:

Completing university education is considered to be essential for acquiring a job. On the other hand, some people think learning soft skills and getting in-hand experience is more important. Discuss both opinions and state your own.”

For the above-given question, the first paragraph will contain how university education enhances one’s knowledge base but fails to impart the necessary professional skills.

The second paragraph will evaluate how soft skills and early job experiences prepare one against the realities of the professional world. It would help if you also mentioned how one’s knowledge remains lacking in avoiding higher studies.

The point here is that you should look at every opinion from several perspectives. Put yourself in others’ shoes and try to understand the person’s situation making the statement. Be impartial in your approach, and remember to back up your arguments with reasoning.

  • Follow the structure that suits your question.

Go through discussion essay samples, and see that their structures vary according to the subject. A typical discussion essay format consists of an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Given below is a general configuration of a discussion essay structure:

  1. In the introduction of a discussion essay, the given problem is paraphrased, and the shared opinions, statements and arguments are described. The thesis statement and the outline sentence are added in the end.
  2. For the body, begin by stating the given viewpoints and good examples. For every new opinion, discuss it in a new paragraph. If it’s a pros and cons question, one section should describe advantages while the other has disadvantages. The same goes for the question and answer problems and two-part questions.
  3. Summarise everything in conclusion. Briefly explain why you supported or refuted any opinion and mention your standpoint. Wrap up everything by offering some helpful recommendations.

Follow the proper essay structure since a big part of your grades depends on a well-laid discussion essay presentation.

  • Maintain a consistent tone throughout

Keep your readers in mind while writing. A formal and professional tone of writing is essential for these essays. Use technical terms and complicated words if need be, as your college professors will understand what you are saying.

When emphasising your points, make sure you do not overdo or disrespect others’ opinions. Discuss everything from a neutral aspect and never use any colloquial words.

  • Read more to improve your writing skills.

Read discussion essay examples frequently to learn the writing styles, words used, and other vital factors. Go through write-ups based on different discussion essay ideas to learn more about the writing best practices.

Well, there you have it! Diligently follow these seven expert writing tips and deliver pitch-perfect essays with ease.

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7 Discussion Essay Writing Tips, HND Assignment Help, Discussion Essay Writing Tips, Essay Writing Tips, Discussion Essay, Writing Tips, Assignment Help,
7 Discussion Essay Writing Tips by HND Assignment Help

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