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  1. Task

A WebSocket is a computer communication protocol for two computer machines to communicate with each other. Representational state transfer (REST) is a new web service architecture. WebSocket is a stateful protocol, whereas REST is based on a stateless protocol.

Please write an essay no less than 1400 words about the “Comparison of REST with WebSocket”.

The essay needs to cover all four following aspects:

  • Discuss what is representational state transfer (REST) technique
  • Discuss testing and verification techniques of REST
  • Provide and evaluate applications of REST and compare with WebSocket.
  • Compare REST with WebSocket in terms of communication, performance, state, cost, dependency, scenario, etc.

2.  Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

2.1. Module-specific skills

  1. Understand WebSocket and REST web service types, architectures, and languages.
  2. Understand the difference between web services and APIs.
  3. Understand REST that can be used for creating web services.
  4. Evaluate web service REST and WebSocket techniques.
  5. Understand when to use Rest and when to use WebSocket.

2.2. Discipline-specific skills

  1. Use software to create WebSocket and REST services.
  2. Show an awareness of the explanations of web services.
  3. Carry out basic WebSocket and REST services deployment.

2.3. Personal skills

  1. Work independently with time management, self-monitoring one’s progress, setting realistic targets, and modifying those targets as necessary.
  2. Carry out research using online and technical literature.
  3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of advanced internet technology.

3. Rubrics

  • Handed out: 13-Oct-2020 at 11:59 am
  • Deadline: 27-Oct-2020 at 11:59 am
  • This assignment counts 16% of the module’s mark.
  • This assignment is an individual piece of work.
  • The deadline is strict. Penalties for late submissions apply according to the University rules.
  • Please remember to limit the file size to under 10MB and submit it before the deadline.
  • You need to submit via Blackboard. The submission should be made using the Blackboard assignment feature.
  • Once you select this assignment from the assessment folder, you will be taken to a different screen that allows the download of this description and the coursework cover sheet. In the same folder, you will find the submission link of the solution.
  • The submission should include
  • A PDF file containing your report and a signed academic integrity coversheet
  • If the file is too large to submit on Blackboard, please use “filedrop.le.ac.uk” for your submission – there is no need to submit on “Filedrop” if you manage to submit on Blackboard.
  • Once the files are added, and you are happy to proceed with submission, click the ‘submit’ button (the ‘save’ button will not transfer your submission but allow you to store work at intermediate stages). Once you have submitted, you cannot resubmit.

4. Marking Criterion

Mark Classification Distinction (70%-100%)Commendation (60%-70%)Pass (50%-60%)Fail (0%-50%)
Idea (20 marks)Presents a novel idea   Choice of the idea is significant to the question posed.Choice of the idea is significant to the question posedChoice of the idea is significant to the question posed but not clearly describedChoice of the idea is not significant to the question posed.
Organization (20 marks)Use of diagrams and/or tables to support ideas discussed in the essay   Use of sub-titles and/or clear topic sentences   Good essay structure with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion    Arguments presented in a logical orderThe essay does not exceed the desired length   Arguments presented in a logical order   Good essay structure with a clear introduction, body, and conclusionUnclear essay structure   Arguments presented in a messy mannerNo evidence of essay structure
Writing Style (20 marks)Concise writing style Scientific solid writing, which is close to a publishable standard   No grammar or spelling mistakesScientific writing at the level of A-level students   A few grammar or spelling mistakesMany grammar or spelling mistakesWriting is unable to communicate ideas   Many grammar or spelling mistakes
Discussion (20 marks)Clear independent insight and critical awareness of relevant concepts   Convincing argument Consideration of wider relevance   Backs up arguments with appropriate referencesSome evidence of independent insight and awareness of relevant concepts   Convincing argument Backs up arguments with appropriate referencesNo evidence of independent insight, instead mainly relying on the opinions of others   Good argumentSignificant flaws in arguments
References (10 marks) no errors in citing materials, either in in-text citations or reference lists.    The essay contains at least ten references.   Most references are related to the essayMinor errors in some references, either in in-text or reference listConsistent errors either in in-text or reference listLacks understanding of proper citing procedures or lacks references altogether.
Format (10 marks)Times Roman 10pt, single-spaced, 1-inch margins, page numbers   A cover page provides pertinent informationThe paper follows the technical requirements, with a few minor exceptions Citations are solid but not thorough, with some noticeable omissionsThere are some significant problems with the technical requirements of the paper that affect the strength of its analysis Citations are weak and/or the bibliography is incompleteThe paper does not follow a scholarly format in either technical or citation format.

5. Marking and Feedback

  • TAs and the module convenor will work together to mark submissions.
  • Feedback will be given in the format of the marking criterion table, corresponding columns (distinction, commendation, pass, fail) will be ticked.
  • TAs will help in distributing feedbacks.
  • A paragraph of “overall comment” will be given at the end of the feedback.
  • Feedback must be returned after 20 working days.

6. Cover Sheet of academic integrity

School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Cover Sheet for Coursework 1 (Year 2021-2022)

Module Code: _____________

Assignment:    _____________

Surname (in CAPITALS): ______________

First name (in CAPITALS): ______________

Student ID: ________________ (for example: ab123)

I understand that this is a piece of coursework. I confirm that I handed in a signed Declaration of Academic Honesty Form (available at https://campus.cs.le.ac.uk/ForStudents/plagiarism/) and am fully aware of the statements contained therein.  I understand if the submission will be checked by Turnitin software. Any submissions with a similarity score greater than 20% will be reported to Plagiarism Office for further individual assessment.