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Our 6th Edition APA Allows Users To Automatically Generate APA References And In-Text Citations

Drafting a well-researched paper cannot guarantee you better results if you fail to do the citing and referencing in a proper manner. Our citation and reference generator helps you fill that gap with its effective and prompt assistance. Our experts have spent plenty of time in building this so that no one else has to waste their time on citing and referencing their papers. You can create in-text citations and references in APA style, using this tool and copy them directly to your paper.

An introduction to the APA style format

APA format is the official style of the American Psychological Association. And that’s where the name came from (no points for guessing). This style is commonly used to cite sources in subject areas such as psychology, education, and the social sciences.

In 2010, the American Psychological Association launched the sixth and latest edition of its publication manual. This manual explores what APA style is all about and how it works. In this blog, we will answer the most frequently asked questions related to the APA style.

How Should I Format My References in APA Style?

When you are formatting your assignment or any document in the APA style, you need to create a reference list. This list should contain all the recoverable resources cited in the document. You do not need to cite personal communication (interview, survey data, etc.) as they do not provide recoverable data.

There’s no APA bibliography or “Works Cited” page in APA style formatting. Instead, you need to list the references in a fresh page titled “Reference.” The title should be centered in a regular font without any underline or bolding. If there’s only one reference in the list, the title should be named “Reference.”

The references are generally double-space, but your instructor can direct you to follow a different measurement for spacing. The references need to be listed alphabetically by the first listed author’s name. Each of the references should be formatted with a hanging indent. It means the first line of each reference entry needs to be aligned with the left margin, and the subsequent line should have the hanging indent of 1.27 cm or 0.5 inches.

How To Use APA Referencing Style In Various Documents

How to Cite a Blog by an APA Citation Generator tool?

Citing a blog post is as important as citing a book. Thankfully, there are plenty of APA citation maker tools that can help you cite an entire blog in no time. MyAssignmenthelp.com has its own APA citation generator that you can use for free to cite your document and generate references with ease. Here’s how to use it:

  • Step 1: Log in to HndAssignmenthelp.com and navigate to its “APA referencing” generator.
  • Step 2: Fill in the form and put appropriate data for accurate results.
  • Step 3: Click on the “generate blog reference” button to proceed.

This is both convenient and useful, and saves a lot of time. For more information on citing a blog, you can visit APA Style Blog (https://blog.apastyle.org/apastyle/2016/04/how-to-cite-a-blog-post-in-apa-style.html).

How to do APA Referencing for court cases?

Contrary to most APA style references, you don’t need to know the author’s name while writing the references for court cases. However, you do need to take care of three basic elements for an APA style reference for the court cases.

  • Name of the case: Name v. Name (e.g. State of Georgia v. Rick Allen)
  • Source reporting the decision: Volume source page
  • Court and date of the decision

The reference for a court case looks something like this:

Name v. Name, Volume Source Page (Court Date)

For example, Lessard v. Schmidt, 349 F. Supp. 1078 (E.D. Wis. 1972)

In order to cite the reference in the text, you need to write the case name in italics with the year. Here’s an example:

Lessard v. Schmidt (1972)

How to Do APA Referencing for Edited Book?

While doing the APA referencing of an edited book, you need to use the following template:

Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year of publication). Title (p. Pages Used). City: Publisher.

For instance:

Wu, D. (1994). Romanticism – An Anthology (2nd ed., p. 449). Oxford: Blackwell.

Note: The title should be in italics.

For APA in-text citation of an edited book, you should use the following part right after the reference or quote to the source in the document.

(Author Surname, Year Published)

E.g. (Wu, 1994)

How to Do APA Referencing for Magazine?

The APA referencing for a magazine also requires you to gather the following information:

  • Author surname
  • Title of the magazine
  • Issue number
  • Page number

If you have retrieved it from a website, you also need to provide the website URL. The APA reference for a magazine is created using the following template:

Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year Published). Title. Publication Title, (Issue number), Pages Used. Retrieved from http://Website URL

Here is an example:

Allwood, J. (2014). Should we design for deconstruction. Construction Professional, 27-28.

Note: The publication title should be in italics.

While doing the in-text citation for a magazine, you should simply mention the source according to the following template after the reference or quote to the source in your document.

(Author Surname, Year Published)

(Allwood, 2014)

How to Cite a Website in APA Format

Use the following structure to cite a website reference in your document:

Author surname, Author First Initial. (Year, month date of publication). Article title. Retrieved from URL

Here’s an example:

Cain, K. (2012, June 29). The Negative effects of Facebook on communication. Social Media Today RSS. Retrieved from http://socialmediatoday.com

Note: Use italics for the article title

While doing the in-text citation, you should put the author surname and the year of publication in the first bracket after the reference or quote to the source in your document.

How to Do APA Referencing for Dissertation?

You need to gather the following information to cite a dissertation in the APA style.

  • Name of the author
  • The year of publication
  • Title of the dissertation
  • Name of the institution

Once you have these pieces of information, you can create the reference using the following structure:

Author Surname. Author First Initial. (Year Published). Title (Level). Institution Name.

Here’s an example for you:


Note: The title of the dissertation needs to be in italics.

If you are using a dissertation from the internet, you need to put the website URL instead of the institution’s name.

For instance:

Chooprayoon, V. (2011). A study of factors influencing the adoption of E-Commerce technology in small and medium enterprises (SMES) in the kingdom of Thailand. (PhD Thesis, Murdoch University). Retrieved from http://researchrepository.murdoch.edu.au/5802/

How to Do APA Referencing for Book?

Books are the most common sources of information that you might have to cite while preparing an academic paper. In order to prepare the reference for books you need to use the following template:

Author surname, Author First Initial. (Year Published). Title (p. Pages used). City: Publisher.

Here’s an example:

Finney, J. (1970). Time and again. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster.

  • Use italics for the title
  • Capitalise the first letter of the first word of the title and any subtitles, and also the first letter of any proper nouns.
  • Use the full title of the book and the subtitles (if it has any)

How to do APA Referencing for Government Publication?

Government publications are the most reliable sources of data. Use this following template to create references for government publication:

Author surname, Author First Initial. (Year Published). Title (p. Pages used). City: Publisher

Here is an example:

Department of Education, Training and Employment. (2014). Standard of Practice (p. 5). Queensland.

Note: The title must be in italics.

How to Cite a Newspaper with the Help of APA Citation Generator?

The ideal referencing format for a newspaper in APA style looks like this:

Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year Published). Title. Publication Title, p. Pages Used. Retrieved from http://Website URL

You can create referencing for the newspaper using APA reference generators like MyAssignmenthelp.com and others. At MyAssignmenthelp.com, you need these following pieces of information to get started.

  • The name of the author
  • The date of publication
  • The title of the news article
  • The title of the newspaper
  • Page number
  • Website address of the newspaper

Once you have filled this information in the dedicated fields, you need to click on the “Generate Newspaper Reference” button to get the reference done in the APA format.

How to Do APA Referencing for Book Chapter?

If you need to cite a chapter in the APA format, you need to use this following structure:

Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year). Title of chapter. In Editor (Ed.), Title of the book/anthology (pp. Pages). City, State: Publisher

Here’s an example:

Clason, G. S. (2008). The tale of seven remedies for a lean purse. The richest man in Babylon (pp. 23-25). Charleston, SC: BN Publishing.

Note: The title of the book or anthology should be in italics.

If you are dealing with the online version of the book chapter, you can replace the place of publication and publisher with the website URL. Here’s the example:

Bellow, S. (1999). A silver dish. In J. Updike & K. Kenison (Eds.), The best American short stories of the century. Retrieved from http://books.google.com

If you need to cite a preface, introduction, foreword, or afterword in APA style, you need to use this following structure:

Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year). [Section type]. In Editor (Ed.), Title of the book/anthology (pp. Pages). City, State: Publisher.

Here’s an example:

Doe, J. (1997). Foreward. D. Jones, The sunniest day yet (p. 2). New York: Books International.

How to Do APA Referencing for E-Book

Citing an e-book is slightly different than citing a printed book. To do APA referencing for an e-book, you need to comply with the following structure:

Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year). Title. Retrieved from URL or DOI

Here is an example for better understanding:

ÖZKAHRAMAN, PhD RN, Ş., & YILDIRIM, PhD RN, B. (2011). An Overview of Critical Thinking in Nursing and Education (1st ed., pp. 192, 193). Retrieved from http://www.aijcrnet.com/journals/Vol_1_No_2_September_2011/25.pdf

Note: DOI is the digital object identifier, an assigned number that allows the content to connect to its location of the internet. And the title needs to be in italics.

How to Do APA Referencing for Journal?

If you want to cite a printed journal in the APA style, you must follow the structure below:

Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year of publication). Article title. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), pp. Pages.

Here’s an example:

Jacoby, W. G. (1994). Public attitudes toward government spending. American Journal of Political Science, 38(2), 336-361.

Note: The journal name and its volume number must be in italics.

How to Do APA Referencing for Patent?

If you need to cite a patent that’s retrieved online, you need to use the following template:

Author Surname, Author First Initial. (The year of publication). Patent number. Retrieved from website URL

Here is an example of such referencing.

Bevitt, A. J. (2018). Australian Patent No. AU 2018100960. Retrieved from http://pericles.ipaustralia.gov.au/ols/auspat/applicationDetails.do?applicationNo=2018100960

  • While doing APA in-text citation, give the patent number and the issue date (instead of the application date).
  • While doing the reference list entry, you need to include the inventor(s) to whom the patent is issued as well as the official source of the patent information (the website URL or DOI)

How to Do APA Referencing for Conference Proceedings?

Referencing for conference proceeding must comply with the following structure:Author Surname, Author First Initial. (year of publication). Title of the paper. Editors of Conference proceedings, Title of the conference proceedings, place of publication. Here’s an example that can clarify the structure for you.

Hasan, H., Harijan, K., Ahmed, V., & Ahmed, G. (2013). Solutions for Energy Crisis in Pakistan. In Solutions for Energy Crisis in Pakistan. Islamabad.

  • The proceedings of meetings, conferences and symposia can also be published in a book or periodical form.
  • While doing the published proceedings from a book, you should follow the same AP format used for book or book chapter.
  • Proceedings of a conference published regularly can be cited using the same APA referencing format used for a journal.

How to Cite E-journal Articles in APA Style Referencing?

When you are dealing with a journal online, the APA referencing needs to use the following template:

Author Surname. Author First Initial. (Year of publication). Article title. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), pp. Page(s). doi:# or Retrieved from URL

Take a look at this example:

Fearon, J. D., & Laitin, D. D. (2003). Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War. American Political Science Review, 97(01), 75. doi: 10.1017/S0003055403000534

The structure works for you if you need to cite a journal on a database in the APA format. Just remember to put the journal name and its volume no. in italics.

How to Do APA Referencing for Legislation?

While doing the referencing for an Act, you need to follow the template given below: Short Title of Act Year (Jurisdiction abbreviation) section number.subdivision (country abbreviation)

Use this following example for clarity:

Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act 2018 (Cth) s. 60.1 (Austl.).

If you are creating the reference for a bill, you need to follow this structure:

Short Title of the Bill Year (Jurisdiction abbreviation) (Country abbreviation)

Note: No italics for the title or year.

Here’s an example:

Disability Services Safeguards Bill 2018 (Vic) (Austl.).

The format for referencing in APA for cases is slightly different from the previous two. Such referencing follows this format:

Popular Title of Case (Year) Volume number Reporter abbreviation First page number (Country abbreviation).

Check out this example:

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v Kumar (2017) 260 CLR 367 (Austl.).

How to Do APA Referencing for Software?

If you are mentioning a program, you should include the version number of the software as well. Say, you have done a survey where you asked the participants to send their responses in a Microsoft Word file. It is necessary to mention which version of the software was used, such as the MS office professional plus 2010.

Now, coming to the referencing part, you must provide a reference for specialised software if you have mentioned it in the content. Here is the ideal APA style format for referencing a program (or software).

Surname of the proprietor of the software, First initial of the proprietor. (Year of publication). Title of the software [description of the item]. Place: Publisher

Check out this example:

Esolang, A. N. (2014). Obscure Reference Generator [Computer software]. Washington, DC: E & K Press.

APA 6th Edition Referencing Examples

You may have already found different APA format examples for the referencing of different sources of information. If you need more insights about APA referencing, here is a sample that you should check out.

The following sample has a title page, sample assignment page and the references list in the APA format. You can use this as a template for your next assignment if you want.

Full Title of Research Paper Student’s Name Course Name (e.g. Econ 101) Professor’s Name April 6, 2019

Full Title of Research Paper

Start your first paragraph of the research paper with an indent of 0.5 inches in the left. Refrain from using the heading “Introduction” at the beginning of the paper. The first sentence should immediately follow the title.

Incorporate the research into the content as you proceed. You can use a direct quote that “uses the original source by word for word” (author of the quotation, year of publication, page number). For the rest of the content, you can derive information from your research and put them in your own words. If you are paraphrasing the information, you should also use in-text citations for that (Author Surname, Year). If you are using information from a website that has no author, you should still cite the source (Website name, Year).

You need to list all the sources in a list format under the title “References” at the end of the paper. The References page should always be on a fresh page and must be included in every research paper or assignment.


Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year). Title of the source. Place: Publisher Author Surname, Author First Initial. (Year). Title of the source that is available online. Retrieved from the location (Website URL or DOI)

  • When a single reference requires more than one line to fit, it should be indented 0.5 inches from the left from the 2nd line (as done in the sample).
  • The list should be arranged alphabetically. In this sample, if the author’s surnames are Martin and Tolkien, Martin would go first in the list.

How Do I Create Accurate Citations With APA Referencing Generator?

The key to accurate citation and references is choosing the perfect referencing generator. You can find plenty of online APA referencing generators. However, it is suggested that you compare the features offered by these online tools and then choose the final one. The referencing generator at HndAssignmenthelp.com has some amazing features that you can explore.

Most referencing generators including the one at HndAssignmenthelp.com have the option to cite different sources of information in APA. Whether it is a book, a newspaper, a blog, a website, a journal or even a government publication – most online citation generators have separate segments for the job. When you select your preferred APA format citation generator, you need to follow the steps below for accurate results.

Step 1: Choose the citation style

Since you will be looking for referencing in the APA 6th edition format, you should choose APA from the choices of referencing style. Use the one at HndAssignmenthelp.com, and you will get the option to cite in MLA, Chicago or Turabian, Oxford, Harvard, and Vancouver referencing styles.

Step 2: Select the type of source:

In this step, you need to select the type of information source you want to cite. Unless you choose the right type before moving the next step, you are going to receive incorrect results. Select the right type of source (book, journal, newspaper, or government publication) and proceed.

Step 3: Fill in the form accurately:

For each type of source, you will need different types of details. However, the basic format for APA referencing remains somewhat same. The major details you need to fill include the name of the author, the date of publication, the title of the source material, the page numbers, and the location of the source. You may need to provide additional information depending on the source type.

Step 4: Generate the references:

Once you fill the form properly, you need to submit the details by clicking a dedicated button. By clicking on the button, you will receive the proper references of the source in APA style. You should generate all the references required in your document and create the reference list as per the APA format.

That’s how you can prepare accurate citations with APA citation generator. However, if you have other issues with your assignment, there’s a solution for you.

APA Style Citation; Know Crucial Facts

  • The date of publication follows the name of the author, and it is mentioned within the parentheses.
  • The last name of the author is spelled completely, while only the initial of the first name is used. E.g. W. Shakespeare.
  • The last name of the author and the date of publication are used in APA in-text citations.
  • Only the proper nouns and the first word of the title or a subtitle are capitalized. Also, the title is written in italics.

APA Style Referencing; Get To Know Some Major Facts

  • The ideal length of an abstract according to APA format should be 150-250 words.
  • The entries in the reference list should be in alphabetical order.
  • The reference section should be double-spaced.

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