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Assignment Brief Application Development and Testing

QualificationUnit number and title
Pearson BTEC HND in Computing (rqf)01. Programming (level 4)
Internal VerifierUnit Tutor
Mariam QasimXXX YYY
Date issuedSubmission dateResubmission Date
Monday, 20 September 2021Monday, 13 December 2021Sunday, 26 December 2021
Assignment Title Application development and testing
Learning outcome and assessment criteria
LO3 Implement basic algorithms in code using an IDE
P3 Write a program that implements an algorithm using an IDE.M3 Use the IDE to manage the development process of the program.D3 Evaluate the use of an IDE for development of applications contrasted with not using an IDE.
LO4 Determine the debugging process and explain the importance of a coding standard
P4 Explain the debugging process and explain the debugging facilities available in the IDE. P5 Outline the coding standard you have used in your code.M4 Evaluate how the debugging process can be used to help develop more secure, robust applications.D4 Critically evaluate why a coding standard is necessary in a team as well as for the individual.
Submission Format
The submission is in the form of a detailed document with two sections covering activity 1 and 2 and project file of ide you will use to implement your code: A detailed report and project file   The reports should be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and font style times new roman and size 11. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate, and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is specified. However, you will not be penalised upon exceeding the word limit.   You should submit your plagiarism report along with your submission. No work will be considered if it contains plagiarism more than the acceptable level defined as per ICMS’s plagiarism policy.
Assignment Scenario and Guidance
Scenario   Q-Soft Technologies is a renowned IT Consultancy and Software Development firm in Pakistan operating at national and global level. The company has signed an MOU with IVY School of Management Sciences (ICMS) where the university students are offered internships and entry-level jobs. You have recently joined the organization as an Intern and based on your presentation and detailed report submitted to your manager upon joining, he has decided to assign you with Development Team of the company where you will be an active part of the application development process and testing activities of the application.   The development team is currently working on an application in C++ using Visual Studio. Before, you could formally start working with the team; the Team Lead has asked you to submit a detailed report with two sections, Implementation and Testing, covering the activities defined below. He needs to make sure that you have adequate knowledge of the programming language and how a code can be developed using an IDE making use of its testing facilities. Based on your report and project, he will assess your skill set and knowledge and assign you with the coder to develop a real-time application for a client.   Your report should be supported with appropriate evidences and screenshots of the development process, the actual code implemented and the output of the code to support your work.
Part A – (LO3) – Guidance
Activity 1: Implementation using an IDE In this section, you are required to implement a code using an IDE of your choice, Visual Studio, Dev C++ etc, with description of the algorithm implemented supported by appropriate screenshot evidences. You are required to implement an algorithm of your own choice using an IDE. Your implementation should make use of the management facilities offered by the chosen IDE to ensure efficient code development and include appropriate evidences with description in your report. Your Team Lead wants you to first write your code in a simple text editor and run it to review the output and then move your code to the chosen IDE to enhance your development experience. You should include your experience and the benefits realized of using an IDE for application development in your report.
Part B – (LO4) – Guidance
Activity 2: Testing of the application In this section, you are required to explore the testing facilities of your chosen IDE and test your code for robustness and ensure that it is as per acceptable coding standards. You should provide the debugging features that are available in an IDE and then relate it to your chosen IDE with supporting evidence and its description. Include an explanation of the coding standards that you used to develop your code with a description of each standard used. You are required to review the debugging process of an application to ensure robust and secure applications. You can also include as evidence a critical evaluation of coding standards as how they play an effective and vital role in the development process and support to an individual developer as well as to the whole development team.
Evidence checklistSummary of evidence required by the student
Part A and BTechnical Report (2000-2500 words). Project File (IDE and Non-IDE)

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