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The Essex MBA

BE850 MBA Project

The Project Proposal

Your consulting proposal should address the following headings:

Supervisor Name

If you have discussed your proposal with a supervisor, and/or if you have a preferred supervisor, please give his/her name. Please note that we cannot guarantee that a particular member of the academic staff will be available to supervise.

Provisional Title

This may be indicative and can change after your initial discussions with your supervisor.

Introduction and background

Brief introduction to the company/organisation.  Why is the proposed project important to the client?  You need to demonstrate immediate credibility here.  Show evidence of the knowledge and understanding you have gained already from your initial background research.  Show that you understand the organisation, the market they are in, the importance of the problem they have given you and demonstrate a genuine interest in the problem.

Overall aim

What is the key question you are trying to answer in this assignment?  What are you trying to find out?  What decision is the client hoping to make on the back of your findings?  Remember to be focused and try and capture the aim in a very clear sentence or two.  Remember what your client is expecting in terms of deliverables.

Overall deliverable and other key output

Identify and break down key deliverables for the client and the deadlines associated with those output

Project Objectives or research questions

Break down the overall aim into two, three or four smaller questions or objectives. For example: (1) To develop an understanding of …. (2) to find out … (3) to explore perceptions of …. (4) to quantify views on  ….. (6) to examine …. (7) to make recommendations on …..   Explain briefly why each smaller question is important to achieving the overall aim. 

Relevant concepts, framework or models to be used

What potential concepts, frameworks or models could be used to structure the project?   Are there any models from the innovation module or the marketing module or any other modules that can help structure your data collection, interviews or analysis? Are there examples of best practice that could inform your approach/project design/research?


What information is needed to achieve the overall project aim?  What secondary research is needed?  What primary research is needed?  Who will you talk to and why?  Who are the key experts you will try to contact?  Who within the company do you need to speak to?  How many interviews will you undertake?  What method will you use to collect the data (interviews, focus group, questionnaire)?

Risks and contingencies

What factors might potentially prevent or slow your progress?  What contingency plans will you put in place?  What will you do if you can’t secure the key interviews?  What if you get a low response to a survey?  Suggest how these risks might be mitigated

Confidentiality and ethical considerations

Does the client require confidentiality?  Have you checked with the client whether there will be any restrictions on access to data or publication of the results? What challenges or objections might you have when trying to collect the data?  Have you considered the willingness and ability of respondents to provide the required data?  How will you preserve confidentiality for your respondents?


What will you do, and when?  Demonstrate that you have considered the limited time you have available and the deadline for submission, and consider the time each activity might take.  A Gantt chart will be useful here.


What budget will you require?  Are fees involved or only expenses?  Estimate costs of travel, subsistence, accommodation, phone calls, paper, consumables, data, software, supporting labour etc. 

Marking Criteria for the proposal

Your proposal will be assessed on

  • The clarity of the project’s aims and objectives
  • The suitability of the proposed methodology to address specific objectives
  • The integration of relevant frameworks in the thought process leading to the design of the proposed methodologies and output (if appropriate)
  • Early identification of data and other input required to deliver the output, and the integration of risks in the proposal and the provision of contingencies should required should such input be unavailable
  • A feasible and realistic project timeline.

Please turn over for the marking rubric.