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Individual Digital Marketing Plan BM7004


Assignment Briefing BM7004 Individual Digital Marketing Plan

Module NameDigital Marketing
Module CodeBM7004
Assignment TitleIndividual Digital Marketing Plan
Type of SubmissionIndividual submission on Canvas
The weighting of the assignment in the overall module grade50%
Word Count2000 words
Issue Date27th Sept 2021
Submission Date17th Dec 2021
Date of Feedback to StudentsWithin 20 working days
Where feedback can be foundBrief comments on the electronic script, summary comments in the “Comments” box and a breakdown of the allocation of marks in the “rubric” on Canvas
Employability skills

Professional                           Creative                            Thoughtful                         Resilient                           Proactive

Literacy                        Communication           Critical Thinking

Numeracy                   Storytelling                          Critical Writing

        Relationship building



Commercial Awareness

        Creativity                                                                                   Soft skills

Presentation                   Problem                    Solving

Teamwork                        Digital Skills             

Project                  Management

How these skills are being developed in this assessment
  This assessment requires you to use critical analysis and thinking skills to understand the current context of a company and create a digital marketing plan that will allow the company to achieve its objectives. Your plan will be a written report which will allow you to develop and apply your critical writing and communications skills.
Assignment Task
Your task is to develop a digital marketing communications plan, that will build awareness and excitement, and encourage pet owners to buy Direct Line Pet Insurance. The maximum word count for the report is 2000 words (excluding executive summary, references and appendices). Some basic information about the brand is provided below, but you should also do your own independent research into the brand to inform your plan.   Your plan should follow the SOSTAC framework and cover a 12-months period budget is not required   Your plan should demonstrate that you can:   Source and synthesise appropriate secondary research to provide a succinct situation analysis set appropriate SMART objectives using RACEDevelop a strategic communications direction, i.e. segmentation and identification of target audienceAppraise the suitability of digital tools and tactics for your specified objectives, make appropriate recommendations for action and create a realistic implementation schedule. Identify appropriate metrics/KPIs to evaluate your campaign structure a plan professionally and coherently, including using appropriate references (Harvard)
Direct Line Pet insurance Who we are Direct Line has long maintained its brand heritage of speed, simplicity and a common-sense human touch to insurance. We sell a range of insurance products directly to customers by phone and online. Our customers want a premium product with exceptional customer care that is tailored to their needs, at a competitive price. Our customers have busy, scheduled lives and they like to be in control. They think insurance should put things right when they go wrong. Direct Line revolutionised insurance when we first launched. We were one of the first insurers to offer consumers policies directly, instead of requiring them to go through middlemen brokers. And since then, we’ve advocated for consumers and consistently innovated, getting rid of the hassle and creating insurance that simply works. This means we fix problems better and more efficiently than anyone else and make insurance easy to buy, change and use. We’re on it.   Business Challenge Direct Line is one of Britain’s leading car insurers, but we’re not often top of mind for pet insurance and there are a couple of reasons for this. We know that our pet products don’t have any Unique Selling Points at the moment, so we find it hard to talk about anything particularly revolutionary other than our competitive pricing. The pet insurance market is cluttered with a lot of small scale providers which pet owners do tend to be open to exploring (more so than they would for home or car insurance). A lot of our main competitors also have strong distribution channels, including working in direct partnership with networks of vets – and pet owners trust their vet’s recommendations. We typically have smaller budgets on pets so we don’t promote this product through above the line media channels like TV or radio. Therefore, the direct channels we do use have to work extra hard. What we do have is a unique partnership with PawSquad, available to our customers when they purchase pet insurance with us. Research has shown us that more people said they would purchase pet insurance with us if they knew we offered PawSquad and what was included in it, but the problem is that a lot of people don’t know about it or what it is.   Product Offer – What can we give our customers? With Direct Line pet insurance customers get free access to PawSquad. PawSquad is a 24/7 vet advice line where independent practising vets are available to discuss any problem, anytime, either through
online chat or video chat. With PawSquad you get Immediate pet advice wherever you independent advice that won’t affect your premiums more unnecessary emergency vet trips choice of face-to-face video chat, online chat, or uses the PawSquad Appa post-consultation report available to you   Our cover is also customisable, so whether you’re after cat insurance, dog insurance or both, our range of cover enhancements will enable you to choose the insurance that’s right for you
Allocation of marks
Section/elementAllocated Marks
Situation Analysis: Ability to source and synthesise appropriate secondary research to provide a succinct situation analysis10%
Objectives: In light of the situation analysis, set appropriate SMART objective(s)10%
Strategy: Segmentation of market and identification of target segment(s) including pen profile(s) and clear justification of chosen target segment(s)20%
Tactics: appropriateness of tactics selected; justification for selection supported by appropriate sources   Application of selected tactics i.e. description of how tactics will be applied, with detailed screenshots/examples where appropriate  40%
Action & Control   Campaign Schedule   Appropriateness of recommended KPIs to evaluate your campaign  10%
Overall structure of the report   Written report containing executive summary, appropriate structure, writing style, referenced sources, tables and graphs  10%


Distinction85- 100 75- 84         70- 74A+ A       A-Outstanding Excellent       Very GoodYour work is of an exceptionally high standard which has the potential for submission for publication in a peer-reviewed journal or equivalent.   Your work demonstrates a sophisticated and comprehensive knowledge of the subject area. You have shown an exceptional ability in the appropriate use of the relevant literature, theory, methodologies, practices or tools to analyse and synthesise at Masters level. Your work is well-constructed and demonstrates a professional approach to academic practice (citation and referencing; appropriate presentation format; clear, accurate English). It addresses the learning outcomes/assessment criteria fully.   Your work demonstrates strong knowledge of the subject area and the ability to develop an independent and sophisticated argument or evaluation. The ideas you put forward demonstrate exceptional clarity and focus and your work adheres to the principles of good academic practice (citation and referencing; appropriate presentation format; clear, accurate English). It addresses the learning outcomes/assessment criteria fully.
Merit67- 69   64- 66   60- 63B+ B B-GoodYour work demonstrates a well-developed critical and comprehensive understanding of the topic. It shows evidence that you have thoroughly researched the topic(s) and are able to construct an independent, logical argument or evaluation. Your work demonstrates a high degree of ability in the appropriate use of relevant literature, theory, methodologies, practices or tools to analyse and synthesise at Masters level. Your work is well-structured and logically written and demonstrates good academic practice (citation and referencing; appropriate presentation format; clear, accurate English). There is a good attempt to address the learning outcomes/assessment criteria, meeting all of them to some extent and some of them well.
Pass57- 59   54- 56   50- 53C+     C     C-SatisfactoryYour work demonstrates knowledge of the subject area and the ability to develop an independent, logical argument or evaluation. It shows competence in the appropriate use of literature, theory, methodologies, practices or tools. The development of some ideas in your work is limited but it attempts to analyse materials critically. At times the expression and structure of your work is not clear and you have not consistently followed good academic practice (citation and referencing; presentation format; clear, accurate English). Your work provides some level of response to the learning outcomes/assessment criteria but does not fully address all of the criteria.
Marginal Fail45- 49MFUnsatisfactoryYour work contains some weaknesses. It provides some evidence that you have understood the topic and that you are able structure arguments or evaluation. Your work demonstrates some ability in the appropriate use of literature, theory, methodologies, practices or tools but not at Masters level. Your work fails to address one or more criteria fully.
Fail35- 44     0- 35FPoor     Very poorYour work is unsatisfactory in it demonstrates very limited knowledge of the subject area and does not succeed in grasping the key issues There is little evidence of development of ideas and critical analysis is very limited. The presentation is confused and lacks coherence. Your work does not meet the learning outcomes/assessment criteria.   Your work demonstrates no real knowledge of the subject area and does not display the critical ability required at this level. Your work does not attempt to address the learning outcomes/assessment criteria adequately.
Avoiding plagiarism
When you write an essay, report or dissertation you should always cite the published sources to which you quote, refer to or use as evidence, otherwise you are likely to be committing plagiarism, which is a form of academic misconduct with potentially very serious consequences. References need to be made both within the text and in a list at the end. The aim in doing this is to ensure that somebody reading your work can easily find these sources for themselves. This applies to whether you are using a book, a report, a journal article or an Internet site. You will probably know from your own experience how much easier it is to find a reference when a reading list or bibliography is clear and unambiguous.There is help available from the library and online, including a range of videos such as those given below: https://mykingston.kingston.ac.uk/library/help_and_training/Pages/referencing.aspx. http://www.citethemrightonline.com/basics Do remember you can submit your work as many times as you like before the final deadline. It is a good idea to check your Originality Report and ensure that any potential plagiarism is eradicated for your work by rewriting in your own words and referencing correctly. The staff on the BLASC desk in the LRC will be able to advise on this and on all aspects of academic writing. The best way to avoid academic misconduct or plagiarism is to use your own words at all times; do not cut and paste from other work.
Illness or other mitigating circumstances
By submitting an assignment you are declaring yourself fit to take the assessment therefore please make sure that if you are unwell you understand our mitigating circumstances process. The most important thing to do is keep us informed if you are experiencing problems! See our regulations on this link: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/aboutkingstonuniversity/howtheuniversityworks/policiesandregulations
Group work and academic misconduct
Work submitted by a group is the responsibility of the group as a whole. In the unfortunate event of the work being judged to have been plagiarised, the only circumstance in which it is possible that the responsibility for the misconduct would only fall on the group member who actually committed it, would be if there were clear evidence that that member had dishonestly misled the rest of the group as to the source of his her contribution. This would require clear and contemporaneous evidence of group discussions of the sort which should be available if groups follow the advice given about keeping a log of group proceedings. If the group work is simply allocated amongst the members of the group without any sort of group review of the outcomes, then all the group members are taking on themselves the risk that some element of the work is tainted by academic misconduct. If you are unclear about any of this, you should refer to the University’s guide to Plagiarism for further explanation.

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