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BUSI49102 Maximising Project Success


Assessment – 2 Specifications

  Module Title:Maximising Project Success   Assignment Weight  70%
  Module Code:  BUSI49102  Assignment Title  Individual Report
  Submission Date and Time:15th January 2023 11pm   Module Leader  Jacqueline Jenkins
  Submission Place:  DropBox in NOW MPS Learning Room  Email:  Jacqueline.jenkins@ntu.ac.uk

Aim of the Assessment

The aim of this assessment is to work individually to critically evaluate the challenges faced by project managers for designing and delivering success.

Expected Module Learning Outcomes
a) Critically analyse the factors and variables influencing how to manage a project to success.
b) Systematically reflect on how to maximise the value of the project.
d) Critically analyse the complexity faced in effectively managing organisational change within a project in different contexts.
e) Appreciate the importance of managing knowledge in organisations and evaluate the processes by which knowledge is stored and shared within organizations.
f) Critically reflect on undertaking project management in a more sophisticated, critical manner, appreciating the scope and problems of transferring models between environments.
g) Demonstrate criticality in evaluating the impact of a wide set of alternatives available for making recommendations in different cultural, organisational contexts.
h) Demonstrate understanding of the multiple objectives in projects and their relationship to project success.
Your Task

Case Study

You have a free choice to identity a project that has been completed in the ‘real world’. This can be either a business known to you, or a case study that you identify from your research. Using the APM and relevant PM literature, your task is to produce an individual report up to 3000 words critically analysing the factors which played a significant role in maximising success, or otherwise, of this project. In your report discuss the performance of your selected case study project critically evaluating how it has performed against the 12 APM success factors. The criteria of a project for this task is defined as, ‘A unique set of coordinated activities, with definite starting and finishing points, undertaken by an individual or organisation to meet specific performance objectives within defined schedule, cost and performance,’ (British Standard 6079, 2000). Ensure you include academic project management literature (including project management theories) and other example case studies to illustrate and critically evaluate your discussion.

Whilst you have a choice on which company and case study project you select for this task, you must complete the Pre-Screening Assessment Approval Form and have this approved by the module leader, or designate, before time 16:00 date Friday 16th December 2022. This is to ensure the markers can validate it as being a real-life example.

Below is a suggested structure for your report. You need to include all these elements, you have some flexibility over suggested word limit, provided your overall word count does not exceed the 3,000 words limit in your report.

  1. Introduce the case study you have selected and justify why you selected it.

(300-400 words)

2. With regard APM success factors, to what extent was the project able to meet the desired organisational objectives and/or defined success parameters.

(800 – 900 words)

3. Critically analyse the challenges encountered by the project and the actions undertaken to resolve those, utalising wider literature to support your analysis.

(800 – 900 words)

4. Based on your analysis above, provide recommendations to guide future project managers in terms of what lesson were learned from this example.

(800 – 900 words)

Report Presentation Guidelines

  • Your Report should not exceed more than 3,000 words. The word count includes the Main Text, all figures and tables therein, which count as 250 words each.
  • The word count excludes the Title Page, Table of Contents, References and Appendices. The report will need to adhere to the Harvard Referencing style (see


  • The paper will need to be submitted as an electronic copy to the designated NOW Dropbox. Your assignment must be in MS Word or a standard pdf format.
  • The file must be named using your student number and module code and the deadline date as the file name separated by an underscore (“_” which is next to the 0 key: N01234567_BUSI48075_21012018.doc). You must use this naming format; do NOT name your assignment ‘My Fantastic report’, ‘Project Report’, or something similar. Staff grade several hundred assignments a year and we need to differentiate between them efficiently; similar named files may cause identification problems with the Turnitin system, resulting in staff being unable to process your work.