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CETM10 Commercial and Contractual Management of Projects


MODULE TITLE:Commercial and Contractual Management of Projects

Canvas Turnitin Submission Deadline: Tuesday 31st January 2023 by 2pm


This assignment contributes 100% to your final module mark.

Please ensure that you retain a duplicate of your assignment. It will also safeguard in the unlikely event of your work going astray. We are required to send samples of student work to the external examiners for moderation purposes

All assignments submitted to Canvas will automatically be checked by via Turnitin system which will produce a report on the level of similarity within the assignment.


1.A critical understanding of appropriate commercial and contractual business issues relating to managing projects. 
2.The ability to evaluate and assess commercial and contractual issues related to managing projects, utilising appropriate tools, techniques and methods. 
3.The ability to apply appropriate methods, tools and techniques to develop and produce commercial and contractual plans 

Module leader – Pavan Thealla


You are required to submit your work within the bounds of the University Infringement of Assessment Regulations (see your Programme Guide). Plagiarism, paraphrasing and downloading large amounts of information from external sources, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. Although you should make full use of any source material, which would normally be an occasional sentence and/or paragraph (referenced) followed by your own critical analysis/evaluation. You will receive no marks for work that is not your own.

Your work may be subject to checks for originality which can include use of an electronic plagiarism detection service.

Where you are asked to submit an individual piece of work, the work must be entirely your own. The safety of your assessments is your responsibility. You must not permit another student access to your work.

Where referencing is required, unless otherwise stated, the Harvard referencing system must be used (see your Programme Guide).

Submission Date and TimeTuesday, 1st November 2022 by 2pm
Submission LocationCanvas (Turnitin)

Commercial and Contractual Management of Projects CETM10

Assignment One of one

The Assignment

Different types of industries can vary the approach that they take to way contracts for particular projects are awarded. In addition, the approach taken can vary depending on where in the world the project contract is for and which laws apply.

For this assignment you must produce a critical reference research report on the current thinking on:

The techniques that are used when tendering for a contract within a particular country and how a project manager manages the commercial and contract matters of large complex projects.

Note: the country that you are writing about must be clearly displayed on the cover sheet and referred to at the start of the assignment introduction.

Appropriate academic references must be cited within the assignment text to back-up and validate your discussion.

Your report must not be just a description of the topic.

The assignment must have the following sections Cover page


The various section making up the main part of the assignment, each section should have a heading. Conclusion

Reference list


It is expected that you will mainly use appropriate academic literature (journals articles and conference papers) to support your findings. All data sources used and cited in the report should be correctly referenced utilising the Harvard Reference System.

An assignment should use at least eight academic literature references.

A good assignment will have at least sixteen academic references and a really good assignment will have a lot more.

Except in exceptional circumstances all references must be less than ten years old. References from general project management textbooks are not acceptable.

References from commercial and other web pages are to be use very sparingly and will not be counted as an academic literature references. Excessive use of such web pages will be reflected in a reduction of the use of references mark, due to using none academic references.

Your list of cited references at the end must have the heading Reference List. There must be a single line space between each reference in the reference list. A general reading bibliography must not be included.

The Harvard Reference System must be used, see link on library web page. Failure to use the Harvard reference system will result in the ‘Use of references’ mark being 0 (zero). There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Further Information

The assignment must be presented as a simple report and not as an essay.

The report should be professional in its nature and of a high standard and quality.

The report should be 3000 words long + 10%. The reference citation list is not part of the word count.

An excessively high or low word count may result in a reduction of your marks.

The report must be typed in ‘Times New Roman’, the body of the report being font size 12pt.

The report must be single spaced.

The assignment cover page must include your name and University of Sunderland student number, failure to do this will result in a reduction of the presentation mark given.