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COMP83 Linux 1 Lab Assignment 2 Instructor Alex Alexander


Please provide appropriate screenshots after each step as evidence for work accomplished.

Section I: Install Fedora server 32 with the following partitions:

  1. /boot                350MB
  2. /                       20GB
  3. /home              8GB
  4. SWAP             2GB

Section II: Create an additional 7GB partition with ext4 as the file system.

Section III: Configure the computer name and network settings:

Computer NameYourName-XXX
IP Address172.22.88.100
Subnet Mask255.255.255.0
Default Gateway172.22.88.254

Section IV: Create the following users and groups

(remember to setup a password for each user)

User NameLogin NameGroup MembershipAdditional Details
NaweedSNaweedFinance, AccountantComment: Naweed Sayed
SaidSSaidFinanceComment: Said Sadat
JohnSJohnFinanceComment: John Smith
AliHAliFinanceComment: Temp worker Account Expiry: 25-Dec-2023
JennyDJennyHuman-ResourcesComment: Jenny Daniel
PrinceMPrinceHuman-ResourcesComment: Michael Prince
FaheemNFaheemHuman-ResourcesComment: Faheem Nazeri
AhmadMAhmadIT, DeveloperComment: Ahmad Mushtiq
KushbuPKushbuIT, AdminComment: Kushbu Patel

Section V: Account Aging Policy

Account Expiry30 March 2025
Password Expiry (Maximum Age)70 Days
Inactivity Period5 Days
Minimum days before password change20 Days
Password Expiry Warning10 Days

*the account aging policy applies to all users except Ali. the temporary worker.

Section VI: Folder Structure

Create the following folder structure.

Demonstrate changing directory using both absolute path and relative path.

Section VII: Group Administrators

GroupsGroup administrator

Section VIII: Files Security Detail

(create the files in the ~/Main/Admin/Other directory)

Security SettingOwnerGroupFile

Section IX: Create files using the vi editor

(Create the following file employees-01.txt in the HR directory. Do not type the column header.)

Employee #First NameLast NameAgeDepartment
165322JennyDaniel22Human Resources
185345PrinceMichael31Human Resources
534882FaheemNazeri42Human Resources

Section X: Create the following sorted files

  • employees-02.txt: sorted in ascending order based on Employee #.
  • employees-03.txt: sorted in alphabetical order based on the Last Name.
  • employees-04.txt: sorted in descending order based on Age.
  • employees-05.txt: sorted in reverse alphabetical order based on First Name.

Section XI: Compressing and Archiving Files

Use the tar utility to combine all of the 5 previous employees text files to a single gzip compressed file.

Section XII: File Manipulation

Create and join the two following files to obtain a single combined file with matching information. The combined file name should be CustumerInfo.txt.


John    27325              45

Sally   15382              76

Jill      34221              32 


Mississauga   ON      34221

Brampton      ON      15382

Laval              QC     27325

Section XIII: Other requirements

Demonstrate the following using any file or user:

  • Lock and unlock a user password
  • Delete a user
  • Delete a file
  • Copy a file
  • Move a file to another directory
  • Rename a file
  • Add a user to another group
  • Add a user to a group when logged in as a group administrator
  • Remove a user from a group when logged in as a group administrator

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