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Assignment Brief Database Design and Development

QualificationUnit number and title
Pearson BTEC HND in Computing (rqf)04 Database Design and Development  (level 4)
Internal VerifierUnit Tutor
Mariam QasimNeha Ijaz
Date issuedSubmission dateResubmission Date
11 October 202119 December 202122 December 2021
Assignment TitleDatabase Design and Development
Learning outcome and assessment criteria
LO1 Use an appropriate design tool to design a relational database system for a substantial problemLO1 D1 Evaluate the effectiveness of the design in relation to user and system requirements.
P1 Design a relational database system using appropriate design tools and techniques, containing at least four interrelated tables, with clear statements of user and system requirements.M1 Produce a comprehensive design for a fully functional system which includes interface and output designs, data validations and data normalisation.
LO2 Develop a fully functional relational database system, based on an existing system designLO2 & 3 D2 Evaluate the effectiveness of the database solution in relation to user and system requirements, and suggest improvements
P2 Develop the database system with evidence of user interface, output and data validations, and querying across multiple tables. P3 Implement a query language into the relational database system.M2 Implement a fully functional database system which includes system security and database maintenance. M3 Assess whether meaningful data has been extracted through the use of query tools to produce appropriate management information.
LO3 Test the system against user and system requirements
P4 Test the system against user and system requirementsM4 Assess the effectiveness of the testing, including an explanation of the choice of test data used.
LO4 Produce technical and user documentationD3 Evaluate the database in terms of improvements needed to ensure the continued effectiveness of the system.
P5 Produce technical and user documentationM5 Produce technical and user documentation for a fully functional system, including diagrams showing movement of data through the system, and flowcharts describing how the system works.
Submission Format
The submission is in the form of a report and a working database in the form MS Access project file.   The report should be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and font style times new roman and size 11. You are required to use headings, paragraphs and subsections as appropriate, and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 3,000. However, you will not be penalised for exceeding the word limit.   The report should be divided into 3 parts with appropriate headings as suggested below and should include the following information:   System design document– a clear set of user and system requirements along with design diagrams including uml, Conceptual and logical ERD ALONG with its description. Application development and testing: Ms Access project file with screenshots added as evidence along with its description and a comprehensive test plan with desired and actual outcome against each data input and process.  Technical document and user manual: technical document providing an overview of the dataflow in the system and user manual providing a step by step guidance for the user on how to operate the application.   Note: You are required to document all necessary information of the application including password for database application under technical manual section of the report.  The project file must be attached as  .*ACCDB file format.
Assignment Scenario and Guidance
Scenario   IVY College of Management Sciences is a new international university campus and has undergone its first admission cycle manually. The Business development manager of the university has approached Ivy school of computing to automate their next admissions cycle by efficiently managing its admission operations through a small database application.  He has communicated the basic requirements with the head of department and offered a bounty of PKR 15,000/- for a student who will come up with the best solution for the problem and annual fee waiver for all participating students in the next cycle.   The basic requirements are: Record of admission officer who adds the student in the database Weekly/Monthly admissions report for the campusRecord of confirmed admissions in every department Record of students enrolled in every course of the department Record of fee status for every student (yearly or instalment paid) Record of all courses offered by each school/department   Being a student of HND Computing, you are required to participate in the event and complete the task in three parts.
Stage 1 – Guidance
You are required to have a meeting with the stakeholders to capture the user requirements for the application and their corresponding system requirements. Once you have elicited all the user and system requirements, you are required to create a detailed set of design document using appropriate tools and techniques for a university admissions management system that aligns with the elicited requirements. You may represent your user requirements with the help of a simple use case diagram and database requirements using ERD on an appropriate tool with at least four interrelated tables. You are asked to design all user inputs and outputs for approval from the Business Development Manager and HOD before you proceed with stage 2 of the project.
Stage 2 – Guidance
Once the designs have been approved by the stakeholder, you will start developing a comprehensive and secure database application using MS Access having a proper User Interface that provides a supportive user experience while its use and appropriate reports to provide information in the most efficient manner. Once the application development is complete, you should use some sample data set of your own choice and test the system for compliance with the user and system requirements and evaluate its effectiveness in this regard along-with any improvement recommendations.
Stage 3- Guidance
Once the system testing is complete, you will develop two manuals, a technical manual and a user manual. Technical manual will contain all the important information like data flow for key operations of the application etc. Furthermore, you will develop a user manual to facilitate standard users who will be operating the system. While developing these manuals, keep in consideration any improvements that may be needed for continuous effectiveness of the system in future.
Evidence checklistSummary of evidence required by student
stage 1System Design Document Report (2500 words).
stage 2Database in MS Access with screenshot evidences attached in Report with explanation, Test Report
stage 3Technical and User Manual, Conclusion and Recommendations

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