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Descriptive Essay


How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay is a particular genre of writing that calls for the writers to describe specific objects, people, memories, events, places or experiences. The purpose is to paint a picture for the audience by appealing to all their five senses so that reading the paper is truly an immersive experience. This is why the descriptive essay should be clear and focused with rich details and vivid imageries.

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How To Start a Descriptive Essay

Planning ahead is vital for a descriptive paper. Keep in mind that what or who is needed to be described. What is the reason for writing this essay and what quality or what are the key aspects of the topic that need more attention than others? For the sake of the descriptive essay itself, ensure that the paper has a general theme and an overall purpose. A message that needs to be conveyed to readers or else the essay will seem blotchy and scattered, and the readers will get lost in the writing. Nonetheless, the writing will lose its quality. So, therefore, check what sights, smells, textures are important for the progression of the description. There might not be a need to splurge out all details. Background information or other such information should be kept to a minimum when it is not directly linked to the topic and does not serve any particular purpose.
To successfully start the assignment, it is best to refer to a checklist which can help with organization and keep the momentum going.

Descriptive Essay Outline

A lengthy and tedious description essay will only serve to confuse the readers if it is not properly organized. Therefore drafting an outline for the paper is paramount for its ease of understanding for the readers. This way the essay will also become more engaging for the readers as well. So the writing should describe one thing at a time. For example, when describing a person, it is perfectly alright to start with their appearance. The freckles on their face, their bushy eyebrows and hazel colored eyes behind old and broken spectacles. You can then move onto to describing their deep voice, their vocabulary and their accolades and achievements in the field of medicine but it would be wrong to then once again go back to describing the size of their nose or their deep, dark skin tone.
Proofread, it is best to follow a general outline or framework. The paper should start with an intriguing introduction, followed by the body paragraphs and then the conclusion.



After the topic has been finalized, there should be a hook sentence that summarizes the essay and completely engages the reader. Use simple words to explain the topic to your reader so that they become well acquainted. Also, give a brief and relevant description of the background so that the readers can easily relate to the writing itself.

Body Paragraphs:

The body paragraphs must carry forward the description of the topic. This can proceed in three ways.
If you are looking to describe a particular place, then you can do so in a spatial order which intends to give its audience a camera like a movie that moves along to describe the place. Ensure that you are putting in factual details to avoid any empty spaces or waste any sentences.
If the essay is about an event or a series of events, then the chronological method can be employed. The description moves on from scene to scene starting from what happened in the beginning to describing what happened in the very end. The ascent of the order of time is key here.
Thirdly if looking for a generic approach that can be used for practically any topic or subject, then the paper can proceed in a climatic order which places value on the level of importance of particular details. This means that the essay goes on from describing items arranged in a manner of less importance to the most. This is so that the best can be saved for the last and readers leave with a powerful impression in their mind.


Have your conclusion tie up the entire paper. Therefore make sure to give a purpose and let the readers know why they read the descriptive essay in the first place and what they got out of it. Tell them how the description affects them and how it is relevant. Apart from this, explain the significance of your most important terms and details of the essay. Let them know why they were there and what impact did these essential details create. After this, end with a “one hell of a statement” so that the message resonates with the audience and gives them food for thought.

Descriptive Essay Topics

While there can be many topics and ideas that you can simply start writing descriptions about, below are some example topics that you can refer to for inspiration:


  • Describe your favorite place that you grew up going to.
  • Describe the place you are in at this particular moment.
  • Describe your perfect world.


  • Describe your best friend.
  • Describe yourself.
  • Describe your idol.


  • Describe your most prized possession.
  • Describe that one thing you would take to a deserted island.
  • Describe your perfect evening outfit.


  • Describe your most cherished memory.
  • Describe your birthday party.
  • Describe your most memorable vacation.

Descriptive Essay Sample

This is a sample descriptive essay paragraph about a mysterious place:
The deeper we ventured, the more spellbinding, profound and elaborate it became. The foliage grew thicker with each of our steps. The umber brown color of the sky high and primitive trees stood unwavering above us. The smell of the forest seemed fresh and organic with a flower bed full of blossoming red roses just beside us. But even these roses could not bring us any joy. We decided to move on, to follow a deep dark shadow that had led us into this canopy of trees, the murky and glutinous mud on the mossy mattress floor. We knew that we had to get out before nightfall fo that night would be the darkest and the deepest night we would ever see – a night that not even the stars which were like sliver asters, bright, radiant and shimmering could light up this dark and gloomy forest.

Descriptive Essay

Tips and Tricks to Mastering the Best Descriptive Paper

Show, don’t tell. Show them that the house is old, creaky and about to fall apart rather than simply stating that the house is old.
Never forget to poroofread your writing or turn to essay helper for help. This can eliminate any chances of careless mistakes that only serve to reduce the quality of the essay and make it seem unprofessional.

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