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Digital Marketing Sample Assignment



Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

1. Understanding differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing. A proper explanation of the importance of digital marketing in respective of Clintons (LO 1) 3

2. The utilization of website optimisation techniques to improve performance. (LO 3) 4

3. SEO and PPC for Clintons to improve website visibility (Lo2, Lo3) 5

4. Online Display & Video Advertising and Social Media Marketing use for attracting customers. (LO3) 7

5. Content and Email marketing into digital marketing activities. (LO3 & LO4) 10

6. A proper understanding of website use analytics in order to improve Clinton’s performance. 13

Reference list 15


Digital marketing is definitely the most intriguing way to attract more customers along with existing customers. Traditional marketing ways do not involve strategic designs for better customer engagement but digital marketing. However, digital marketing may not be the best way for each and every business but one cannot ignore the fact it contributes to success. In this study, the Clintons is a retail company and wanted to grow its business opportunities through online platforms as well. Therefore, the researcher thoroughly incorporated some social media platforms including some effective strategies that can help the business to increase its online customer base.

1. Understanding differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing. A proper explanation of the importance of digital marketing in respective of Clintons (LO 1) 

Traditional marketing focuses on any kind of promotion, campaign, advertising that considered to be used by the company over many years consideration. Beside this, conducting product and services process in relation to marketing has been encountered with the help of mobile phone, new technological advancement, and display advertising. Thus, it gives rise to digital marketing in this regards. Traditional marketing services include television, commercials, newspaper, magazine, flyers whereas digital marketing involved methods including search engine optimization, pay per click management, search engine marketing perspectives. In respective of the longevity consideration, people are more accustomed to traditional marketing rather than digital marketing.

On the other hand, traditional marketing has not measured the results or outcomes properly whereas, digital marketing considered to be easier for result measuring purpose. With the help of digital marketing, a company can easily target customers’ satisfaction to their profitability and productivity consideration. In respective of traditional marketing, there is considerably limited space for communicating with customers whereas digital marketing is considered to be interactive with reaching worldwide customers in this regards. Traditional marketing requires more time and money access the manual process of marketing whereas, digital marketing is responsible for automated marketing efficiency consideration.

The importance of digital marketing in respective of Clinton’s has been encountered as an important aspect. In this company, digital marketing has been established in order to reach out to the numerous audiences to trigger their needs and satisfaction fulfillment consideration. Thus, this company mainly used automated and efficient technological advertisement with the help of displaying colorful pictures of gifts and greeting cards which further considered being beneficial to attract a large number of customers in this regards. For accessing parties, Clinton’s also provides occasional accessories for the customers easily accessible in respective of digitized marketing consideration.

2. The utilization of website optimisation techniques to improve performance. (LO 3)

Clinton’s website is the main face when it comes to the business. Therefore, a performance of that website determines conversion rate, leads generation along with business growth. The business can lose its opportunities and success rate if the website performs poorly. On the other hand, customer’s attention on a website depends on various aspects starting from loading speed to attracting graphical presentation. However, the company can improve their website optimisation by following some steps.

Coding for mobile friendly website

A dominance of mobile web is significantly increasing and already taken a huge amount of customers into it. That is the reason behind this mobile friendliness for improving the business growth rate. Previous thinking was creating a website for personal computers first and then mobile or any other devices. However, the time has changed and in this era, people must think about a website with mobile first and then any other peripherals. Clintons can do a test to compare the mobile-friendliness of their website (Çizmeci and Ercan, 2015). One of the easiest tools to compare that is mobile website auditor of Google. This test will provide all the necessary information with readability, clickable element’s proximity, plug-in, usability standards and many more.

Reduction in Image size

It has been observed that an image loads faster with a desktop with 61% more speed in comparison with a mobile. That is the reason behind to keep in mind that image size can also hamper the website’s loading speed along with customer satisfaction. Clintons must reduce their image size to make the webpage load much faster. Image size reduction is possible with any software which is available on the internet. In the opinion of Dhote et al. (2015), there is much software available which can reduce the image size without compromising quality. Moreover, some of this software is completely free to use which indicates no extra cost would be required to perform this activity.

Consider cache

It is required for any website for momentary storing in context with web pages. Caching tool is notably helpful for decreasing bandwidth limit and increasing enactment. A cached version of Clinton’s website will show to a visitor when they open the website. However, this will not work if any alteration happened since the last cached version. This is also helpful for loading a webpage faster including protection time of a server. Therefore, the company must incorporate this method into their website to gain better customer satisfaction.

3. SEO and PPC for Clintons to improve website visibility (Lo2, Lo3)

Digital marketing includes SEO or search engine optimization and PPC or pays per click advertising for better website ranking. People often think about the keywords for better ranking in search engines. However, SEO is not only about keywords but also hold many other aspects which can boost a website’s visibility. Some other aspects of SEO are visitor staying duration on a page, broken links, bounce rate, page views, traffic rate and many more.

On the other hand, pay per click advertising mainly helps a website to get targeted traffic within a small time span. Therefore, this rapid growth can boost a website’s search engine ranking resulting in more profit. More profit means a better position in the market among competitors.

SEO for Clintons

User friendliness 

A good website certainly requires user-friendliness for attracting targeted traffic. Google favors those sites which are simply made and user-friendly. User-friendly websites can increase user engagement as well. Moreover, these days everyone uses their mobile phone to shop online (Carlson et al. 2017). The website is not suitable for mobile platform due to the large image size. Therefore, in order to gain more traffic, the Clintons must change the website’s outlay. Therefore, this is the first stage to design an effective SEO campaign for the company (clintonsretail.com, 2018).   

Page loading speed 

One of the most crucial factors is page loading speed in both Bing and Google search engine. This factor makes a lot of difference in website algorithm. Every people’s life is lightning fast these days and users do not want to wait to see what does a website has to offer. Therefore, a slow loading business website can lose its potential customers. In addition to that, a low webpage can reduce page view numbers and increase bounce rate (Grewal et al. 2016). These are not healthy for a business website as it negatively impacts SEO ranking. There are many different ways available for faster page loading. One of the ways to improve page loading speed is caching plug-ins. However, the existing code of this software must be streamlined and clean. On the other hand, image size reduction can also help to load a page faster competitively.

Header tags

It is difficult for readers to read a website content if there is no existence of good formatting. User experience can be improved through the proper formatting of a website. Thus, search engine ranking will go up high due to good visitor duration. Therefore, it is the third step to build an effective website design in a competitive market.

Layout and formatting

A clean layout and page formatting is the best to attract users and make a strong position in competitive market. Proper formatting and layout make a user experience smooth and easy resulting in more traffic generation. Therefore, this is the third step which needs to be done in order to design an SEO friendly website.

Pay per click

Building a strong account structure

Having a strong account structure can be helpful to achieve a magnificent PPC performance. The first steps which a digital marketing manager must follow are keyword density evaluation, advertisements density analysis and relevance rate of keywords. In addition to that, keyword relevance in each advertisement is also necessary to evaluate.

Focusing on PPC keywords with a high-performance rate

For determining if chosen ad campaigns are successful or not, one must look into conversion rate and click through rate. However, high performing keywords varies from one website to another due to different goals. Thus, the digital marketing manager must identify important and relevant keywords for the business in order to increase the website’s performance rate.

Optimization of ads

One of the important steps is to optimizing ads relevant to implemented keywords. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize ads as frequently as possible for better ranking of the website. Along with that, a high level of as text can increase the number of searches relating to the company website. Thus, ads must be relevant to keywords and compelling in order to gain more traffic.

Implementation of chosen design

The company has a website but the main page of this website is haphazardly made. There are large pictures everywhere in that website and ‘shop now’ link is two times in every section. This can de-motivate and confused people, especially when it comes to older aged people. Therefore, the researcher’s first step is to build a simple and user-friendly web page. This can be built through WordPress. WordPress is free software in which anyone can make an effective website by selecting a proper theme. Theme needs to be light and simple for users to understand. In addition to that, theme must be compatible with every online platform.

The company’s present website has low compatibility with mobile. Therefore, the digital marketing manager has chosen “Gift and Souvenir Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme”. This is an effective theme for creating a smart gift store website compared to the previous one. Any minor changes in coding can be easily done with WordPress support help system to make the website more SEO friendly (wordpress.com, 2018).

The website has a messy layout and formatting. On the upright corner, black color is restricting the words to see properly. Three main tabs are there such as sign in, register and stores. This needs to be changed with a better color formation and large size tabs. On the other hand, Google Ads is the best tool for building a strong PPC account. Display ads are best suitable for any websites and Google ads is providing that along with other ad formats. However, the business must focus on the laws and guidelines regarding online business as well. Some basic business information along with contact details and address are must be included in the website. Every available commodity must display its price and taxes too. Information regarding delivery is also necessary to include in the website as per the UK’s law and guidelines (ads.google.com, 2018).

4. Online Display & Video Advertising and Social Media Marketing use for attracting customers. (LO3)

Social media marketing is a process which is helpful for gaining traffic or customer attention for a business through social media websites. These social media sites are significantly powerful for business growth due to the wide prospects of reaching customers. Any business can share objectives, goals or even their products with price tag through social media platforms (Grewal et al. 2016). Some social sites are widely popular and used by people from all over the world. Thus, a worldwide business establishment can be possible through social sites.

Strengths of SMM

Brand awareness can be increased – Business visibility can be increased by social media sites and also this method is notably cost-effective if compared to other methods. People from different parts of the world can view business pages and also share their opinion through like, share and comment options (LeBaron, 2015). Therefore, brand awareness can be increased by having an interaction with different people. It has been observed that, if a business can spend a couple of hours on a weekly basis then their social media exposure increased tremendously. 

Improvement in SEO – Social media sites is notably helpful to get traffic for a particular business. Moreover, it can be helpful to get more traffic compared to general requirements. However, SEO is not directly linked with a business site when it comes to social media sites. This is because social sites are already having a high rank in SEO. Therefore, any business can take advantage of that to improve their business visibility.

Inbound traffic – Inbound traffic ration is limited in usual customers but social media business marketing can increase that inbound traffic rate. This case includes keywords, people generally search with keywords and any business marketing rank keywords relevant to their business (Leeflang et al. 2014). Thus, more new people can be aware of any new business or old business with a new product.

Higher satisfaction rate in customers – Communication and networking both can be done through social media for business betterment. Customer voice and opinion creation are highly possible for a business to humanize. Customers can appreciate and share grievances on social media sites by commenting. Therefore, a business can show attention to those comments which can be beneficial for gaining a high satisfaction rate among customers. 

Limitations of SMM

Power of social media sites with comment and share options are very true but it is limited to active user count. Moreover, some active members are also can be silent by not commenting or sharing any post. This can negatively impact any business to grow and reach more when it comes to customers (Malik et al. 2016). Another impossible thing to measure that how long a person is actually reading or watching any post or videos. Often time’s people open a web page or video but do not actually engage on them. Thus, exact measurement of customer spending time on a page or video is impossible. On the other hand, the popularity of a social media site varies from country to country, an age of people or even on a region basis. As an example, Facebook is not an option for people of China. Similarly, Instagram is widely popular in a younger generation.

Key social channels

Social media platforms are being used by almost every business to get new clients and customers. There are so many social sites available these days that it difficult to determine which the best is suited for a particular business. Although, social sites are highly useful to get more traffic and business at the same time which is the biggest success factor in context with a company. Some of the most popular social sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Google plus and many more.

Social media advertising

Facebook and Instagram advertising basics – Facebook advertising has some rules or guidelines to post a successful ad. For a video or photo, the character text limit is up to 90 characters including up to 25 character headline and 20% text overlay when creating a link. Video limit must be under 45 minutes with a maximum size of 1.79 GB. Similarly, Instagram has a photo publishing rule with a minimum character limit of 175 and 600*600 minimum size of a picture including a text overlay rule of 20%. Video limit is 15 seconds with a 1GB maximum size (Stephen, 2016). For mobile app advertisements, the limit is 175 characters and 600*600 minimum sizes.

Twitter advertising basics – Twitter ad formatting is completely different from Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is providing an option to choose from website or tweet cards. For a tweet, there is 140 character of word limit and images specs must apply. On the other hand, website cards have a word limit of 116 characters including a designated image. Moreover, it also provides a website link and a call to action button (Zhu et al. 2017). The system of Twitter is easy to operate but one must keep in mind that word choice is significantly important for better conversion rate.

Linkedin and Pinterest advertising basics – Linkedin offers two ad formats currently such as sponsored updates and text ads. Text and includes text and a small image which can be found in the sidebar of the right-hand side in every page. On the other hand, sponsored ads are highly similar to newsfeed ads on Facebook (Mataram et al. 2015). Text and has a limit of up to 25 characters in a headline and up to 75 characters in a description. Image ratio is 1:1 with max size of 2MB with 50*50px. Pinterest ads different types of ad formats such as one tap promoted, standard promoted, promoted video, promoted app and cinematic pins. 


Instagram is a best suitable option for Clintons. This is because the company is mainly focusing on the gift accessories. Clintons can post eye-catching pictures of their products on Instagram for customer attraction. Moreover, this social site is mainly popular for a younger generation. Young age people are the main target of the business. Moreover, business page creation is notably easy on Instagram and content will reach to a target audience within a very little time frame (ppchero.com, 2018).


Social media performance of discussed platforms can be measured through engagement rate. Share, likes and comments ratio is helpful for measuring engagement rate when it comes to social media sites. It is easy to know that how many clicks an ad is getting through the analytics tab which is present in every social media sites. Therefore, this click rate can be helpful to understand how many people are taken interest in the posted ad. In addition to that, brand mention is also a helpful factor determine how many people are talking about a specific brand or a company (wordstream.com, 2018).

5. Content and Email marketing into digital marketing activities. (LO3 & LO4)

It is quite common to be confused when there are so many options available to work on digital marketing. This is because, often time’s people know about different online marketing platforms but the confusing part is how these work together (Tiago and Veríssimo, 2014). Clintons can build a successful online marketing field for themselves if combined content and email marketing together into digital marketing activities. These elements together are highly useful for attracting customers and people’s attention to business.

Content marketing

Content marketing includes blogs, video, podcasts and various social media sites to gain customer attention. These customers if interested then buy a product or service and then they become frequent buyers. This practice helps business to grow and earn more profit. In other words, content marketing is simply a creation and the distribution of that among people for better business growth (Terrance et al. 2017). Content creation is basically addressing a message and communicates with people related to that message.  There are some ways in which a business can incorporate to do that.

  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Blog posts
  • Web pages
  • Landing pages
  • Info graphics 
  • Presentations
  • Whitepapers

 Content marketing also requires effective distribution for reaching targeted people. There are some popular and common ways of distributing contents (neilpatel.com, 2018).  

  • Social networks
  • RSS subscribers
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaign
  • Podcasts
  • Community groups
  • Forums
  • Workshops
  • Print

Content marketing works great for a business as it provides business credibility and visibility. In addition to that, it also represents value to the recipients with entertainment or information. This allows a business to reach the desired target as narrow or broad. It is helpful to create a positive connection between the consumers and business. Clintons can write articles through a blog page while keeping in mind about strong keywords. Similarly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can help in content marketing when it comes to Clintons. The company can share its existing products and also which are coming or launching. This can hold customers attention and curiosity at the same time. On the other hand, email marketing can be helpful for those customers who are already a part of a company or purchased products previously. This will establish a positive image in context with the brand. Videos are also can be incorporated with small clippings of any product, in this way customer can understand better in relation with any products (searchengineland.com, 2018).

Email marketing

One of the best and efficient ways is to send emails for staying connected with customers and clients. This is also helpful for performing productive communication with customers. Along with that, email can be helpful for business promotion as well. This is because email is a distribution method when it comes to content. Email campaigns are consists of service or product announcements, sales promotions, newsletter, and lead-protecting generally. However, email marketing is helpful only when it is done with proper thoughts and ideas strategically. There is a type of email which is shotgun, these emails are generally irritating people. This is because these are sent to random people with no interest in the company or products. These type of emails are of no use and waste of time. However, by following simple steps successful email campaign is possible (reliablesoft.net, 2018).

Send only to interested customers – Send email only to those customers who are interested in the company or in the product. Customer sorting for sending email is can be found through social media sites, website’s existing customers, those who previously bought any product or in-store promotions. These customers are interested in the brand already and due to this email campaign will be successful to a great extent. 

Segmentation of emails – Segment the mailing list can be helpful for reaching to more target based customers. Every prospects or customer are not going to show interest in the company’s product. However, such emails are might be able to gain interest in other customers. Therefore, email list segmentation is a very crucial step to do and many ways are there to do this properly. Effective deviation on contacts in terms of age, gender, location, birthday or other information is highly necessary for making a proper segmented list. On the other hand, the company can segment email campaigns based on click activity too. This can be determined by whether an individual opened the previous email or clicked on any specific email. This technique will help the business in targeting and spreading the message in an effective way. 

Maintain content quality – Quality content delivering and customers need fulfilling is important to keep in mind while sending emails. As an example, if a person just bought a home then it might be helpful to send a packers and movers resources to help the person further. This type of thoughtful email can able to make a strong bond or connection between a customer and the company. For Clintons, they can send zodiac sign coffee mug though email when a customer’s birthday is coming. This practice creates a direct relationship between email campaigns and content marketing at the same time (Marinho, 2017).

Indicate the frequency rate between emails – Regular communication does not mean overdoing it by email to customers. Moreover, the company must think about the frequency rate of email in terms of every individual customer. It is crucial to experiment with the optimum speed to identify the frequency rate for targeting customers. It is advisable to reduce the frequency rate in relation to a large group of customers. Instead of that, the company can send more email to a small group of customers and check the success rate (Ryan, 2016). Any emails service provider can help with tracking the results. In addition to that, those providers are also helpful to understand click through and open rates in context with customer’s activity.

On the other hand, the company can use both of these together to get a better result. As an example, after creating a newsletter Clintons can send it to potential customers and also can share it with social media platforms. In addition to that, an email with quality content can be sent to customers. This can establish content marketing and email marketing both at the same time while targeting customers.

6. A proper understanding of website use analytics in order to improve Clinton’s performance

Website analytics considered to be a useful tool more than installing script on Clinton’s website and also develop monthly report setting which further helpful for Clintons to review the customer feedbacks as well as an encountered number of visitors on Clinton’s site (Rzemieniak, 2015). In this way, the number of real value has considerably interpreted in regards to Clinton’s consideration. On the other hand, a proper interpretation of analytical data helped the Clintons to understand better the customer users and website improvisation.

  • Proper measurement of web traffic

With the help of web traffic measurement, Clintons are considerably able to count the number of visitors on their website and also tried to find the customer using keywords in order to search their goods and products (Goodfellow et al. 2016).

  • Visitors accountability

This helps to account for the number of entrance and exit of visitors on the digital marketing site of Clintons. In this regards, preferential pages are also encountered to determine the revisit numbers in regards to visitor’s consideration. Such reports tried to improvise the pages of Clintons and help to decrease their bounce rate.

  • Identification of exit pages

Clintons mainly differentiated the bounce and exit metrics for business measurement purpose. Analysis of those pages helps to understand the visitors unfulfilled information including choices purposively (Lamberton and Stephen, 2016).

  • Tracking the bounce rate and target market

In this regards, web analyzing marketers can also able to track the volumes and performances of visitors in relation to demographic data consideration. The time spending consumption of the visitors on Clinton’s website is also taken into consideration in order to determine the target market. Beside this, a track of bounce rate in this company also taken into consideration for properly improvises the rate with the help of Google analytics tool.

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