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Dissertation Examples


Dissertation Examples UK

Confused about what dissertation topics should you choose? HND Assignment Help can assist the students who are struggling to get the right topic for their dissertation. Get the perfect Dissertation topics with examples according to your choice of subject from experienced writers. After getting the dissertation ideas, students have to research in an extensive manner and get all the information from dissertation examples so that they can draft an outline. Get help!

Dissertation Topics Idea Online

After so much of hard work, students get admission in some of the best UK Universities to  pursue higher education. Right from the beginning of the admission process, each aspirant faces a lot of competition as numerous students across the globe wish to get into those top universities. This is because the course curriculum in these universities is of high standards and aspirants know its significance. For improving their knowledge and skills, they are also given numerous assignments, case studies, dissertation, projects and thesis to be completed. For writing dissertation, students can refer any of the dissertation examples provided by the professional dissertation writers UK. It helps them to write a flawless dissertation on their chosen topic.

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Structure

A dissertation is nothing but an assignment that is written by the students who are in the final year of their course. First, students have to conduct an independent study on the topic they have selected for dissertation writing. Then they have to analyze, evaluate and discuss the concepts of that dissertation topic & he needs to know how to write a Dissertation. This is important for writing the dissertation so that all the facts are included in it. Also, students have to follow some guidelines that are set by the university. The guidelines are common for the undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. students studying in the university.

It is crucial that students choose the right Dissertation topic and then research in a significant manner. For help in dissertation writing, students can choose any dissertation expert at HND Assignment Help. Students can also check for below mentioned Dissertation Examples and Topics.

Dissertation Topics for Undergraduate & Masters

Dissertations are important for students of all graduation level, be it undergrad, Masters or Doctoral. HND Assignment Help holds years of experience in helping the students with dissertation Writing and Dissertation Editing in UK. We have the best Ph.D. experts on our team who can provide flawless dissertation examples to the students pursuing their post-grad or doctoral studies. They make sure that the information they provide is well-researched and contain all the facts. There are several referencing styles that have to be followed while writing the dissertation. Our thesis writers are well-versed with the guidelines of all the universities in the UK, which is the reason that they provide a structured dissertation.

We also assist by providing dissertation examples to those students, who want to write the dissertation on their own. Students studying in the UK Universities are brilliant and academically strong. They choose to write their own dissertation but, they often get confused about the topic of writing the dissertation. Because of vast experience, our writers can suggest dissertation topics to those students and help them in getting the desired grades in the dissertation writing.

Masters & Undergraduate Dissertation Examples & Topics Assistance

Choosing a dissertation topic from dissertation examples is a challenge in itself that most of the students have to deal with. But it is the most crucial part of dissertation writing. An appropriate topic not only enhances the scope of your research but also increases its value. Many times students need to get the topic approved by their professors. Thus, they must pay attention and chose an impressive topic so that it gets approved easily. Are you facing the same situation? Do you want your dissertation topic to be unique? If yes, then HND Assignment Help is the best place for you. We can provide you unique, impressive, and qualitative research topics in a few steps. Just provide us your area of interest or the subject in which you are looking forward to conducting the research and get an effective research title from our subject paper help experts. But how do we make it possible?

How to write acknowledgements in a dissertation examples?

The magic happens here:

• Chose a subject you are fond of or the subject in which you want to conduct the research. While placing the order provide the details of any topics, ideas, or suggestions that you have in your mind regarding your dissertation. Do not hesitate even if you are confused! Even a vague idea can be turned into an effective title.

• As per the subject and other requirements submitted by you we will assign a subject expert to you. The expert will find the perfect dissertation topic for you according to your degree and scope. Do not worry as the expert will make sure that the research goals are achievable and the topic is different in itself.

Dissertation Examples
Dissertation Examples

• Then, we will contact you and you can discuss the further scope and seek any guidance regarding the titles that we shared with you. We will make sure that the topic is interesting and thought-provoking at the same time.

How to decide on dissertation topics? 24/7 Assistance Online!

Choosing a topic relevant to your study requirements and according to the area of interest is really important. It not only helps in enhancing your knowledge about the subject but can also help you in fetching better marks.

What are some Good Dissertation Topics?

Top 10 Dissertation Examples done by Our Dissertation Writers

At HNDAssignmentHelp, we have highly qualified writers, who have written on a number of dissertation topics that can be referred as dissertation examples by students so that they get an idea of the high-quality work that we provide. Some examples in specific subject domains as given below:

Computer Science Dissertation Examples

Basic HTML and Javascript- This dissertation explains various elements, styles and type of list that can be used during the HTML coding.

Evolution of Smart Homes- It is the emerging research field and this dissertation shows how the use of smart homes has considerably changed our lives.

Sports Dissertation Dissertation Examples

Sports Massage- Massage is the oldest used therapy to relax muscles and aid blood circulation. This dissertation shows the importance of massage in the sports and its effects in the longer run

Volleyball Vertical Jump- The performance of a volleyball player depends on their ability to jump into the air. This dissertation shows the importance of vertical jumps and significant improvements in it.

Accounting Dissertation Examples

Financial Accounting Standards- It is important that standards are maintained during the Accounting process. This paper gives the background information on SEC, FASB and IASB and their role in accounting.

Definitions of Performance- Performance is nothing but completing something successfully with the available resources. This paper talks about the performance improvement measures and improvement techniques.

Architecture Dissertation Examples

Wind Energy in High- rise buildings- There is a shortage of conventional energy because of depletion of natural resources. This paper shows the significance of tapping wind energy in the buildings.

Architecture and Textiles- The research on this topic shows the relationship between textiles and architecture.

Education Dissertation Examples

Social Networks among teachers – Social Networks are widely used for implementing educational innovations. This paper is to show how social network shapes students in schools.

Personal Computers – Personal computers are common among people across the world. This paper shows its importance and usage for productive work.

Dissertation Examples
Dissertation Examples

Free Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Topic 1:

The more we interact, the less we speak? A survey of personal communication pattern

Dissertation Example: It shows how the people use internet, social media and email for communication. This topic observes the interactions of students and how ‘text’ has replaced ‘speech’.

Dissertation Topic 2:

The appropriateness of Facebook as a global communication tool for youth aged 7 to 17

Dissertation Example: Facebook has one billion users and many users are aged below thirteen. This dissertation examines whether the use of Facebook is justified for the children aged 7 and above.

Dissertation Topic 3:

Fault protection for a DC marine power system

Dissertation Example: In the marine industry, DC powered vessels play a vital role, especially in defence programmes. This dissertation examines the options for fault management

Dissertation Topic 4:

Refinements in the production of moulded optical glass lenses

Dissertation Example: This topic stresses the importance of manufacturing low cost and quality moulded optical lenses.

Dissertation Topic 5:

The role of original art in the commercial success of boutique hotels

Dissertation Example: This paper shows how much the role of art in hotels has escalated in boutique hotels and also shows the cost of original art in the boutique hotels.

Dissertation Topic 6:

Capacity in the London hotel market: after the London Olympics 2012

Dissertation Example: This dissertation is to research the risks in the London hotel market. It also offers recommendations for hotel operators to minimise aftershocks after large events.

Dissertation Topic 7:

Increasing neighbourhood biodiversity as a measure against surface water flooding

Dissertation Example: This dissertation addresses the danger of surface water flooding and calls all households, planners and environmental scientists to come together.

Dissertation Topic 8:

Creating new salt marshes: New regulations and funding or abandonment to the sea

Dissertation Example: This research shows the erosion through the sea- level rises as an important element in retention of biodiversity.

Dissertation Examples
Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Topic 9:

An assessment of the difficulties encompassed in completing risk assessment forms for sports teams at the university level.

Dissertation Topic 10:

An evaluation of the market position and brand identity of Bann atyne’s Health Clubs