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Find 7ET023 Dissertation Project suggestions list for University of Wolverhampton

Module 7ET023 Dissertation is one of the most crucial modules for the MSc Computer Science for both full and part time students of University of Wolverhampton. This particular module helps in order to grab in-depth knowledge of the individual research project topic chosen from one of the below topics mentioned in the course. These topics would be directly or indirectly linked to the subject or area of interest for the students. HND Assignment help team offers end to end assistance with the proposal, dissertation and app development for the given topics of the subject 7ET023 Dissertation. Our experts are well versed with this subject and can help students with cost effective solution.

7ET023 Dissertation Help
7ET023 Dissertation

Suggested List of topics for 7ET023 Dissertation

Sherin NassaNoSQL vs Relational DatabasesNoSQL vs Relational Databases. … NoSQL databases don’t require any predefined schema, allowing you to work more freely with “unstructured data.” Relational databases are vertically scalable, but usually more expensive, whereas the horizontal scaling nature of NoSQL databases is more cost-efficient. (Using MongoDB examples).
Sherin NassaA Framework for Improving Data Privacy and Security of Public Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning SystemsThe reliance on cloud based systems such as ERPS in businesses is growing daily, as these systems currently aid in carrying out several processes with improved operational effectiveness and dependability. However, cloud computing introduces security vulnerabilities to organisations. This aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the pertinent security vulnerabilities of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning systems, and subsequently propose a novel, conceptual, framework on how to improve the security structure of organisations using cloud-based ERPs.
Sherin NassaCyber attacks in organisations and the challenges for organisationsOrganisations have to address various challenges to try to prevent cyber attacks from occurring. This dissertation aims to investigate the ways in which organisations try establish why the attacks have occurred, particularly in relation to their own staff. It aims to determine how organisations monitor their technology for possible cyber issues.
Sherin NassaBig Data in Healthcare: Addressing the Current Security Challenges of Electronic Health Systems in Healthcare OrganisationsLike other industry sectors, healthcare organisations have also adopted the digitisation of their patients’ medical records. Consequently, health services are currently experiencing a growth in the total volume of data with regards to density, multiplicity and accuracy. However, issues such as patients’ confidentiality and privacy have also become major challenges, with various healthcare organisations experiencing data breaches in recent years. This dissertation aims to evaluate the major data privacy concerns of patiets, and identify the best security policies that can be implemented by healthcare organisations to prevent data breaches.
Sherin NassaThe influence of big data on the finance sectorBig data has significant impacts on financial products and services. Therefore, identifying the financial issues where big data has a significant influence is also an important issue to explore with the influences. The financial field is deeply involved in the calculation of big data events.
Ali SadiqAI based algorithm for solving routing problems in Internet of VehiclesFormulate and implement an Artificial Intelligence based algorithm for finding the optimal route from source to destination for routing data packets between smart vehicles.
Ali SadiqBig Data Analytics for Internet of Vehicle for Car MaintenanceWith a rise to IoT technology, car parts can be embed with IoT technologies for car companies. In this topic, Data from embed car parts will be collected by CPU within the car and it will send the collected data to cloud storage through a network called Internet of Vehicles.
Ali SadiqDecentralized Access Control with Multi-factors Authentication of Data Stored in CloudsIn cloud computing, it is a platform where the users can access their data from the servers which are located in remote places. This can be achieved via the Internet to manage process and store the relevant data, without relying on their personal computer or a local server. Though, there are also still many challenges accompanying  with  cloud  computing,  such as misuse  of  cloud  services,  data  security & privacy and  cyber-attacks. Thus, advancement needed to achieve an efficient decentralized system that does not give the full control of the stored data on the cloud server, to the service authority and managing the key authentication using multi-factors approach.
Ali SadiqIOT based Smart Waste Management in cities.Detection of garbage points and rubbish levels in dustbins for obtaining fair trash collection routes.
Ali SadiqIOT based Traffic Congestion and safety warning techniques.Monitoring of vehicles for efficient traffic management of driving routes.
Ali SadiqMathematical modelling for Software Defined Networks using Petri Nets environment.This projects aims to perform mathematical modelling through using Petri nets. The petri nets is a tool to capture all the working flows of the system and represent them in a visualize format.
Ali SadiqSmart algorithm for Car Parking Reservation.In this project, a smart algorithm need to be formulated and implemented based on mobile apps that are required to be developed. This apps facilitates the driver to find and locate available slot in shopping mall. The basic functions like posting empty car parking slot, reserve empty car parking, etc.
Kevan BuckleyA Machine Vision Based Indoor Positioning SystemThe most famous positioning system is GPS, which generally does not work indoors. There are endless applications for indoor positioning. For example, a system that could track customers around a supermarket could inform marketing experts and enable them to place sale items strategically. The artefact produced by this project will be an implementation of a novel algorithm/method based on machine vision.
Kevan BuckleyA Machine Vision Based Building Asset Management SystemThe artefact created for this project will be an Android app that can recognise specific objects and fixtures. A system based on convolutional neural network will be trained to recognise building assets such as lights, smoke alarms, occupancy sensors etc and deployed on an android device.
Kevan BuckleyA Robotic Manipulator Controller That Learns From Its Own Successes And MistakesRobot manipulators are used in hazardous environments where humans cannot work safely such as in nuclear reactors, deep sea and space. This project will focus on the control of a specific manipulator used to decommission nuclear powerstations. Reinforcement Learning will be used to achieve this. Initially the manipulator will move randomly, colliding with objects but over time will learn to navigate its environment safely. An example of this can be found in openai-gym for an oversimplified, but similar problem.
Kevan BuckleyIdentifying Stolen CarsThe DVLA maintains the make and colour of vehicles associated with registered number plates. The aim of this project is to identify vehicles in a scene, read their number plates, identify their make and colour and compare this information with records in a database. In order to not uses real cars and real database, model cars with printed number plates and a locally stored dummy database will be used.
Kevan Buckley / Steve GarnerA Self Driving Mobility ScooterIn MI102a, on top of the workbenches is a mobility scooter donated by the Mander Centre. A simulation will be used instead of the real scooter for obvious reasons, but will be based on a real case study. A “ring and ride” bus drops off people with mobility problems at the shop where scooters can be loaned. The user drives around town in the scooter and exits the scooter at one of several bus stops. The abandoned scooter then needs to find its own way back to the shop negotiating around obstacles and pedestrians. The goal of this project is to identify techniques for implementing control of a smart mobility scooter and produce a simulation
Kevan Buckley / Steve GarnerRubbish ClassificationMany local authorities use different coloured bins for different types of waste. There is a problem where some household misuse their bins and put the wrong type of waste in their bins. For example, bins for the disposal of garden waste like leaves and however cuttings are filled with general household waste and bins for household waste are filled with building rubble. The aim of this project is to build a system that could be mounted on the bin lorry to check a bin’s content before being emptied. This is basically a vision system that can classify and image as general waste, garden waste or builders’ waste.
Kevan BuckleyA Phone Based Guitar TutorAs a musician it can be difficult to estimate your own skill and progress. Having lessons is the best way to get feedback so can be expensive. The aim of this project is to build a phone based system that can present some music visually, listen to the musician playing it and give them feedback on how accurate they were. There are console games, with Rocksmith being the most realistic but expensive, require a games console and do not use traditional music notation or tablature. The complete system is beyond the scope of an MSc project, so different elements can be developed for different projects.
Tom HartleyCollaboration in 3D Interactive Applications3D interactive applications allow users to interact with 3D content in dynamic and engaging ways. For example, architectural visualisation applications allow users to explore and interact with 3D architectural models and content. The aim of this project is to investigate collaborative virtual environments and develop a collaborative virtual environment solution for 3D Interactive Applications. The project would use games technology, such as Unity.
Tom Hartley  In-Game Adaptation for Virtual Characters in Computer Games and SimulationsComputer controlled characters in games typically lack the ability to adapt to situations that were not envisaged by the game artificial intelligence (AI) programmer. Consequently, game characters tend to be lifeless and susceptible to repetitive and predictable behaviour. The focus of this project is to provide practical approaches to in-game learning and thus produce NPCs that are more believable and responsive to the human player. The aim of this project is to formulate and implement an artificial intelligence / machine learning approach for creating a virtual character that can adapt in a virtual environment.
Dhouha KbaierExploring the time series related to CO-VID 19Exploring the time series related to CO-VID 19 that have been made available here, analysing them using advanced spectral analysis tools (that I would recommend) and comparing different countries, and predicting COVID-19 in the next coming months. To be honest with you, this is a strong research topic and exciting one that will lead to publication in https://www.journals.elsevier.com/chaos-solitons-and-fractals special issue. 
Dhouha KbaierHome Security Dashboard using IOT Building a Home Security Dashboard. Temperature, humidity, PI sensors, PI camera will be used. Interaction with sensory data will be taken step further and published to the internet. The student will first practice with simpler IoT implementations such as a secret doorbell and establishing a communication with the cloud via a Twilo account.
Dhouha KbaierCommunicationsCommunications project – which is part of a research bid.  This requires a student with a strong background in communications and high level C++ skills
Ahsan AdeelTwo-compartment pyramidal cell:This project aims to mimic thetwo-compartment pyramidal cell with distinct somatic (receptive field) and apical (contextual field (CF)) zones of integration for effective learning in neural networks. For details, please read: – Kay, J. and Phillips, W.A., 1997. Activation functions, computational goals, and learning rules for local processors with contextual guidance. Neural Computation, 9(4), pp.895-910.  
Ahsan AdeelNon-negative matrix factorization (NMF) based deep neural networksDespite their great success, deep neural networks are widely trained using state-of-the-art gradient descent (GD) algorithm. Therefore, issues including training time, local minima, overfitting, and computational complexity still persist. In this project, we aim to address these open research challenges by training DNNs using NMF. NMF as compared to GD, learns partial representations of raw data.
Tony ProctorAutomating Cyber Security Information SharingThis project will research the technologies (e.g. STYX and TAXII) and processes to automate cyber threat information sharing. Ideally, a prototype system will be developed. A knowledge of web development is
 Success of Security systems  in IT systems Investigation into success approaches in Information Security Management: Measures taken by IT managers today to control information systems when managing information systems security in a small to a medium sized company.  
 Anaylis of software development systemsComparative analysis and evaluation of Software development methods used in Management Information System (MIS) design.  
 What impact does CRM have on the business objectives of SMEsThis study is aimed at studying the concept of customer relations management in the context of small and medium enterprises, and how customer relations management functions fulfil their part in SMEs
 Factors affecting IT adoption in management of business process outsourcing   
 Capability Building for Management of Information Technology in       University Environments 
 What  challenges face project managers when implementing a new system within a business large or small   
 What are the implications of change management in public sector projects 
Adam WorralloWeb-based Virtual Tour Platform  Virtual Tour applications using systems such as the Matterport enable users to virtually explore physical space, such as a conference venue or a new apartment captured using Matterport cameras. The use of virtual tours is increasing with various sectors, including interior design looking to adopt the technology to present clients with interactive renderings of finished designs. The aim of this project is to investigate interactive 3D web technologies and develop a platform to provide interactive navigation of a 3D room model. The project would use games technologies, such as the Unity3D game engine or the Three.js library.  
Adam WorralloCollaboration in Interactive Augmented Reality Applications  Augmented Reality (AR) applications allow users to interact with 3D computer-generated content presented as an overlay to the real world. For example, IKEA has a furniture application to enable customers to visualise products within the home before purchasing. The manufacturing sector has been using AR on the work floor to give workers guided assembly instructions. The aim of this project is to investigate collaborative 3D applications and develop a collaborative AR solution. The project would use games technology, such as the Unity3D engine

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