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ENGM116 Leadership and the Management of Project Assignment


ENGM116 Leadership and the Management of Project Risk, Quality and People Assignment 1

Canvas (Turnitin) Submission Deadline: Tuesday, 31st January 2023 by 2pm

INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT This assignment is worth 50% of your overall module grade

Learning Outcomes assessed 1 & 2.


Projects present challenges to the Project Manager, not just in their planning and operation, but also in terms of effective leadership, management of all interested parties. There are key areas which need to be considered when evaluating the success of a project. These can involve various perspectives depending on experience, knowledge, cultural values, and self-interest. Managing to initiate a project and maintain progress and required quality to completion can be difficult for the Project Manager.

For this assessment you are to choose a past project where it is no more than 6 years since project closure. You are to write a critical review of the literature in which you should consider the following areas.

  • Key issues in managing people in projects including leadership and teamwork, and how leadership can be used to improve team performance.
  • The factors that can impact on the quality of a project or engineering activity
  • The impact of leadership style and team performance on quality issues in your chosen project

Using concepts introduced in the module, consider how the Project Manager might have attempted to address both human and quality issues and evaluate the impact on the outcomes of the project.

Word Limit for the assignment is 3000 words plus or minus 10% a word count MUST be included on your script.


It is expected that you will use appropriate academic literature as well as concepts introduced in the module to support your findings. All data sources used and cited in the report should be correctly referenced utilising the Harvard Reference System.

References from commercial and other web pages are to be use very sparingly. Excessive use of such web pages will be reflected in a reduction of the use of references mark.

A general reading bibliography MUST NOT be included.

Submission guidelines

Your submission links will become available approximately 3 weeks prior to your submission deadline. Your submission will be on your module space on Canvas. Please refer to the ‘General Assessment Guidance’ under the Assignment tab, for detailed instructions on how to submit and how to check for your marks and feedback.


Your mark and feedback will be made available to you electronically once the internal moderation has taken place, which is after 4 weeks from your submission deadline.


The University is committed to the universal academic standard, which requires that students must not submit materials which contain someone else’s work without appropriate acknowledgement.

By submitting, you confirm that the work you submit is your own and that you have read and understood the guide to academic integrity and academic misconduct.