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Examples of research projects in health and social care


Research Project Within Services For Health And Social Care


1. Draw conclusions from findings.
2. Reflect how own research findings substantiate initial literature review.
3. Make recommendations related to area of research.
4. Identify potential uses for the research findings within practice.


The purpose of this research project is to analyze data on work related with elderly. One such study was on the impact of climate change in health and social care and its risk while dealing with older patients in England. England experiences significant frequency of weather change and severe weather hazards like floods, cold wave, and heat waves. Heath care staff has a responsibility of protecting the health and wellbeing of older people as they are more vulnerable to climate-related risk. The study was reviewed by map variation across England. This mapping identified areas which could be severely impacted by climatic hazards in the next 20-30 years. Based on the review of a study on the relation between extreme climate and its impact on older patients, they developed operational definition on the pressure on health care system. They tried to relate their studies to UK Climate Impact Programme for 2030, UK Governments flooding projection for 2050 and Coastal Defense Project. The biggest challenges they identified were how to determine that future socio-demographic condition will lead to vulnerability in health care, and this vulnerability will contribute to risk in elderly. It demonstrated geographic modeling for resilience planning (Oven et al., 2012).

Another study was based on what should be the characteristics for health care staff while treating elderly patients. It focused on the importance of communication between caregiver and elderly for good clinical outcomes. A healthy interaction is dependent on health workers personality. The study made a cross-cultural comparison of staff in elderly care according to age and gender. It was found that a lot of characteristics differ for healthcare staff who care for elderly than those who look after the general population. The elderly medical staffs are slow-tempered, very patients, more stoic and reflective. They were tolerant to monotony, were able to predict older patient’s behavior even when they were not able to speak, and they had a systematic way of working. They had a very optimistic attitude, and their performances were not affected by risky situations. They had the capability to handle different situations, and they are more confident in situations of danger and uncertainty (Richter et al., 2012). 

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Elderly care is an important department in health care, but nurses enrolled in the care of older patients are not given much recognition. This has an impact on registered nurse turnover, and the aim of the study was to change this trend. If people have a better understanding of why nurse work in elderly care, then the trend can change. Therefore, the focus was on making the new enrolled nurse realize the meaning of working in elderly care. For the research about 15 registered nurses working in a nursing home in the year 2013 and 2015 respectively were interviewed and the data was analyzed using interpretive methods. It was found that views of nurse changed with time when asked about the meaning of work with elderly. Earlier nurse defined the obstacle to working, but now they described the new opportunities while treating such patients. The study concluded that nurses belief determine whether they will continue to work with elderly or not. Therefore, this research managed to change the view of nurses about caring for the nurse. It could modify the trend of elderly health care as the low status department (Blomberg et al., 2013).

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From the literature reviewed on working with elderly, it can be concluded that dealing with the elderly patient is a challenge. Health care staff faces various challenges inefficient health care delivery due to climatic hazards, vulnerability to risk, poor infrastructure, etc. The Older patients are weak and have more risk of adverse outcomes in treatment. Due to demographic changes major countries face issues of aging population. In the future, more health care staff will be needed to look after them. Therefore, it will become necessary for a nurse to be prepared for those challenges and develop their personalities accordingly. Functional status of people decline due to aging, and health care staff plays a role in addressing their operational needs as efficiently as possible (Ericson‐Lidman et al., 2013). From one of the research, we saw that this sector of health care was neglected earlier. But seeing the issues of aging population worldwide it can be concluded that elderly care will be in demand, and so nurse who enters this department will get great opportunity to develop their career (Barnett et al., 2012).

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The initial literature review on three studies based on work with elderly gave me the idea to carry out further research on this topic. I got the idea that elderly care is a crucial sector therefore further research could be done on the best ways to train health care staff on efficient delivery treatment methods. A lot is dependent on their attitude towards working with elderly. So developing expertise in handling such patients will be beneficial in the future (Birren et al., 2014).

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Based on the above reflection on initial literature review, the key areas of research will be regarding developing competency in nurse, especially in elderly care. The negative issue of health care staff might adversely affect care. So nursing training according to clinical demands is needed. Organization needs to recruit people with good interpersonal skills, and those individuals should be selected who have greater experience in caring for elderly. The nursing board should recognize older people’s nursing as a different specialty (Brownie & Nancarrow, 2013).

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The research finding will have great implications for future practice in health care organization. The key areas of development related to theoretical education aging and quality of clinical experience will influence people’s career. Therefore identifying theory-practice gaps and efficient delivery of elderly care will bring the better outcome for a patient. Change in ways of care and systematic structures care will be beneficial for development of health care services (Cameron et al., 2012).


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