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Explain the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function


Role and Responsibility of Marketing Functions for Mcdonalds

Assignment Title: Marketing Concept and Internal Relationship

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

In this Marketing Function assignment, as we discuss about role and responsibility of marketing function, unit of the organisation. Therefore, the marketing internal structures that Inter-relation to the marketing operation inside the organisation. Secondly in the second task, which is discussed about the role and responsibility of marketing, relate to the wider organisational context in Marketing Function.

The Marketing Function includes Profit maximisation, Promoting brands, sustaining in the market, market expanding, importance of market research, understanding objectives of the organisation and introduction of new products. Also the topics includes in task 2 Marketing Communication, Enhance the liability, quality of service and products and promotion of service.

I am also thank for my course instructor Ms. Nouseen, without her help I cannot make an assignment

Introduction of the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Marketing Function is executed as some essential tools in creating, promoting and to deliver the service concepts to consumers. Marketing essentialities have the scope to experience and promote the new ideas and modified proper research plan can be derived from necessity of marketing. As being marketing manager of McDonalds, I have the responsibilities of to extend the organization in future reference. This assignments will be discussed on the business strategy and marketing strategies for the future expansion. Marketing Function would be better for searching and meeting the objectives for betterment of the organization. McDonalds has their findings for sake of the business maintenance and to handle the marketing department. I have the roles to for handling the marketing related entire department.

LO1 Explain the role of marketing and how it interrelates with other function units of an organization

P1 Explain the key role and responsibility of marketing function for McDonalds

The role and responsibilities of marketing function of McDonalds are as follows:

  1. Profits Maximizations: The first and most important stuff about the marketing issue is profit. For instance McDonalds has a multiple branches around the world with ample of workers.(Albert and Sanders, 2003)
  2. Promoting Brand: Another very important function of marketing is brand promotion. The branding strategy is one of the vital prospects of market that develop the identification of the organization.(Mcdonalds.com, 2018)
  3. Sustaining in the Market: According to BOONE (2012) to nourish to the competitive markets without advertising it is impossible to survive. So if you need to survive into the market you should be advertise of your brand/product into the market place.
  4. Market Expanding: Due to the market growth, we need take an expansion to the international/global market. Furthermore, economic, legal and technological changes, social factors, the retail environment and many other factors affect McDonalds accomplishment into the market. Marketing includes determine customer needs and requirements and also fulfill the customer expectation to survive into the competitive environment.(Burns and Bush, 1998)
  5. Importance of Marketing Research: Due to the advertisement of television, the people recognize that brand of McDonalds as a leading position into customer perceptions.
  6. Understanding objective of the organization: The long and short term objectives in McDonald’s is hard to be achieve at both level. So the easy way to achieve a short terms objective to manage for success but unfortunately the long-term objectives are very panicking to measureable goals.(Mcdonalds.com, 2018)
  7. Introducing new products: McDonalds launched the new brands and eliminate the old ones supplementary and will continue to do. (MacKay, 2011)

P2 Explain how roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organizational context example with Mc Donald’s

Role and responsibility of the employees from the organization need to develop of our personalities as a brand. For instance, the employees and staff role of McDonald’s gave the opportunity the level of expansion business all over the world. On the basis of pricing optimization model need to be consider the customer prospective to sustain in the competitive environment of business. On the other hand quality of the product and price does matter to the customer; due to customer expectation, the product will be fulfilled for customer requirement in the matter of price and quality though. (McCarthy, 1978).

Marketing Communications: Marketing communication is not apart of roles and responsible of Marking. However, the Marketing communication provides the feedback of the organization in external environment. For instance, McDonald employee gives a positive feedback to the organization.

Enhance the Liability: Enhance of liability means the short period time they offer a different product for difference. That type of strategy is a short period time to achieve the customer satisfaction on the basis of manages the quality of the service. For instance, McDonalds deliver the excellent foods in different place with packaging and other service.(Wood, 2011)

Quality of Service and Products: The quality of product to be successful which depend of the organisation circumstances. The organization should be estimate the ratio of standard of the product depend on the customer commitment to the products. For instance. McDonald has to accept the requirement of the product, really organization need to understand which product are significant to the market and the demand so if the products in the market place. (Mcdonalds.com, 2018)

Promotion of Services: On the current scenario diverge of advertisement on the communication system has addicted significance problem as it disclose with the role and responsibility. For instance McDonalds, offer for the online customers or the company can provide special offer type of products. (Thompson, 1984).

 Conclusion of the key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

As you can seen in this assignment which is discussed the key role and responsibility of marketing function. Also discuss the role and responsibility of marketing relates to the wider organisation context. This topic, which includes is Marketing Communication, Enhance the liability, Quality of service and products, and Promotion of services.

As my recommendation is that the role of marketing function which focus on Marketing Communication, Enhance the liability, Quality of service and products, and Promotion of services

At last the Customer recourse management is one of the best tool to monitor consumer demand and supply at contemporary level.

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