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Extended Essay


How to Write an Extended Essay

No need to groan when you are asked to write an extended essay.  There are a format and a method which will allow you to deliver the content required powerfully.

An Extended Essay – Definition

An extended essay is a 3,500-4000 word research essay (around 20 typed pages) required for an international baccalaureate (IB), and which can also be required by any college level course. It is designed to highlight the writer’s depth of knowledge on a particular subject. It is frequently assigned at the culmination of a period of study proving the student’s comprehension and command of the extended essay topic.

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Choosing Extended Essay Topics

IB extended essay topics must be broad enough to require 4,000 words of research and explanation to show the knowledge acquired fully, but narrow enough so the writer can go into depth without having to miss any key components. For example, if asked to write an English extended essay, the subject of British writers of the 1800’s would be encyclopedic.  However, focusing on three lesser known works of Charles Dickens as a way of gaining insight into England in the 1800’s would be a more powerful presentation.

To help you choose, start with what you know on the extended essay topic and create a list of 3-5 general or broad ideas. From these, break them down into 3-5 smaller topics.  Review this second list of nine or more possibilities. On this list is likely to be the focus which will give you the right balance of breadth and depth of information. Be on the lookout for a topic that inspires you. The more interesting you find it, the more likely your reader will be engaged, and the writing process will be easier.

Extended Essay Outline

It is not recommended that you simply start writing, even if you have all the research you need. Organization is important to your overall success. The first step is developing the extended essay outline to follow as research is done and ideas or insights are decided. Ask yourself several key questions to present and answer over the course of your essay. Make certain you are clear as to why these questions are significant, why they deserve or need to be answered, and what the answers do to illuminate the topic of your essay.

Outlining using this questioning technique not only builds a logical and sequential composition, but it helps you to be more productive and clear. If you are looking to answer three central questions, then you will aim to write an essay with around 1,000 words on each question along with a 500-word introduction, and a 500-word conclusion. Breaking your thinking and research process down this way helps to keep you moving forward without dealing with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

Extended Essay Organization

Proper essay writing help starts with an introduction, followed by the body, then a conclusion.
The introduction should include facts about the topic, its importance and offer general information on what is to come on the following pages.  You may be surprised to learn a trick for writing a strong introduction is to write it last.  For example, if you write a Biology extended essay on the contribution of sugar to the problems of obesity in America, chances are you will be able to more clearly write an introduction that leads into your work after the body of the paper is complete.

The body takes the majority of the word count and presents your questions, research, and results. Here is where the knowledge and work of the writer comes forward.  It needs to be presented in a way that explains, educates and offers insights on the three to five main points you decided to cover. The majority of writing time on the extended essay will be used for this central portion.

The paper ends with the conclusion.  While the bulk of the writing time goes into the body, a great deal of thought needs to go into its conclusion. Like the dessert of a meal, this can make or break the success of the work. The conclusion has the weighty job of needing to be inclusive of the information presented, offer final memorable insights and leave the reader knowing they have learned something about the presented topic and the skills of the author. When planning the work flow of the essay, sufficient time to craft the conclusion needs to be considered.

Extended Essay Title Page

For final presentation is important to create a title page, also known as an extended essay cover page.  There are many visual examples of this online to help you, and the process is quite basic.

The title page format starts with the title centered and written about one-third of the way down the page with any subtitle directly beneath it. For a Psychology extended essay an example would be: The Rise of Anxiety in Children, and beneath that, you could include: How Post 9/11 Childhoods are Being Influenced by Fear.

After this, skip 3-5 lines and, putting one on each line, type your name, your IB number if this is the international baccalaureate, subject, date, school, and word count. All of this remains centered.

Extended Essay


An extended essay is a chance for a student to shine by showing the depth of knowledge, writing skills, and original thoughts on a subject. Should you choose to buy an essay or use an essay writing service, be certain that they are knowledgeable about your topic in addition to proper IB extended essay format. Always take the time to edit and proofread work before submitting. When organized and presented the extended essay it is an excellent culmination of study and commitment.

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