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Get 5BUCL003W.2 Law and the Business Coursework Assessment Help With HND Assignment Help

Submission Deadline: 30th March 2022                                                   

LENGTH: 4,000 words maximum including all references.

Indicative word count: 1,000 words maximum for each of the first 2 questions and final question 2,000 words for your answer)

Sources: A bibliography must be given at the end and any other sources
acknowledged. You must reference your work adopting Harvard or OSCOLA referencing.

Plagiarism (ie. direct copying from books etc. or representing other
writers’ work as your own) will result in a FAIL. All sources used must be
properly acknowledged.

Submission of course work: Via the BBU site.

Answer all the questions

Hanna and Malik wish to set up an accountancy business in England and Wales. They are a little confused in relation to some legal matters and seek your response in relation to the following: 

  • Hannah would like a description and analysis of ‘judicial precedent’, she specially requests you to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the doctrine using case examples. (1000 words)
  • Malik has requested an analysis comparing the differences and the advantages/disadvantages between an LLP partnership and a private limited company (Ltd). (1000 words)
  • Both Hannah and Malik request an analysis of the elements that must be satisfied for a contract to be valid under U.K. law. (2,000 words)

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