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INDIVIDUALWORK – Reflective report on Talent Management Strategy.

Deadline: 24th April 2023 by 5:00m. 2,000 words (+/- 10%)

Please select an international organisation to answer the following questions:

1. What is the organisation’s talent resourcing strategy?

2. What is the organisation’s talent management and retention strategy?

3. What information technology systems does

the organization use in its recruitment and selection? 4. What selection methods would you suggest the company should adopt in its international selection strategy?

Assessment Criteria for Component 2

Assessment Criteria Weighting

 Assessing the organisation’s resourcing and talent management practices. Have you used good quality academic sources, relevant data, models and theories to assess the organization’s talent management resourcing and management practices? 40%

Assessing the impact of the organisation’s information technology systems on eliminating bias? Have you used good-quality academic sources, relevant data, models and theories to assess the role of information technology systems in modern-day talent management practices and more specifically in eliminating workplace bias? 30%

Effective recommendations To what extent are there persuasive recommendations regarding future human resourcing and talent management strategies in differing contexts, based on analysis of labour market trends? 10%

Flow and organisation To what extent Is there a logical flow to the arguments being made? Does your analysis constitute a persuasive piece of writing in which sections fit well together and research material builds into an effective analysis? To what extent have you ensured accurate punctuation, spelling and grammar? 10%

Sources Mix of relevant academic books, recent journal articles, and other appropriate sources of empirical data. No copy and paste and citations of primary sources where possible. 10%


7 Feedback and Return of Work You will receive detailed feedback on your submitted work via Turnitin and a Grade mark. You will also have tutorial time to discuss your assessed work with the Module Leader. During lectures, we will also discuss generic feedback in relation to all the submissions highlighting areas of good practice and development. Feedback on your assessment will be p ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS

Guidance on Referencing

As a student, you will be taught how to correctly reference essays using UEL’s standard Harvard referencing system from Cite Them Right. Cite Them Right is the standard Harvard referencing style at UEL for all Schools apart from the School of Psychology which uses the APA system. This book will teach you all you need to know about Harvard referencing, plagiarism and collusion. The electronic version of “Cite Them Right: the essential referencing guide” 9th edition, can be accessed whilst on or off campus, via UEL Direct. The book can only be read online and no part of it can be printed or downloaded.