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Part A – (LO1) – Guidance
Activity 1: Basics Algorithms In this section, you are required to provide information on the following: You will review the various definitions of algorithms and come up with the most suitable one that you feel deemed fit along with a supporting explanation of your choice. You should also outline the role and use of algorithms in designing and programming an application with the help of an example and discuss at least two commonly used algorithms in the programming domain, for example, Bubble Sort, Quick Sort, Binary Search etc.,  with respect to its purpose and operation with the help of pictorial illustrations.   You should highlight the steps of application development from writing an algorithm to code generation and its execution. You may include an explanation of the role compilers, debuggers, loaders and executors while outlining your steps. Provide an evaluation of a written algorithm and its code. You should relate the algorithm with its corresponding code in such a way that it details the written algorithm and its implementation in a suitable language (Java or C++) and a detailed evaluation of the output expected from the algorithm and the actual output received from the code.  You may use any example of your own choice. However, Appendix A includes an example for your assistance.
Part B – (LO2) – Guidance
Activity 2: Programming Paradigms In this section, you are required to explore the different programming paradigms, Object Oriented, Event-Driven and Procedural Programming, and provide information on the following: Explore the different programming paradigms, Object Oriented, Event-Driven and Procedural Programming, and provide a detailed explanation of their characteristics, benefits and drawbacks. You are required to support your explanation with relevant code examples and illustrations. You may also include how these paradigms relate to each other through comprehensive comparison and contrast of the different paradigms. You are required to use an example of an application for the three programming paradigms and critically evaluate it in terms of its code structure, characteristics and operation. An example has been provided in Appendix B for your assistance.
Evidence checklistSummary of evidence required by a student
Part A and BTechnical Report (2500-3000 words). Presentation with speaker notes.

Appendix A

  Linear Search Algorithm   Take the input array arr[] from user. Take element(x) you want to search in this array from user. Set flag variable as -1 LOOP : arr[start] -> arr[end] if match found i.e arr[current_postion] == x then Print “Match Found at position” current_position. flag = 0 abort After loop check flag variable. if flag == -1 print “No Match Found” STOPLinear Search Code in C++ #include < iostream > using namespace std; void linearSearch(int a[], int n) {   int temp = -1;   for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {     if (a[i] == n) {       cout << “Element found at position: ” << i + 1 << endl;       temp = 0;       break;     }   }   if (temp == -1) {     cout << “No Element Found” << endl;   } } int main() {   int arr[5];   cout << “Please enter 5 elements of the Array” << endl;   for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {     cin >> arr[i];   }   cout << “Please enter an element to search” << endl;   int num;   cin >> num;   linearSearch(arr, num);   return 0; }

Appendix B


Procedural Programming #include<iostream> using namespace std;   int factorial(int n);   int main() {     int n;       cout << “Enter a positive integer: “;     cin >> n;       cout << “Factorial of ” << n << ” = ” << factorial(n);       return 0; }   int factorial(int n) {     if(n > 1)         return n * factorial(n – 1);     else         return 1; }  Object-Oriented Programming   #include<iostream> using namespace std;   class Test {   public:     int factorial(int x) {         int i, f = 1;         for (i = 1; i <= x; i++) {             f = f*i;         }         return f;     } };   int main() {       int x, f;       cout << “Enter a number:”;     cin >> x;       Test obj;     f = obj.factorial(x);       cout << “Factorial is:” << f;       return 0; }Event-driven Programming namespace Factorial_app {     public sealed partial class MainPage : Page     {         public MainPage()         {             this.InitializeComponent();         }         protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)         {         }         private void Button1_click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)         {             int num= Convert.ToInt32(Textbox1.Text);             int fact = 1;             for (int i = num; i > 0; i–)             {                 fact = fact * i;             }             text2.Text = fact.ToString();         }     } }   https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/8ea152/get-factorial-in-windows-store-app/  

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