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ASB4904/5 Applied Business Projects 2023
Business Planning
This assignment is intended to give you an insight into the challenge of developing a NEW
You are required to write a formal business plan on behalf of this business that will ensure its
success. Success can be measured in different ways, and you must identify your criteria for
success. An example might be the securing of finance for a particular project; another might
be the achievement of certain operational objectives. The Plan will therefore have a wide
readership and must include sufficient information to satisfy this broad range of different
Task: The Plan
The Plan must be presented in an acceptable format and include research-based information.
For the purposes of this assignment, you are required to base your assumptions on evidence.
The format and content of business plans can vary, and this may be seen an aspect of
creativity. However, there are some essential elements in a business plan, and these are as

  1. The business idea
  2. Target market and customer related issues
  3. The competition
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Resources
  6. Financial issues, including forecasts
    A recommended structure and more detailed contents of the final Business Plan will be
    provided. However, it is expected that you will also provide an executive summary and a
    Please note that the plan should be integrated across sections and will be awarded a single
    The work should be completed in 3,000 words, + or – 10%. In addition, it is expected that you
    include an appendix incorporating financial projections. Further details of the assignment’s
    requirements, including the level of detail in forecasts, will be presented and discussed in live
    lectures and will be explored in the recorded sessions.
    Acknowledge all sources in a Reference List, using the Harvard Referencing System
    (combining industry and academic sources).
    Ensure work submitted is your own effort – DO NOT PLAGIARISE:
    You are reminded not to copy material from any sources without properly referencing it,
    as this constitutes plagiarism: cases of plagiarism will be referred to the Business School
    Academic Integrity Officer and will be subject to a deduction of marks, which can result in
    an overall mark of 0%.
    The copying of material extends to the use of essay mills and AI technology such
    as ChatGPT. You are reminded that the use of such services to generate work in substitute
    for your own original contributions contravenes Bangor’s Academic Integrity policy. Any
    detected attempt to use such tools will also result in referral to the Business School
    Academic Integrity Officer
    This assignment should be submitted electronically via Turnitin, no later than Thursday, 31st
    August 2023, 23:59 UK time.