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Introduction and Difference between as and a level by HND Assignment Help

The Advanced Level, universally referred to as an A-Level, is a qualification presented by education institutions in the UK. A-Levels are usually studied over two years and are the qualifications UK universities use to assess a student’s eligibility for an undergraduate degree course. Many domestic and international students also study A-Levels at a dedicated further education college, offering a comprehensive display of vocational courses. Qualification is the most common way UK universities use to determine applicants’ suitability for academic subjects. Get Assignment Help in As And A Level Courses by HND Assignment Help at an affordable price and quality delivery on time. 

The skills such as critical reasoning, research, teamwork, and argumentation are emphasised in this program, along with the subject knowledge laid down as fundamentals. Levels are taken over two years: the first year is called an AS or advanced associate level. This is equal to half an A level. The second-year is called an A, or advanced level. It’s sometimes referred to as an A2 and is equivalent to a full A level qualification. The new A-level will be linear rather than modular. Well, you’ll take exams at the end of the two-year course rather than being set after an individual module. There may be a scrap of coursework, but most assessments will be through the exams at the very end of your course. Get Assignment Help in As And A Level Courses by HND Assignment Help at an affordable price and quality delivery on time. 

Subjects offered in As And A Level Courses

  1. Art and Design
  2. Biology
  3. Business Studies
  4. Chemistry
  5. Computer Science
  6. Economics
  7. English Literature
  8. Further Mathematics
  9. Government and Politics
  10. History
  11. Mathematics
  12. Media studies
  13. Physics
  14. Psychology
  15. Sociology
Get Assignment Help in As And A Level Courses in the UK
Get Assignment Help in As And A Level Courses in the UK

Colleges that offer As And A Level Courses

  1. Abbey DLD Colleges
  2. Bellerbys College
  3. Cambridge Tutors College
  4. CATS College
  5. Chelsea Independent College
  6. David Game College
  7. International School of Creative Arts
  8. Kings Education
  9. Loughborough College
  10. MPW Colleges

What can you do after As And A Level Courses?

  1. Apply for university. Search for a course to see what entry needs universities ask for and see what As And A Levels are essential for different degrees. If you’re unsure what you want to study, drop your As And A Level into our Explorer to see the full breadth of degree topic possibilities available.
  2. Keep your options open with a foundation degree, Higher National Diploma or Higher National Certificate. These are shorter – just one or two years in time – and can be ‘topped up’ to a full degree after that if you wish. 
  3. If you want a degree without fees, consider the higher or degree apprenticeship route. This connects university study with real work experience in a corporation.
  4. Jump straight into paid employment. You can apply to jobs that offer or support additional training, allowing you to progress further in the association.

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