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Financial Technology topic: Summer 2023 – Individual Assignment

Bangor Business School: Postgraduate Taught Programmes Bangor University
ABJ/ASB-4904; ABJ/ASB-4905; ABJ/ASB-4909
Professor Owain ap Gwilym. owain.apgwilym@bangor.ac.uk
This individual assignment requires you to analyse two firms defined as being in the Financial
Technology sector i.e. technology-enabled financial services. You must choose one firm whose name
starts with the same letter as your first name. You must choose another firm whose name starts with
the same letter as your family name. [Failure to comply with this requirement will mean a rejected
submission i.e. a mark of zero. If you have any problem understanding the requirement, please
contact Owain.] The firms’ names must appear alongside your name on the report’s cover page.
Your report must include the following elements:
(i) Explain why the two firms can be defined as ‘FinTech’ firms and discuss the
characteristics of the FinTech segment(s) in which they operate e.g. credit, payments,
investment management, cryptocurrency;
(ii) explain what makes the firms unique compared to competitors in their respective
FinTech segment(s) and explain the innovation(s) represented by the firms’ services;
(iii) critically analyse the firms’ business models, their performance up to 2022 (including the
impact of the pandemic and high inflation on the firm) and their future prospects;
(iv) Use academic literature (published 2018-2023) to discuss how your findings in parts (i) to
(iii) fit within the context of at least one of these FinTech phenomena: decentralisation,
democratisation, digitalisation, disruption and disintermediation.
The firms must be operating in 2023 i.e. you cannot choose a firm which has been acquired or ceased
to exist. There is no restriction in terms of countries. Your report will benefit from the inclusion of
financial information e.g. data on accounting variables, growth, market share, investment in
technology and marketing. Tables and graphics are encouraged. However, the report is not
necessarily required to have a quantitative focus.
You must ensure careful citation of all journal articles and electronic sources of information, and
include a list of references. Please make sure that your sources of information are cited and listed in
the Harvard referencing style. Failure to adhere to citation and appropriate referencing will lead to
loss of marks and potentially an unfair practice allegation.
Word limit: 3,000 words +/- 10%. While complying with this total word count for the report,
parts (i) to (iv) should include between 500 and 1000 words. The word limit includes any footnotes
and appendices but excludes the cover page, tables/graphics and references. The Word Count for
each of the parts (i) to (iv) must be stated on the cover page of your work.
Please use 11-point font, 1.5 line spacing.
Deadline: 31st August 2023. Electronic submission through your module Blackboard.
[Any queries about the assignment should be communicated to Owain before 20
th July as I will be on
leave for the subsequent three weeks.]
Apart from plagiarism, Unfair Practice also extends to the use of essay-writing services and AI
technology such as ChatGPT. You are reminded that the use of such services to generate work in
substitute of your own original contributions contravenes Bangor University’s Academic Integrity
policy. Any detected attempt to use such tools will result in referral to the Business School Academic
Integrity Officer and may lead to a mark of zero for your work.