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Get 7BSP1245 Finance for International Business Assignment Help by HND Assignment Help.

Module Title:Finance for International BusinessModule Code:7BSP1245
Assignment Format & Maximum Word countINDIVIDUAL Report, 2,000 words +/-10%Assignment Weighting:   60%
Coursework Submission:Time:23.59
Date: 17 April 2022
Method: Canvas
Coursework return Date returned to students:17 May 2022

Module leader Arthur DyirakumundaFirst marker  Arthur Dyirakumunda Dr Nurgul Chambers, Dr Edna Stan-Maduka  
Internal ModeratorApproved
Date: January 2022
Module Board namePG Board B
External ExaminerApproved
Module Board date 

Get 7BSP1245 Finance for International Business Assignment Help by HND Assignment Help.

Coursework Brief

Coursework, Semester B 2021_22

Brexylite plc (t0 = 2022)

Brexylite plc, a UK medium sized listed firm manufactures handheld games consoles. In recent years the directors, headed by the Chief Executive Officer Mr Tanaka, have stated that the business has reached limits of development in its present form. Future development requires large-scale expansion to compete with the existing and emerging companies.

The directors have investigated several possibilities, deciding eventually to expand their production facilities and establish their own distribution system so that their newly ‘branded’ products can be sold in independent, quality retailers around Great Britain, Europe, and USA. You have been assigned the responsibility of    evaluating the purchase of a new machine to produce a new gadget (Pro-3). The product has a four-year product life cycle. The company has spent £300,000 on market research during the past year. The machinery is expected to cost £8 million. The company spent £30,000 on consultancy fees last year.

 Production and sales of Pro -3 consoles are forecast to be as follows:

Production & sales(units/year)420,000650,000780,000480,000

The unit sale and unit variable cost of the (Pro-3) product will create a contribution of £10 per unit. Contribution per unit is expected to rise by 5% per annum. All the increased production will be exported in approximately equal proportions to Eurozone and USA. Thus, the firm will have some cash flows denominated in Euro, €, and $USA and the contribution figure given above is the sterling equivalent of these cash flows at current exchange rates

 An increase in fixed rent costs of £100,000 per annum is expected since Brexylite plc has no spare capacity in space and will rent additional premises. The rent fee is not subject to inflation. Professional fees of £50,000 will be incurred at the first year of the project (not subject to inflation). Marketing fees of £60,000 per annum will be incurred. This is subject to an annual inflation of 1%. Labour cost will be £9/hr and each unit produced will require half an hour of labour time.

Producing and selling Pro-3 will require investment in working capital of £1.5m in T0. The working capital will be recovered at the end of the project.

Brexylite plc incurs corporation tax charges of 20% per year. Tax lability is paid one year in areas. Tax will be applied on the operating cash flows, after all expenses have been deducted but will not include the working capital and residual values. Liability to tax will not currently be reduced by capital allowances on new machinery. The new machine is expected to have £500,000 future scrap value at the end of the four-year period.

Brexylite plc uses WACC as the discount factor for investment appraisal purposes. Any new venture would be expected to achieve a maximum payback period of 4 years, together with a minimum Return on Capital Employed of 20% (using the average investment method of calculation)

The following information is available regarding how the Brexylite Plc is currently financed:

Ordinary Share Capital:

Brexylite plc has 20m ordinary shares in issue and each is trading at 108p ex- div. A dividend of 12p per share has just been paid. The dividend growth varies each year. The beta for Brexylite Plc is 0.85, T-Bills are offering 3.5%. The FTSE all index return is 13%.

Preference Share Capital:

The balance sheet indicates that £2m of preference capital has been issued. They are shown as 5% £0.50 shares. Current share price is 25p per share.

Debt Capital:

10% debentures are due to mature in 4 years at par. The current market value of each debenture is £108, and the total book value of the debentures is £5m.

8% irredeemable bonds are trading at £97. The interest has just been paid. There are £2m nominal value worth of irredeemable bonds, as per the statement of financial position.

•The corporation tax rate applicable is 20%.   

To raise the funds required for investment on the new machinery and expansion, the board of directors will consider either increasing borrowing or an issue of new shares. The United Kingdom government is currently renegotiating new trade arrangements with the European Union and a few other countries, and the performance of Pro-3 product will depend on the outcome of those negotiations. If the UK government can obtain favourable trading terms, then the sales cash flows from the project could be higher than the current ones. There is, though, a small chance that trade terms will be unfavourable resulting in sales cash flow being marginally less than projected ones

Get 7BSP1245 Finance for International Business Assignment Help by HND Assignment Help.
Get 7BSP1245 Finance for International Business Assignment Help by HND Assignment Help.


You are required to produce a written business report in which you evaluate the investment proposal on behalf of Brexylite Plc and advise the firm whether the project is acceptable on a financial basis. Also, comment on the potential impact of foreign exchange risk on the project. Your report should discuss and recommend alternative sources of financing the project. You should support your arguments with relevant theory and calculations and indicate any non-financial matters you feel should be taken into consideration.

Your answer should be presented in the form of a report of 2000 words total (excluding

the reference list). You must also submit a separate Excel spreadsheet containing your


Further guidance

You are required to apply a range of methods to carry out the investment appraisal of the project. Your report should

i) Provide and evaluate the robustness of your findings, referring to appropriate theory in investment appraisal, cost of capital and risk.

ii) Discuss sources of finance that could be considered for the project and their possible impacts.

iii) Explore the non-financial factors management would need to consider in addition before making a final decision on the project.

iv) Explore currency risk and how this can be mitigated, comment on the potential impact of foreign exchange risk on the project

Only relevant cash flows, which are the incremental cash flows arising as the result of an investment decision, should be included in the investment appraisal.

Relevant cash flows include opportunity costs and incremental investment in working capital.

You are required to also submit a working excel sheet with all the cashflows, workings of Cost of capital, NPV, IRR, Payback, ROCE.

Submission requirements:

You should use Arial font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. Exceeding the word count by 10%

or more or deviations from the formatting instructions will attract a penalty of up to 5 marks

The hand-in deadline for submission is 23.59 on 17 April 2022.

For deferred coursework, submissions up to 24 hours late will attract a daily late 10% penalty. Reports submitted more than 5 days late will attract a mark of zero.

Submit one electronic copy via Studynet/Canvas as a Word file. In addition, submit an Excel

spreadsheet containing your calculations. Non submission of the spreadsheet will incur

loss of marks

This is an individual assignment and the report submitted should be entirely your own


This assessment is subject to anonymous marking so do not put your name on any

document you submit. However, you must put your SRN on each document you submit.

Guidance for the preparation of your report.

The purpose of this assignment is simply to give you the opportunity to demonstrate

that you have acquired the knowledge and skills identified in the Module Outcomes and

that you can apply them in a typical business situation. Do refer to the assessment

criteria given on the Module site which gives an outline of how marks will be awarded.

You should approach the task as a business manager dealing with a ‘real’ business and


a) Adopt a coherent approach to dealing with the set task with a clearly stated

business purpose.

b) Identify an appropriate theoretical dimension and consider the implications

for practice.

c) Adopt appropriate analytical methods and a critical perspective.

d) Refer to empirical work where appropriate.

Task Specific Assessment Criteria: Coursework

Communication Skills (Written)

Marks will be awarded for a) for the physical presentation and layout of your report, b)

adopting logical well supported (ie using appropriate citations) arguments, c) the extent

to which the report is accurate, brief, concise, and clear, d) the standard of English, and,

e) compliance with standard Harvard referencing. Equal account will be taken of each


Knowledge & Understanding

You should establish a clear business focussed conceptual basis for your report – ie you

need to show what you are seeking to achieve and why it is important for managing the

Brexylite Plc business (supported using appropriate citations).


From the case data given you should identify the nature of the decision(s) facing

Brexylite plc and identify appropriate theory to support the approach you adopt

and give your reasoning. which analytical tools are consistent with ‘business focussed

conceptual basis’ referred to above? (Supported using appropriate citations).


Using the case data given, you should apply the analytical methods identified in the

previous section and evaluate the impact on the business in relation to the ‘business

focussed conceptual basis’ referred to above.


Conclusions should be arrived at based on your analysis of Brexylite plc

issues: ie what do the results of your analysis tell you? In your conclusions section you

should summarise the results of your analysis. Your recommendations will be assessed on

the extent to which they are linked to the analysis of Brexylite plc issues and on

the extent to which they are theoretically coherent – ie the extent to which they are

consistent with the theoretical/conceptual base you establish

Student Support and Guidance

  • For further help, contact your module leader in their drop-in hours or by email.
  • Use the Grading Criteria and Mark Scheme to help improve your work.
  • Go to CASE workshops, use the CASE website and drop-in hours www.studynet.herts.ac.uk/go/CASE/
  • Academic English for Business support is available through daily drop-ins from the CASE office.  See the CASE workshop timetable on the CASE main website page for details.
  • Make full use of Library search to identify relevant academic material and the ‘Subject Toolkit for Business’ which contains links to other Information Databases and the Information Management contact details. (http://www.studynet1.herts.ac.uk/ptl/common/LIS.nsf/lis/4DAF5390094771C2802575ED004212BF) 

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