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Module Title:Business Research MethodsModule Code:7BUS2002
Assignment Format & Maximum Word countCase Study Reflection with PerusallAssignment Weighting:20%
Coursework Submission:Time:18.00
Date: Sunday 10th April 2022
Method: via Perusall
Coursework return Date returned to students:4 weeks after submission

Module leader Dr Xiangping DuFirst marker   
Internal ModeratorApproved
Module Board name 
External ExaminerApproved
Module Board date 

Assessment Criteria

Assignment Title: Case Study Reflection with Perusall

Assignment 2 adopts AI technology and takes place in Perusall software, an external system that assesses your reading and engagement with the weekly case study. The case studies will be uploaded onto Perusall by your Module Leader ahead of schedule.

You are required to make 5 qualitative and reflective comments ( 30 words each comment) as you go through each case study in Perusall. This is also for the preparation of your live tutorials when you will be discussing the case studies with your peers and tutors. The comment can be anything about your feelings, analysis, discussion, critique and learning on any points as outlined in the case study.

Generally speaking, you need to demonstrate a reflective account on

  • what you have learnt from the case studies, e.g. the technical aspects of the types of research, skills/techniques used by the student researcher, dilemmas and opportunities they have faced at different stages of the research  
  • how the case study learning will impact and/or has impacted you as a researcher and your own research project, e.g. refer to your own research project and indicate the changes you have made/will make after having done the case study   
  • Some examples are: 
  • It is great to learn about the importance of…. (e.g. identifying relevant literature, focusing on a particular sector/organisation) that I was not aware of before. Therefore, in my own research…”
  • “This case study is inspiring in how a research topic can be developed, e.g. using my own areas of interest and/or my learning from other modules/subjects. This is what I shall explore”
  • “I never knew doing research can be this complicated. A good technique to learn on…”
  • “I am glad to know other students do go through the same ups and downs in their research process as to how I have been through so far.”
  • “Given my research will be primary and involved with the access to the organisation, reading the challenges related to primary research reminds me to be aware of the xxx issue when I conduct my own research” 
  • “XXX’s experience as discussed in the case study helps me to make sense of the core textbook, Saunders et al (2019) about the point on….”
  • You may make comments on what other students have already commented on, given you will all be working on the same case study and making reflective comments under the same Perusall account
  • You are strongly encouraged to re-visit the case study after your tutorials and make more reflective comments for higher grades 


Perusall will propose a score based on your reading and engagement (in the form of annotations/comments). The module leader will review your annotations/comments and either accept or amend Perusall’s scoring.

  • Your engagement with Perusall for each case study will be assessed in the below 3 areas:
    • Annotation/Comment Content Component (80%)
    • Reading Component (10%)
    • Active Reading Time Component (10%)
  • The total mark for each case study is 20. For the total of 5 case studies, it makes 100 as Assignment 2.
  • Your comments on Perusall are anonymous by only showing your initials to all users except the Module Leader.
  • Misuse of the forum or profanities will earn you a ban and forfeiture of the available marks.
  • Each Perusall reading has a due date to encourage you to keep up with reading on a weekly basis.
  • Perusall scores will be imported to StudyNet/Canvas grade book after each reading closes.

How to submit the assignment? 

  • Perusall scores your activities and engagement on a continuous basis. You just need to submit your reflective comments on each case study within Perusall.
  • As soon as you press Enter to submit a comment it automatically counts towards your final score.
  • There is NO need to explicitly submit your assignment when you are done; scoring happens continuously up until the deadline.
Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:
understand relevant methodological concepts and challenges associated with business research critically evaluate a range of approaches to research and assess their potential relevance to the chosen research topic. Appropriate application of learning theory.
Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:
effective development of reflective thinking and writing skillsAbility to evaluate and make distinguishing choices to establish best practices for the type of research to be conducted.  
Feedback /Marking criteria for this Assignment
This work will be automatically marked within Perusall by the system itself and hence no feedback will be provided.   The score will be imported to StudyNet/Canvas grade book later and translated to the contribution of your overall module mark.   However, students will be contacted and warned if there is any misuse of the Perusall system.   It is at the discretion of the Module Leader to reduce marks scored by the Perusall system based on the merit of the reflective comments made by students.   

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