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Get help with BMAF008-20 Planning Your Career in Business


Get help with BMAF008-20 Planning Your Career in Business Assignment with HND Assignment Help

Module Code:BMAF008-20
Module Title:Planning Your Career in Business
Word Count:3,000 words
Contribution to Module Mark:100%
Submission Deadline:16.06.2023 (Time: 23:59)
Assessment outline (from the Module specification):A professional portfolio comprising a personal statement, completed application for a volunteer/work experience placement with a relevant C.V. and a skills development action plan.
Learning outcomes assessed:LO1- Understanding of your skills and how they relate to your career goals LO2- Ability to identify and utilise a variety of sources and resources to support your own personal and professional development. LO3- Understanding of methods of personal and professional development and training as well as how they relate to your employability.  
Assessment Task – (Portfolio Development)
Students are required to produce a portfolio which should contain the following components:    A well written personal statement in support of an application for a volunteer/work experience placement.A CV highlighting personal skills which are relevant to the post in view Action plan tailored towards skills development Assessment Structure As a guide, an indicative structure of the Portfolio could be as follows: Section A: A brief introduction to indicate what the portfolio contains and the reason for both the personal statement and the CV that will be presented. You may also want to consider writing a short overview of the chosen organization in a bid to justify your peculiar interests in working in such a place. Section B: Personal statement in support of your application for a volunteer/work experience placement in any organization of your choice.A detailed CV that has been carefully designed to fit purpose. Section C: Self-assessment reflecting skill gaps (SWOT Analysis inclusive)Action plan tailored towards your skill development (reflecting SMART objectives)  
For all policies regarding submission of your work please refer to the Programme and Student Handbooks.