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Get Help with BMS501 Personal and Professional Development


Foundation Degree in Business and Management (Year 2)

Personal and Professional Development 2 (Module BMS501)

School of Adult, Professional, Management & International

Semester: Full Year (Tutor: David Mwaura)

TITLE: Project Proposal

Get Help with BMS501 Personal and Professional Development with HND Assignment Help

Completion of this work will satisfy the following learning outcomes from module BMS501:

LO1:   Examine research methodologies as part of the research process


Get Help with BMS501 Personal and Professional Development
BMS501 Personal and Professional Development

You will produce a proposal that provides a summary of your proposed research to meet the needs of your research project. It should include a clear outline of the central issues or questions that you intend to address. The general area of study should be explored along with current knowledge/academic literature and thinking on the topic. Your research methodology should be clearly outlined along with the significance of the research (LO1).

Other relevant assessment information:

  • You will need to include and reference at least 3 different sources including 1 academic textbook, and 1 academic journal that helps provide supporting evidence for any assertions that you make within your proposal.
  • The completion of your work will satisfy 25% of the assessment for this module. The Word count for your Project Proposal is 1,000 (+or- 10%). This work should be submitted online, through Turnitin via Student Portal. You must include both a reference list and a bibliography.

Issue Date: 10/05/2022

Submission Date: 15/06/2022

Feedback Date: 13/07/2022


The skills development opportunities identified in this assignment are:

  • Utilise project management skills in the production of a research proposal


TaskIndicative ContentMarking
Project Proposal              A well-structured proposal that clearly considers the research topic, the problem or question to be researched and the background to the research. The significance of your research is examined, and its importance is considered.   Your research methods are explained along with a justification of the strategy you have adopted to conduct your research.     You have examined data protection and permissions needed to complete your research aligned to NCD’s protocols.   Attribution of higher grades is associated with: good use of spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout all written work effective use of the Harvard referencing formal evidence of wide reading around topics to support arguments and reflection judgements made and conclusions drawn supported by academic theory evident within all written work.30           50       20    

Get Help with BMS501 Personal and Professional Development with HND Assignment Help

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