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CMA4002 Innovation in Construction

Module Code and NameCMA4002 Innovation in Construction
Module LeaderDr Obafemi Oyewole
CohortFebruary 22
LevelLevel 4
Assessment componentComponent 1: Group Poster Component 2: Report
Restrictions on time/word countComponent 1: (3-4 Students) Group Poster (Maximum 1,000 words) Component 2: Report 3000 words
Consequence of not meeting word count limitThere is a risk that you may not maximise your potential mark.
Individual/groupComponent 1 Group Poster Component 2 Individual Report Submission
Assessment weightingComponent 1: Group Poster (Max. 1000 words) = 25% Component 2: Report (3000 words) = 75%
Submission datesComponent 1: Group Poster Deadline:19/06/2023 before 23:59 Component 2: Report Deadline: 26/06/2023 before 23:59

Assessment Task – Summary

Assessment Task – Detailed Instructions

Component 1 – Group Poster Guidance (Max. 1000 words):

Based on the proposed Revit design of a three-bedroom bungalow, you are required to prepare a Poster of images of three stages involved in the project. The following elements should be included in your poster:

Page 1Page 2
Module code (CMA4002)Topic (Innovation in Construction)Names of all members of the groupEach group member contributionStage 1: A labelled bungalow plan view and a summary of the design process involved. Stage 2: The 3D view and a summary of the design process involved. Stage 3: The east elevation view and a summary of the design process involved. Stage 4: The west elevation view and a summary of the design process involved. Stage 5: Three (3) advantages of using the REVIT modelling Software.

Revit Design Sample





Component 2 – Report (3000 words)

Prepare a 3000-word Report on innovation management, technologies, and digital innovation in construction industry.

  • Describe and explain theories and strategies for managing innovation.
    1. Identify and describe different types of innovation.
    1. Describe the levels of innovation to include incremental, sustaining, disruptive, and radical innovation.
    • Describe innovation theories and practices, as well as strategies for managing innovation in construction.
  • Based on your general understanding of the current challenges facing the construction industry, identify and explain digital innovative solutions used in the construction industry to tackle and solve the challenges below.
  • Labor/Workforce Shortages
    • Construction Cost Overruns
    • Environmental Sustainability issues
    • Health and Safety Concerns on site.
  • Identify and describe how the SIX (6) Construction innovative technologies mentioned below work, including the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.
  • BIM (Building information Modelling)
    • Drone
    • Mixed reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality)
    • Digital Twin
    • 3D Printing
    • Modular construction
  • Explore and explain the below SIX (6) innovative construction materials, including their importance.
  • Ultra-High-Performance Concrete
    • Graphene
    • Transparent Aluminium:
    • Self-healing Concrete
    • Bio-based Insulation:
    • Aerogels
Learning Outcomes

This assessment will enable you to demonstrate in full or in part the following learning outcomes:

    Component 2LO 1An understanding of theories and strategies for managing innovation
LO 2Recognition of digital innovation technologies and concepts used in the construction industry and the impact on the built environment.
LO 3Appreciating the importance of innovation in relation to materials technology and the future technologies for the construction industry.
Component 1 (Weekly Workshops)LO4Managing Construction Project with the use of BIM tool (Revit).
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Guidance for Online Submission Through Moodle

All assessments should be submitted to the module Moodle site (Assessments tab) by no later than 23:59 on the designated submission date. For guidance on how to upload your work to Moodle, please see:


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