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Module Title:                          International Marketing

Module Leader: Dr Shelly Chapman

Assessment Type:                   Individual International Marketing Report

Module:                                   MN7331

Weighting:                              100%

Word limit:                              3,000 words +/-10%

Assessment deadline:             Thursday, 7 April, by 15:00, Via Blackboard

Assignment question for individual international marketing report

Choose an existing Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) that operates in consumer markets (B2C) and a brand belonging to that organisation. The brand has to be a product rather than a service. Your task is to prepare an international marketing plan for that company with the objective to market its brand to one international country where it does not currently operate. The components of this report are explained in further detail below.

Advice and guidance

  • Draw on relevant key concepts from the lectures, assigned readings, market research reports (e.g. Mintel or Euromonitor) and additionally high-quality academic references (e.g. peer-reviewed journal articles). Based on your reading, identify which concepts are the most relevant to your business and product.
  • When developing your marketing plan, you should demonstrate a clear understanding of the basic tenets of international marketing, such as culture, standardisation and adaptation.
  • Your assignment should be based on international marketing strategies literature, as covered in the module, and academic articles and should not be based solely on textbooks. Webpages like Wikipedia, or other dictionary-like sites, are not allowed. Internet sources should be used sparingly and reserved mainly to draw information about your company.
  • You are allowed to use up to four appendices in your plan. There is no requirement to do so, and it is left to your discretion. However, if you feel you need to use appendices include only information that is relevant and supports the main body of the report.
  • Referencing: You are required to use the Harvard Referencing style for your work. Please ensure that you have read the advice on referencing which is available at:

Components of the International Marketing Plan

  1. BACKGROUND (100 words max)

Please include only relevant details about the company that help justify its international marketing plan, rather than a long history about it.

  • An introduction about the company you have chosen, including details such as: how long it has been operating, countries in which it is already operating and so forth
  • MARKET OVERVIEW (600 words max.)

This section should include an outline of the external international marketing environment that your chosen company will operate in its new international market, using a recognised framework introduced to you in the module.

  • INTERNATIONAL STP (600 words max.) Include information about:
    • Segmentation: including bases for segmentation
    • Targeting: what are your targeting strategies? What will be your target market? Please define it (e.g. what group of customers will you focus on?)
    • Positioning: of consumer markets in the country you will launch into
  • ACTION PROGRAMME (600 words max.)

Please respond to each question in the sections below:

  • Product: introduce your product (name and description). Is it a product line or brand extension? Would it be launched under an entirely new brand, or as an extension of an existing brand (please explain your choice and provide a rationale for your decision), does the product require adaptation or will it be standardised? Why?
    • Place: which channels of distribution will be used? Will you use intermediaries? If so, which ones? Will you utilise a multi or omnichannel?
    • Price: which pricing strategies will be used? As part of your answer, explain the pricing strategies the company currently employs. Then consider whether you would use a different pricing strategy for the new market? If so, why?

Would each of these strategies (product, place, and price) need to be adapted to the new market or can they be kept as they are? Or perhaps, a strategy involving a mix of standardisation and adaptation is more suitable? Please provide justifications to support your answers.

    • Prepare a creative brief for your communication agency (using the template below)
    • Address the following questions: Do marketing communications need to be adapted for a different market or would you use the same communication mix as in the home country?
    • What cultural issues should be considered?
    • What communication mix (traditional and/or digital) will you use and why?
State the name of your brand
Why are we communicating?   [State the main communication objectives of the campaign; hint: think about the DRIP framework]
Who are we talking to?   [Refer back to your target market in section 3. What are your customer’s attitudes and behaviours toward the brand? What is their preferred media consumption?]
What do we want them to ‘think’ and ‘feel’ as a result of our communication?
What are the key benefits or values of your offering?   [Those benefits are from the customer’s perspective, i.e. how will your offering satisfy their needs?]
What do we want our customers to do?   [What is the call-to-action for them?]

What frameworks or analytical tools will you use in your strategic planning? How will you make sure that your international marketing plan is implemented and controlled effectively? How will you evaluate the success of your marketing plan?

  • CONCLUSIONS (100 words max)

A brief paragraph summarising your international marketing plan and providing conclusions.

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