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Numeracy and Data Analysis

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Canterbury Christ Church University

Assignment Brief

Course/Programme:BA (Hons) Business Studies with Foundation
Level: Foundation Year 0 (Level 0) Year 2 Level 4 Year 3 Level 5 Year 4 Level 6  Foundation Year
Module Title:Numeracy and Data Analysis
Assignment number: 
Weighting:Individual Assignment – 30%
Date given out:June 2023
Submission date:17th July 2023
For late submission, please check CCCU Taught regulation (page 28 on late submission) and Extenuating Policy:CCCU Taught regulation   CCCU Extenuating Circumstances Policy
Method of submission: Online only Online and paper copy
Special instructions for submission (if any): 
Date for results and feedback (please note the final grade is subject to the main CCCU assessment Board)tbc
Employability skills assessed:Applications of summarising and analysing data.Logical Reasoning. Ability to understand and apply forecasting techniques to real life situations.
Learning outcomes assessed:Identify and apply techniques for summarising and analysing data.Show reasonableness in the calculation of answers. Demonstrate and analyse techniques used for forecasting.

The penalty to be applied to late course work, which will include course work where the work is graded on a pass/fail basis and it is possible to give a numerical mark, will be 5 per cent (of the eligible marks) per day, for up to seven days, after which a mark of 0 will be recorded.

 Assignment brief:

You are required to collect temperature of any city for ten consecutive days. Once you have collected the data for ten days, you are required to prepare a report undertaking followings:

1. Arrange the data in a table format. (5 marks)

2. Present the data using any two types of charts of your choice. Example: Column chart, line chart, bar chart, scatter plot etc. (10 marks)

3. Calculate and discuss the followings. Please provide the steps for the calculation and highlight the final value.

  1. Mean                           (8 marks)
  2. Median                        (8 marks)
  3. Mode                           (8 marks)
  4. Range                          (8 marks)
  5. Standard Deviation     (13 marks)

4. For your data, use the linear forecasting model which is y = mx + c to calculate and discuss the followings:

  1. Show the steps of calculation of m value and discuss the answer.    (15 marks)
  2. Show the steps of calculation of c value and discuss the answer.      (15 marks)
  3. Using the calculated ‘m’ and ‘c’ values, forecast the temperature for day 11 and day 12.  (10 marks)

Hint – Use the following formulas to calculate the ‘m’ and ‘c’ values.

m =                                c =

This section details the assessment criteria. The extent to which these are demonstrated by you determines your mark. The marks available for each criterion are shown. Lecturers will use the space provided to comment on the achievement of the task(s), including those areas in which you have performed well and areas that would benefit from development/improvement.

Common Assessment Criteria AppliedMarks availableMarks Marks Awarded
Arrange the collected data in a table format 5 
Present the data using any two type of charts (Presentation of each chart is awarded 5 marks)  10 
Calculation and Discussion of  followings: Mean Median Mode Range Standard Deviation    8 8 8 8 13 
Calculation of Followings: Steps of calculation of ‘m’ value and discussion Steps of calculation of ‘c’ value and discussion Forecasting for the day 11 Forecasting for the day 12  15 15 5 5 
  Total Marks  100 

Approximately 1000 words

Please note the following when completing your written assignment:

  1. Writing: Written in English using appropriate business/academic style
  2. Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.
  3. Length: Approximately1000 words
  4. Document format: Individual Assignment
  1. Cover page – Ensure a clear title, course, name and student ID number is on the cover sheet.
  2. Table of Contents – Provide headings with appropriate page numbers.
  3. Introduction
  4. Main Body – Attempt all the given tasks.
  5. Conclusion
  6. Reference list using Harvard Referencing Style.

Please note the following when completing your written assignments:

  1. Writing: Written in academic English
  2. Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.
  3. Document format: Report
  4. Cover sheet: For each assignment provide a clear title, course, and name or ID number on a cover sheet
  5. Reference List: use Harvard referencing.
  6. Research: Research should use reliable and relevant sources of information e.g. academic books and journals that have been peer reviewed. The research should be extensive.
  7. Text: Size 12, Times New Roman font

Assessment 1: 1000 words (+/- 10%).

These assignments address the following Learning Outcomes:

  • LO1:  Explain and demonstrate the use of basic mathematics including formulae and ratios.
  • LO2: Identify and apply techniques for summarising and analysing data.
  • LO3: Explain and demonstrate the use of probability where risk and uncertainty exist.
  • LO4: Demonstrate and analyse techniques used for forecasting.