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MSc in Human Resource Development (HRM7505-B)

Level: HE7 Assignment 001 – Presentation                     

Module Code/Occ./Title: Human Resource Development

Submission Date: 04/04/2022

Coursework Assignment – 1

The coursework assessment (30% of the total mark) will consist of a group presentation.

Each group should select one of the following articles.

  1. Garavan, et al. (2001) Human capital accumulation: the role of resource

development. Journal of European Industrial Training, 25(2/3/4), 48 – 68.

  • Garavan, T.N. (2007) A strategic perspective on human resource development. Advances in Developing Human Resource, 9(1), 11 – 30.
  • Daley, et al. (2010) Concept mapping: A strategy to support the development of practice, research, and theory within human resource development. Human Resource Development Review, 9(4), 357 – 384.
  • Fenwick, T. (2005) conceptions of critical HRD: Dilemmas for theory and practice. Human Resource Development International, 8(2), 225 – 238.
  • Nafukho, et al. (2004) Human capital theory: Implications for human resource development. Human Resource Development International, 7(4), 545 – 551.
  • Swanso, R.A. (2001) Human resource development and its underlying theory. Human Resource Development International, 4(3), 299 – 312.
  • Chapman et al. (2018) Human resource development and human resource management levers for sustained competitive advantage: Combining isomorphism and differentiation. Journal of Management Organisation, 24(4), 533 – 550.

The Task

Critically examine the main issues raised in the selected article, using both academic theories, and empirical evidence to either agree or disagree with the topics discussed by the author/s. Each group will summarise their work should not exceed 1,500 words and have 20 minutes to present their findings.

  • Each group MUST upload 20 minutes video (either via zoom, teams, etc), PowerPoint slides (not more than 10), and 1500 words explaining the critical issues and demonstrating superior argument either FOR or AGAINST. 
  • Each member of the group MUST present a section, and failure to do so means the HALF mark is lost.
  • Endeavour to construct a well-written and argued analysis and evaluation.
  • Relevant and contemporary examples must be used to illustrate your ability to apply knowledge and understanding.

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