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Get Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment Help


Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment Help

April-July 2023

Managing a Successful Business Project

Please do not use P1, P2 etc as headings and decide your own appropriate headings. Please provide the information at appropriate level. For example, evaluation is not same as explanation. The word limit mentioned for each criteria is the minimum words required. You can go over the limit if needed. But do not provide less that the given limit. 

The Pearson set theme for the assignment is “Business Recovery”. The case-study organisation for this assignment is Coca-Cola. You may choose the organisation of your choice. However, be consistent in your answers while taking up case-study related answers and application should be on one organisation (not two or three).  

P1:Explain the stages of the project lifecycle (PLC) & explain the importance of each stage  to the success of a project. (500 words) (use subheadings)

P2: Examine the factors to be considered when compiling a project management plan (scope, cost, Risk, communication and timelines) (use subheadings) (400 words)

P3:  Examine a range of research methods and strategies and their importance to project

management. (use subheadings) (400 words)


P 4 , P5, P6,  P7

Note: please provide all the following task as one report

You will have to work on the following project in any organisation of your choice (choose a UK based organisation medium or large).

Business project Topic: “Business continuity planning to maintain or quickly resume functions in the event of a major disruption”


  1. Provide brief introduction to the topic and project (200 words)
  2. Provide a project management plan for this project that should include (you may use a tale or subheadings) (600 words)
  • Aims and (three) Objectives of the project
  • Deliverables,
  • Expected quality of the outcomes
  • Risk involved in conduct and completion of project
  • Communication between the stakeholders ( why is it needed, how will it take place and how often)
  • Resources required for the project
  • Budget for the Project
  • Research methods that are used for the project
  1. Produce a work breakdown structure & Gantt Chart for the project
  2. Develop a questionnaire with 10 questions at least
  • Collect data from your sample and analyse the data using charts and graphs (provide 10 graphs and their interpretation) (note please only collect data from staff or managers, not CEOs or director or owners) (500-800 words)
  • Provide conclusion of your findings. (300 words)
  • Make recommendations to the company based on your findings (200 words)
  • Explain the usefulness of this project to meet stated objectives  (300 words
  1. How this project has enhanced you own learning and performance. This should be based on your experience from undertaking this project (200 words)