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MG628 International Marketing Management

Module code and title:MG628 International Marketing ManagementModule Leader:Muhammad Zubair
Assignment No. and type:CW1 Report (Individual, 2000 words)Assessment weighting:60%
Submission time and date:Friday 20th January 2023 before 2 pm.Target feedback time and date:3 weeks after the submission deadline
Assignment task
  Your report should be based on ONE of the top two countries you identified in the group presentation.   Please note: Use of Passport and academic sources will be imperative throughout the work. This wider research will be needed to underpin – and justify your answers.   The Assignment Tasks:   Market Entry Strategy   Graze is exploring an option of entering into a direct arrangement with a leading supermarket chain of your choice (i.e. without using an agent or distributor) in your chosen country, which would give that chain the exclusive rights to sell Graze products in their physical stores.   Given your chosen market knowledge drawing from your group presentation and research, you are now required to critically evaluate the above option. Provide evidence for your points and with clear links to your understanding of the consumer and the retail environment. Both secondary research from Passport and academic research should be used. State clearly any assumptions considered, if applicable. (500 words)     Global Trends and Their Application in the Local Environment   Graze’s CEO has asked you to identify TWO key global trends, which you find particularly relevant to Graze’s brand proposition.   For each, you need to; State clearly why this trend is especially relevant to Graze ·         Discuss how far that trend seems to be emerging or already important in your particular country using both qualitative and quantitative data (i.e. what is the evidence for that trend on a local rather than a global scale?)
·         Provide and justify one specific recommendation regarding a change to the marketing mix or an action you consider necessary in your chosen country, as a consequence of that trend.
(250 words per trend)
3. Country-Specific Communications
(i)            Segmentation, Target and Positioning (STP) strategy you intend to focus on in your chosen country (consumer insights – ensure that you show a full understanding of your target customers’ interests, values, lifestyles, perceptions and attitudes, culture and usage of technology, supported by data/research from Mintel/Passport GMID) – also use an appropriate table and/or diagram to summarise your STP – this will not be considered within the word count.
(ii)           Briefly outline the marketing mix, especially focusing on marketing channels to be used in order to educate, engage and convert consumers in the chosen market. Also, include explanation as to why you believe these channels are effective.
(iii)          Examine the extent to which social media communications (identified in the channels above) need to be standardised or adapted in your chosen country – engage appropriately with the consumers that you have profiled in task 3(i) and ensure that any culturally-specific needs and requirements, are taken into account.
(800 words)
4. Report Writing, Citing and Referencing
The final 15% of marks will be given for this, taking into account the whole report.
Your report should include a contents page, introduction, conclusions and list of references as well as your responses to the tasks above. All pages should be numbered.
This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:
Assess, analyse and conceptually apply the key concepts of international marketing including the critical evaluation and application of key tools, models and theories.
Critically evaluate the concept of globalisation within given situations and how it may or may not be applicable and why
Devise and critically substantiate a strategic marketing plan building on [market selection], for an initial launch and follow up strategy, applying a range of management skills and tools
Referencing and research requirements
Please reference your work according to the Harvard style as defined in Cite Them Right Online (http://www.citethemrightonline.com).
Submission details
This assignment should be submitted electronically using the relevant submission point in the Upload My Assignment section on LSST Connect.
Academic integrity
Academic integrity means taking responsibility for your own work. When you submit an assignment, you are effectively making a declaration that it is your own work and that you have acknowledged the contribution of others and their ideas in its development (for example, by referencing them appropriately). For further information and guidance, please see the University website: https://www.bucks.ac.uk/current- students/registry-helpdesk-and-academic-advice/academic-integrity-and-misconduct You are also expected to take responsibility for maintaining and managing confidentiality issues in your work. You should maintain and respect confidentiality in relation to the protection of personal, technical and/or commercial information of a sensitive nature in their assessed work, whatever the format. Confidentiality issues will vary from subject to subject and you are encouraged to seek advice from your course team if you are unclear about requirements in your context. For further information and guidance, please see the University website: https://www.bucks.ac.uk/academic-confidentiality