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Get MGN412 Assessment 2 – Literature Review Task Assignment


MGN412 Assessment 2 – Literature review Task Instructions

Written individual review of the chosen organisational topic, paying attention to relevant literature and ethical considerations. The paper should conclude with a section dealing with the practical applications of the conceptual material reviewed.

Formative or Summative: Formative and Summative

Business Capabilities (AoL goals): KS (1.1), HO (2.1), PC (3.1), SE (5.1)

Weight: 40%

Length: 1,500 words

Individual/Group: Individual

Due (indicative): Week 9

Related Unit learning outcomes: 123

Related Standards: PG Business CapabilitiesHO (2.1)KS (1.1)PC (3.1)SE (5.1)

Referencing style: APA 7

MGN412 – Literature Review – A BASIC Checklist

In the Introduction, have I…?

  • Reviewed the thesis statement to make it clear, relevant and ‘actionable’ (meaning recommendations can be made) and clear to the reader of what it is you want to convince them.
  • Clearly explained the elements of the topic, how they fit together and the importance of the topic as a whole to workplaces today
  • Outlined the purpose of this literature review and the general structure that this assignment will follow

In the Body (Literature Review), have I…?

  • Within each element of the topic, provided a range of sound academic views evaluated and classified into similar themes, arguments, perspectives or key ideas
  • Clearly explained (through the author’s intent and reasoning) how the literature either singly or by group contributes to the basic understanding of the main themes, arguments or key ideas of the element by such as things as:  building on it, suggesting a new focus, identifies limitations, or gives further or differing perspectives, contrasting or conflicting views, proposes questions to answer that challenge current thinking or theory
  • If doing an argument, demonstrated an integrated progression of evidence to support my argument (the thesis statement) from Point A where there is only a statement (thesis statement) to Point B which shows a wide range of evidence, contrasting views and expanded comprehension of the topic that convinces the reader of your view
  • If doing an analytical paper, explained what is being analysed, the parts of the analysis, and provided an evaluation of the analysis
  • If doing an explanatory paper, explained the purpose, and the categories used to progress the explanation, and clearly evaluated the information so that it is understood by the audience
  • Used only high quality, peer-reviewed journals in the OB discipline that clearly relate to the topic
  • Correctly referenced according to APA standard both in text and in the reference list
  • Clearly explained how this topic is ‘seen’ in the workplace in terms of problems, challenges, or future issues.
  • Identified any ethical principles and practices relevant to my topic.

In the Conclusion, have I…?

  • Given an overview of the topic and why it is important to contemporary workplace practice
  • Identified any implications (positive or negative) for contemporary management/HR practice when the main themes developed in the literature and the argument/case are, or are not, integrated into workplace practice.