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MN6003QA Strategy:

Choices and Change

Summative Assessment # 1:

Week commencing 26th June 2023 (Week 9)

Group Presentation on

Strategy and its Influences (30%)

Assessment 1:  Group Presentation on Comparative Strategy and its Influences          (30% of  module mark)



The assessment task is to produce a comparative strategy presentation in groups of 4 (four) students. You will compare and contrast two similar organisations using a wide range of internal and external strategy models and analytical techniques from this module. Your group must choose one of the eight pairs of organisations listed below.

Learning Outcome addressed by group presentation assessment: The Learning Outcome addressed by this assessment is:

Module Learning Outcome 1: Apply the major theories of strategic management to the analysis of organisations within their specific contexts.


The Group Presentation assessment takes place in class during week commencing 26th June 2023 (Week 9).

You must attend class on the day to present with the group in order to answer questions.

You should upload your PPT or Prezi (Prezi preferred) slides on Turnitin at least one day before your presentation, one per team, and tell your tutor who will do this in advance.  Make sure that full name and ID numbers of each member are clear on the first slide.  Group members should meet regularly, and set group norms.  See the pro-forma below. Keep filling the parts as you go along. You need to submit this along with your slides

Selection of one of the eight (8) pairs listed below to investigate[1]

Your group must choose one of the nine (9) pairs of organisations listed below (each team choose a different pair, no duplication!

1.British Airways and Easy Jet.UK Airlines & Travel
2.L’Oreal and Estee Lauder.Cosmetics
3.Marks & Spencer and Next.UK Clothing and Accessories
4.Volkswagen and Toyota.Automobile Sector
5.Samsung and Apple.Tech Sector
6.Lloyds and Metro bank.UK banking
7.BBC and Channel 4.UK Public Sector Broadcasting
8.Cancer Research and The Arthritis Foundation.Not-for-Profit

9. Bloomsbury plc and Pearson plc                                        UK Publishing sector

Go to the website of your chosen companies, and download, read, study, and analyse the most recent Annual Report, or equivalent.  This information will be the basis of your strategic analysis

Quality and structure of the presentation

The presentation must last for 15 minutes.

A list of sources for company data, news articles or academic references should be included as the last item on the slides or attached to the contribution log.

The presentation must be logically structured e.g. an introduction to both companies, internal analysis models shown separately to external analysis models and SWOT is used as a summary tool at the end. You should focus on using academic concepts taught in the first seven weeks of the course.

You must compare and contrast the two organisations throughout. It is not sufficient to simply analyse about one company and then the other – you must bring out the similarities and differences throughout your analysis (there are lots of marks for this).

Your internal analysis must include a financial comparison (there are marks for this too).

Assessment Criteria: Group Presentation

Task Management & Presentation
Presentation submitted on time on weblearn and presented in the class. Plus signed and completed group norms and experience comments table.
Good visual and audio delivery
Well designed – timing and structure  
List of sources / references provided
Good evidence of group work
Presentation Content
Uses a wide range of analytical tools to analyse the external environment issues impacting the industry. Clearly demonstrates understanding of both the models and the industry issues.
Uses a wide range of analytical tools to internally analyse the two organisations (this includes a financial analysis) and carefully compares and contrasts the two organisations. Demonstrates good understanding of the models and the organisations.
SWOT analysis provides an effective summary of the internal strengths and weakness and the external opportunities and threats.

How achievement of Assessment Criteria for Group Presentation Assessment translates into Grade Bandings

Recommended Academic Sources:

Core text book:

Johnson G, Whittington R, Scholes K, Angwin D & Regner P (2017), Exploring Strategy, Ed11, Pearson.

This book (and others shown below) are available in library e-book format http://catalogue.londonmet.ac.uk/search~S1?/ajohnson++g+%2C+whittington+r+%282013%29/ajohnson+g+whittington+r+2013/-3%2C0%2C0%2CB/exact&FF=ajohnson+gerry&1%2C22%2C/indexsort=-

Other texts:

Balogun J, Hope-Hailey, V and Gustafsson S (2015) Exploring Strategic Change, Ed4, Prentice Hall

Grant R (2015), Contemporary Strategy Analysis: concepts, techniques, applications Ed .Wiley.

Grant R and Jordan J (2015) Foundations of Strategy, Wiley


Hayes, J. (2018) The Theory and Practice of Change Management, Ed5, Palgrave Macmillan

Ireland, R., Hoskisson, R, and Hitt, M. (2012) The Management of Strategy: Concepts and Cases, 10th Ed. Cengage Learning http://catalogue.londonmet.ac.uk/record=b1652800~S1

Johnson G, Scholes K and Whittington R (2014), Fundamentals of Strategy, Ed 3Pearson.


Lynch, R (2018) Strategic Management, 8th Edition, Pearson.
LIBRARY E-BOOK http://catalogue.londonmet.ac.uk/record=b1681543~S1

Mintzberg, H., Quinn, J and Ghoshal, S. (2014).The Strategy Process, Ed. 5, London, Pearson


Wickham, L and Wilcock. J (2016) Management Consulting: Delivering an Effective Project, Ed 5. Pearson http://catalogue.londonmet.ac.uk/record=b1652805~S1

Academic Journals:

Long Range Planning, Harvard Business Review and Strategic Management Journal are all available via the Library catalogue

Online resources, including social media:

Additional resources for Johnson G, Whittington R, Scholes K, Angwin D & Regner P (2017), Exploring Strategy, Ed11,Pearson: http://wps.pearsoned.co.uk/ema_uk_he_johnson_explstrat_11/253/64872/16607415.cw/index.html

Strategic Planning Society: http://www.sps.org.uk/

Rita Gunther McGrath: http://ritamcgrath.com/blog/

McKinsey & Company (Insight Reports and podcasts): https://www.mckinsey.com/

Boston Consulting Group (Insight Reports and podcasts): https://www.bcg.com

Bain & Company (Insight Reports and podcasts): http://www.bain.co

[1] All commercial companies have Investor Relations or Annual Reports on their websites. Try Googling the company name and ’investor relations’ or ‘annual reports’.  For public and not-for-profit organisations, Google their respective organisational websites (e.g. Channel 4 Annual Report: https://annualreport.channel4.com/ )