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Get NUM1102 Communication for Nurses and Midwives Assignment


Assignment 1:

The aim of this assignment is to develop your writing skills and academic style while learning about the benefits and limitations of social media in health care. The task involves writing one paragraph about the strengths of social media in health (350 words); one paragraph about the limitations of social media in health (350 words); and an end-text reference list. On completion of this assignment, you will receive valuable feedback on any areas you need to improve in your academic writing, paraphrasing and referencing for future assignments.

Assignment instructions

There are three parts to this assessment:

Part 1: Define social media and discuss two key two benefits that the use of social media might provide for the patient (350 words +/- 10%).

Part 2: Discuss two key limitations related to the use of social media that may cause problems for the patient (350 words+/- 10%).

Write your responses to Part 1 and Part 2 in two paragraphs (350 words each +/- 10%). Note: there is no need to write an introduction or a conclusion.

Use the four journal articles provided (over the page) to write your well-constructed paragraphs. For this assignment, you can also source references cited in these articles if they have been published within the last seven years (2015+). You will also need to find at least one extra source related to each topic (i.e. at least two more articles). Prior to completing your task, please review Module 6 of the Academic Skills Online Modules or consider attending the targeted workshop for assignment 1 or the generic academic skills workshops on paraphrasing, referencing and writing academic paragraphs.

Your paragraphs must:

  • Have a clear topic sentence.
  • Supporting sentences where paraphrases from selected extracts are included to support your main idea in a logical manner. All paraphrases must be correctly in-text referenced.
  • Use appropriate academic language/style.
  • Include complete, well-constructed sentences
  • Have a concluding sentence.

Part 3: Write an end-text reference list in APA 7th style of the sources provided as well as additional references you have sourced. You will need to access the academic sources provided using the ECU library systems to find all the bibliographic details needed to write the end-text reference list. You can find a sample end-text reference list on the ECU Referencing Library Guide

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