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Get Operations Management Assignment Brief Guidelines


Operations Management Assignment

April-July 2023

Operations Management

Please do not use P1, P2 etc as headings and decide your own appropriate headings. Please provide the information at appropriate level. For example, evaluation is not same as explanation. The word limit mentioned for each criteria is the minimum words required. You can go over the limit if needed. But do not provide less that the given limit.  The case-study organisations for this assignment are AXA and Starbucks. You may choose the organisations of your choice. However, be consistent in your answers while taking up case-study related answers and application should be on same organisations for all tasks and not different organisations.

Note: For P5 you are required todeliver a five minutes individual PowerPoint presentation (Online): Your presentation should be recorded and uploaded on the VLE.

Introduction (50- 150 words)


Identify core and support functions in three different organisations.(use subheadings for each organisation) (200 words)

Examine the interrelationships between operations and the core support functions in three different organizations. (600 words) (please use subheadings for each organization)


Examine the impact of operations and processes on other functions such as Marketing and Human resource etc., within an organisation of your choice(500 words) (please use subheadings for each department)


Explain the challenges faced by operations management when meeting customer requirements regarding quality, price, delivery and efficiency of service etc.Provide examples from three different organizations.  (use subheading for each challenge). (400 words)


Compare how  two different organizations (or your choice) measure the performance and effectiveness of their operation functions. (500 words)


Define Quality and quality management (100 words)

Discuss three different approaches to quality management and continuous improvement for improving and optimizing organizational performance. (please use subheadings)(500 words)


Define supply chain management (100 words)

Review the role and importance of supply chain management in anorganization of your choice to supplyproducts and services to meet their customers’ needs regarding fasts, safe and reliability. (500 words)

Conclusion (150 words)