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QualificationUnit number and title
BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and TrainingUnit 33 Working with Individual Learners
Unit Reference no: R/503/5385Level: QCF Level 4
Guided learning hours: 50Credit value: 15
  Assessor: Dr M Mulenga  Internal Quality Assurer: Dr Anwarul Haque
Issue dateSubmission deadline
Assignment titleWorking with Individual Learners

This assignment brief consists of the following three tasks:

TaskAssessment CriteriaEvidence type
Task1AC 1.1/1.2/1.3Report
Task 2AC 2.1/3.1/3.2/4.1Reflective Report
Task 3AC 5.1/5.2/5.3Action Planning and Reflective Report

Get Unit33 Working with Individual Learners Assignment Help with HND Assignment Help

  Assignment title       
Purpose of this assignment The aim of this assignment is to explore the role of mentoring, coaching and tutoring in supporting the individual, and analysing the skills required. The learner is expected to reflect on their own skills for undertaking these roles.   Scenario You are working within a group of learners who are undertaking an L2 Programme. They have been on the programme for 2 months. The group consists of 15 learners of mixed abilities, diverse backgrounds and ages.   Case Study The following Case Study identifies three specific learners. You are asked to review the Case Study and complete the relevant tasks.   Cassie Cassie is 36 years old and a lone parent who has 3 children. She is White British. You have become concerned about her attendance on the programme which is at 60%. She has submitted course work which demonstrates that she has the academic ability to achieve on the programme. Through your tutorial sessions, you have discovered that she recently lost her mother and has since become depressed. She is a recovering alcoholic. She is finding life challenging. These factors are impacting her ability to achieve on the course. Cassie is Dyslexic and has found this challenging at times when in sessions. This is her first course since leaving school at the age of 16. She wants to progress on the course.
Aran is 17 years old. He is academically gifted, although he is not attending college regularly. His attendance is at 45% His nationality is Asian.   Through the tutorial sessions, you have discovered that he has recently joined a gang and is known to be selling drugs. He lives at home with his parents and describes his relationship with them as “toxic” He describes feeling trapped by the family expectations.   He is submitting his work on time. Although when he has submitted work it has been at a Distinction level. He has recently started drinking alcohol.   Lissa Lissa is 18 years old. She is African Caribbean Lissa has achieved 13 GCEs in grades A* to B. She has 100% attendance   Lissa wants to progress onto university. Her focus is on her studies and setting up her own business. She becomes bored within the sessions and has asked through the tutorial sessions for additional activities and experiences.
Task 1 Report AC 1.1/1.2/1.3   Write a Report which: Summarises the responsibilities of a coach, mentor and teacher in relation to working with individual students. LO1 AC.1.1   Analyses the differences between the coaching, mentoring and teaching roles in relation to working with individual learners. LO1.AC 1.2   Review the effectiveness of coaching, mentoring and teaching roles in meeting individual learning needs. LO1 AC .1.3
Task 2 Report AC 2.1/3.1/3.2/4.1   Using the Case Studies, write a report which provides evidence of how you justify the selection of strategies to meet the needs of the individual learners. You should highlight the needs of a minimum of two learners within your group. AC 2.1   Reflecting upon the Case Studies, review the resources required for an effective multi-agency approach. What factors do you need to consider when working with learners in relation to providing adequate and appropriate support? AC. 3.1   Explaining factors that influence the referral process. AC. 3.2 This enables you to review the processes involved in one-to-one coaching, mentoring and teaching in relation to emotional, intellectual and social benefits for students. AC 4.1   Consider the following points: Multi-agency resources, e.g. identification of own barriers or limitations and need for referral, specific support available for language or literacy, opportunities for the development of numeracy skills, counselling, resources available for special learning needs, subject-specific professional or vocational bodies, employment providers.
Task 3 Action Plan and Reflective Report AC 5.1/5.2/5.3 Devise an Action Plan which enables you to identify your own strengths and areas for improvement in relation to one-to-one teaching and learning situations. AC 5.2   In your Action Plan state how you will plan opportunities to improve your own skills in relation to one-to-one teaching and learning situations. AC 5.3   Analyse the effectiveness of own practice in relation to one-to-one teaching and learning situations. AC 5.1
Suggestive Resources   Coaching and Mentoring for Frontline Practitioners. Centre for Effective Services, Dublin. Morgan, M. and Rochford S. (2017)   http://www.effectiveservices.org/downloads/CoachMentor_LitReview_Final_14.03.17.pdf Coaching for Performance by Whitmore John https://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/   https://joannemilesconsulting.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/learner-mentors-and-student-progress-coaches- welcome-to-the-FE-sector/   https://www.employabilityuk.org/about-us/mentoring- programme/?gclid=CjwKCAjw1ZbaBRBUEiwA4VQCIdKdZ8xOI6K9SuCQgwXfBWzGuYTvhJzulLQ2HGF8qD61Vac- j4PW2xoCbNEQAvD_BwE   www.mentoringfoundation.co.uk/ https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/support-our-work/volunteer/mentor

Get Unit33 Working with Individual Learners Assignment Help with HND Assignment Help

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