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Several assignment help companies offer their services in their home countries, catering only to a small section of students. While this is good for native students, for international students this can be problematic as they are unable to obtain customized assignment solutions which can help them score well in all their papers. HndAssignmenthelp.com, in comparison, offers global assignment help to all the students at the most affordable price. We have a strong online presence in most of the prominent education hubs of the world such as Australia, US and UK and more. 

Why HndAssignmenthelp.com is The No. 1 Global Assignment Help Provider?

We have been providing global assignment help for over a decade now and have established ourselves as one of the foremost solutions agencies during this time. This has only been possible due to our passion for providing every student on this planet with unmatched assignment help so that they always score high and pass out with flying colors. Also, the kind of features and services we offer have put us on the map and helped us achieve the number one position. 

  • 3000+ PhD writers

This is our most singular and outstanding feature as we are the only one who has a large writer base of 3000+ PhD writers at our disposal. Since we are committed to providing global assignment guidance to students, we have hired as many well-qualified writers as we could from every corner of the world. Each one is a PhD degree holder from a reputed university with years of experience.  

  • Plagiarism-free content

At HndAssignmenthelp.com, we take plagiarism seriously and treat every bit of it as an offence as universities do. Hence, we have a separate team for doing original research so that the content is unique. Plus, we do the referencing properly and even check every assignment for plagiarism. 

  • On-time delivery

Students never have to worry about a late delivery from us as that’s not a term that exists in our dictionary. We are considerably strict about sticking to the deadline and work on the tightest schedules possible. We always try our level best to deliver early in most cases so that students can check the papers. 

  • Affordable prices

Our motto is to offer the best global assignment help at unbelievable prices so that students do not have to think twice before placing their order with us. We assure them that we will always provide the best bargain and we even offer attractive discounts from time to time. 

  • Best grades guarantee

Getting a professional to do an assignment is pointless if students don’t get the best grades in return. Here’s where we make things better. We guarantee that by choosing us, students will get a minimum of a B+ and in most cases an A grade on their papers.  

  • Free revisions

We offer 100 percent customized assignment solutions, so there’s practically no scope for revisions. But if a student still happens to want a rework, we will provide it for free. What’s more, we provide unlimited revisions so that students can approach us for reworks without hesitation. 

  • 24×7 customer support

Our global assignment support hotlines are open 24×7 and students can reach out to us from any corner of the world, during any hour of the day or night with their queries. Our customer care executives are more than willing to help students out, and they can reach out to us via live chat, phone calls and emails. 

  • Free SMS updates

We know that students worry about the progress of their assignments, and always want to know how much of it is done and how much of it is remaining. Fortunately for them, we keep them updated by providing regular SMS updates on the progress. We even notify about ongoing discounts.

  • Services for all subjects

From mechanical engineering to criminal law, from zoology to psychology, our global assignment help services cover all popular subjects that are taught in renowned universities all over the world. So far, we can handle essays, dissertations, term papers and more for over 100 subjects. 

We offer convenient payment options too, and our payment gateway is secured by PayPal. If you want the best global assignment assistance, come to us at HndAssignmenthelp.com. 

Countries That Come Under Our Global Assignment Help Online Services

Our global assignment help network reaches far and wide, currently covering a total of eight eminent educational hubs all over the world. In fact, we have successfully delivered more than 50,000 assignments worldwide, and plan on expanding into more countries so we can help as many students as we can.

  • Australia

Australia is where we started out with our global assignment online assistance services, and we have our headquarters in the city of Melbourne. We have helped countless of students in Australia, belonging to universities such as the Australia National University, the University of Wollongong, the University of Melbourne and more. 

  • UK 

Students of UK always seek our global assignment online guidance for their dissertations. Apart from that, the term papers written by our experts are also quite popular here, and students from universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Trent, etc. always recommend us to their friends.  

  • US

Our business management and administration assignments take the cake in the US, with psychology, nursing and biology assignments being the other subjects, which students take help for. Students from even the Ivy League universities have referred to us as the best assignment agency.

  • New Zealand

Most students who take assignment help from us in New Zealand, do so for their business and accounting assignments. Students over there just love the essays our experts write. Right from the University of Auckland to the Massey University, we have helped quite a few students of New Zealand. 

  • Canada

We have received several amazing testimonials from students of Canada, who immensely appreciate the ability of our native writers to follow the Canadian academic writing style diligently. Engineering and technology, liberal arts and humanities and health and fitness are some of the subjects for which students seek our global assignment online support in Canada. 

  • Singapore

We have recently started providing our global assignment help in Singapore and have helped thousands of students with their complex assignments on law, accountancy, medicine, communication studies, computing and more. 

  • UAE

 No matter which university students choose to study in UAE – whether it’s the Amity University or the University of Dubai – they only choose us for their assignments as there are very few quality service providers out there. Despite the sky-high prices of most things in the UAE, we’ve managed to keep our prices low for students. 

  • Malaysia

We understand that students of Malaysia generally pursue offbeat courses for which assignment help is not readily available. But due to our 3000+ PhD writer base, we have been able to cover assignments on unusual courses such as aircraft maintenance, petroleum engineering, actuarial science and more. 

Our central aim is to broaden our horizon and offer global assignment help online to many more countries and students in the coming years. 

How Do Our Global Assignment Writers Always Maintain The Highest Standards of Quality? 

Hard work and commitment to quality have always been our priorities at HndAssigmenthelp.com. In fact, our foundation is based on the principal of quality, and we never compromise on this respect. We always try to strike the perfect balance between quantity and quality, so students get exactly the kind of assignment they want from us. Here’s how our global assignment experts maintain excellence – 

  • They read and understand the question

Our writers never start working on an assignment just by looking at the topic on top. They first carefully peruse the question paper and the reference material provided by the student to get clarity on the topic. Once that happens, and they get a complete grasp of the issue at hand, they commence the writing process. Besides, while writing, they never go off topic and always just answer the question. 

  • They carry out relevant research 

As mentioned before, we have a dedicated research team to collect information for all types of assignments. Our research team is very efficient and is always able to come up with a truckload of relevant information within the shortest time-frame. Plus, we also have a huge in-house database of research material as well. 

  • They write in crystal clear language

Each of our global assignment helpers is trained at the art of academic writing. They know all the basic spelling and grammar rules by heart and never make any silly mistakes while writing. Our writers are able to establish their authority over the subject through their writing style without seeming pedantic. They also always make it a point to write in clear language so that the assignment is easy to understand. 

  • They reference the paper correctly

Our global assignment writers are well-versed in all the popular referencing styles that are followed by major universities across the planet. They know how to cite resources correctly in text and even at the end in the bibliography section. MLA, APA, Chicago, Vancouver, etc. are some of the different styles they are proficient in. 

  • They proofread and edit each paper.

Finally, to ensure the paper is perfect, our global assignment editors proofread and edit each paper with due diligence and meticulousness. They read every word of every line to remove even the smallest of errors so that professors do not find any sections in the paper where they can cut marks. They also edit or add portions to the assignment to make it more holistic. 

Students will not find such strict adherence to quality anywhere else apart from at HndAssignmenthelp.com. They can call us to get our help. 

Get Our Global Assignment Help in Three Super Easy Steps

Students need not break a sweat to get help from us. They simply have to follow three very simple steps, which have been listed below- 

  • Place order

First, they need to get on the homepage of our website, where they will find a ‘place order’ window on top. They need to fill in the form with relevant details and specify all the requirements of their assignments. Once that is done, they will be taken to the payment window. 

  • Make payment

Before the students decide to make the payment, they will get a quote from our customer support team regarding the total price of their assignment. This will be an all inclusive price. The student can choose to pay via his credit or debit card or net banking or PayPal. 

  • Get solution

Finally, all the student now has to do now is wait for the stipulated deadlines. Our writers will promptly deliver a brilliantly written copy within the scheduled time period. The final copy will be sent to the student’s account on our website.