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How to avoid academic misconduct in Holmes final assessment?


Tips to understand academic misconduct in Holmes final assessment

Academic misconduct refers to the unfair practices in developing Holmes final assessment in order to get an advantage in academic scores. It involves plagiarism, alterations in the transcripts, accessing inaccessible material, and others that may lead the students to trouble.

Holmes Institute sets higher expectations from the students and has been exemplary in penalizing the learners engaging in academic misconduct.

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Holmes T1 2022 final assessment

HND Assignment Help can assist in different ways that can help in avoiding academic misconduct.

  • Plagiarism-free work is provided to the students.
  • Within the deadline, assignment submission is ensured.
  • Legitimate content is used for developing the assignments.
  • Authenticated Adaptive Harvard Referencing style is followed.
  • As per the Act of Academic Misconduct, strict actions are taken by Holmes Institute. You can seek assistance in completing the assignments and avoiding Academic Misconduct.

    Understanding Academic Misconduct


    Plagiarism is considered to be highly offensive and can get the entire assignment rejected. Copying excerpts from other scholarly work or just paraphrasing without acknowledgment can be considered strong reasons for misconduct.

    Fabrication or False Information

    Failing to provide authenticated peer-reviewed data or being unable to provide legitimate academic insights and furnish information that is false while developing an assignment is considered to be academic misconduct.

    Irrelevant or Unauthenticated Referencing

    Fictitious and poor referencing that doesn’t comply with the information provided in the content of the assignment is referred to as academic misconduct.

    Ways to avoid Academic Misconduct

    Plagiarism-free work can be developed by writing original content and using a plagiarism checker.

    Implementing academic course material and analysis of different scholarly journals can aid in providing legitimate information.

    Including authenticated and accessible journals and articles can be cited for avoiding unauthenticated and poor referencing.

    As per Holmes, the Adaptive Harvard Referencing style that includes the name of the author, year of journal publication, page number, and paragraph number needs to be mentioned.

    Example: (Dirisu, 2018, p. 318 (1)).

    You can join hands with HND Assignment Help to complete your Holmes T1 2022 final assignment and score higher grades by standing out of the crowd as maintaining proper requirements is our main aim.