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Top 6 Importance of Marketing Management


What is marketing management?

Marketing Management identifies market opportunities with relevant approaches for searching profits. Marketing management is the way to generate maximum profit by satisfying the customers. Marketing management is a consumer-oriented process. Therefore, the marketing manager has to find out the services that benefit the consumers and the services that fail the needs and expectations of consumers. A marketing manager has to perform all managerial functions in the field of marketing. They have to complete a marketing program and estimate the effectiveness of marketing-mix continuously. They have to remove the lack recognized in the marketing plans, policies, and procedures.

Here are the top 6 Importance of Marketing Management you should consider:

Top 6 Importance of Marketing Management
Importance of Marketing Management
Marketing Management
Importance of Marketing

1. Analyzing Market Opportunities:

Marketing management collects and analyses consumer needs, wants and demands competitors’ marketing strategies and changing market trends and preferences.

2. Ascertainment of Target Market:

A target market is a group of customers identified as the most suitable customers of a company’s product or services. Marketing management helps meet the target market that the company wants to cover to increase sales and revenues.

3. Planning and Decision Making:

Marketing management helps to make a plan of action. Planning helps us to acknowledge approx returns. The decision making enables us about pricing, variety of products, choice of circulation channel, Etc actions.

4. Creation of Customer:

Customers decide the future of the market. Therefore providing the best products and services according to their choice is a significant marketing task. Marketing management helps in the creation of new customers and maintenance of current customers.

5. Helps in Increasing Profit:

The market has different and unlimited needs of customers. Marketing management helps in identifying their best price with quality to increase profits and sales volumes.

6. Employment Opportunities:

The marketing process combines multiple actions like research to decide products and services, products and services preparation and development, promotions, distributions, and sales. The marketing process requires a researcher, product and service engineer, distribution channels, and sales agents. Thus marketing management creates job opportunities.


Marketing management is the backbone of successful and profitable businesses, and it performs different tasks to complete its company’s goals. Does this article discuss what marketing management is? And the Top 6 Importance of Marketing Management you should consider. Suppose, We Apply Marketing Management in our business. In that case, we can generate more sales and revenues, and more sales will give us more profit.

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