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Marketing Communications Planning Framework


Communication models

Marketing Communications Planning Framework alias MCPF can be defined as a marketing model that can be utilized for creating an integrated marketing communications plan. This MCPF Model is created by Chriss Fill, who has been a Senior Examiner for the Charted Institute of Marketing. This marketing model of MCPF is meant to solve the inadequacies found or created by other frameworks. 

The MCPF Model consists of aspects like Context Analysis, Promotional Goals, Promotional Strategy and Coordinated Communication Mix along with its implementation and evaluation. 

Textbooks on Marketing Communications Planning Framework

Marketing Communications Planning Framework alias MCPF is a detailed marketing model that marketers need to grasp their skill upon for mastering Integrated Marketing. Here are the details of some textbooks on the topic of MCPF for marketers as follows: 

Marketing Communications: A Brand Narrative Approach by Micael Dahlen,Fredrik Lange and Terry Smith (Published by John Wiley & Sons – Year 2010). Marketing Communications by Chriss Fill and Graham Hughes (Published by Routledge – Year 2008). 

Examples of Marketing Communications Planning Framework

Example 1: An interesting example of Marketing Communications Planning Framework is its utilization by cereal product brands. Such brand companies utilize this model to decide initially upon the goals of their product promotion and then devise a channelized strategy for their product promotion. The further stages to carry out their promotion are implemented in a phase wise manner according to the MCPF model. 

Example 2: Another interesting example of Marketing Communications Planning Framework is its utilization by electronic brands. The companies involved in the manufacturing of such gadgets and products surely try to gain benefits from this MCPF Model. It is so as the stages of this model’s implementation are also applicable to an electronics brand just like any other FMCG company like Cereal products.  

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Communication Plan

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Communication Plan Template

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