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MM503 Management Practices in Responsible Organisations


MM503 Assessment 2 Essay

This assessment task is compulsory.
Assessment Task: Essay
Submission Date and Time: 16 January 2023 11.59.59 pm
Value (Weight): 40% of total assessment
Word Length: 3000 words 
Learning Outcome(s): 1-4
Assessment Instructions
Assessment 2 – Essay
This task in compulsory

MM503 Management Practices in Responsible Organisations
MM503 Management Practices in Responsible Organisations

Assessment Instructions MM503

Describe why the strategy and design of an organisation are key to the development of a 
responsible organisation. What consequences will this have for people management,
marketing and communications.  How might this essay inform responsible business
management developments in your own organisation or that of a chosen organisation.   
In your answer draw from from Module 2 Concepts (Weeks 5 to 8) and use examples and
insights from your own organisation and/or other organisations .
This is an essay so adhere to essay structure. No table of contents. What to include:
Cover page with unit, student and word count details. This page is not numbered.
Essay title. 
A properly constructed essay introduction, body and conclusion. Typically essays do not
have sub headings but a minimal number such as Introduction, Insights to Responsible
Organisations, Informing Developments in my/chosen organisation and Conclusion will be
Essay word count breakdown suggestion: Introduction paragraph (200 words), strategy,
organisational design (1200 words), people management, marketing and communications
(600 words), informing developments (800 words) and conclusion (200 words). 
APA 7e Referencing
1.5 line spacing
Effective Paragraphing
Page numbers from Title Page. Not cover sheet information

Please submit your essay in MS Word format. You may include appendices with relevant
aspects of Assignment 1 such as your stakeholder map if you think markers may wish to
refer to them. Do not assume that markers will be accessing your previous assignment. You
may discuss aspects of Assignment 1 without referencing it, but do frame your discussion
by stating something like, ‘as discussed in my Responsible Management Report …. ‘,
because Turnitin will pick up on work that has already been submitted. 
APA 7e Referencing
1.5 line spacing
Essay structure is required
FURTHER READINGS – Right at the bottom of the page
Coulsen-Thomas is an excellent article about Strategy and Responsible Business 2021.
Strongly Recommended 
Two Strategy Safari articles – Focus on Mintzberg’s 10 schools of Strategy. Read the
Guided Tour Short Read first. Very good though some English grammar points! But good to
get a grasp
The Strategy Safari book – I dont expect you to read the book but you might find it useful
Intrapreneurship article is interesting – Mainly read abstract intro, discussion and conclusion
Once an assignment is submitted, any request to have that assignment reverted to
draft status will be referred to the UNE Business School’s Academic Integrity Officer
for assessment.
Please read these documents before submitting your assignment.
UNE Assessment Rule
Assessments will be marked and feedback provided in line with UNE’s Assessment
Rule and Assessment Procedures. Students should also be aware of the University guidelines
on Academic Integrity including University Rules on Academic Misconduct and
Plagiarism. Information is available in the Student Coursework Academic Misconduct
Rule and  Student Coursework Academic Misconduct Procedures.
All assessment tasks are required to be submitted through the  TurnItIn Originality
checking  service unless there are specific instructions in the Assessment Information that require
an alternative submission process. Get best of cookery assignments in Australia !!
UNE Business School Assessment Information for Students
For information on submission (including late submissions and extensions), return of
assignments, and UNE grading system please refer to the UNE Business School Assessment
Information for Students. Pay particular attention to the sections on presentation and referencing

as this is very important in all UNE Business School units.
30 November 2022, 5:53 PM
30 November 2022, 5:53 PM
 Kotler Marketing.pdf
12 December 2022, 7:03 PM
 Stakeholder influence on HRM.pdf
12 December 2022, 7:03 PM
 Strategy Safari book.pdf
30 November 2022, 5:53 PM
 Strategy Safari, A Guided Tourthrough the.pdf
30 November 2022, 5:53 PM