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Nursing Dissertation Topics


20 Awe-Inspiring Nursing Dissertation examples Topics You Need This Term

Nursing students are no stranger to the pangs that dissertations bring with them. For nursing students, it is even more difficult to manage all the stress. Attending seemingly never-ending lectures and running to and fro labs and the emergency room are all in a day’s work for those who study nursing.

Naturally, most of them are panic-stricken when dissertation hour comes beckoning. However, the digital age presents tailor-made solutions for study woes as well, but one must know where to start. The Internet has an abundance of resources that you can use to ensure that you turn in a flawless dissertation.

Writing a nursing dissertation begins with choosing a nursing dissertation topic. The initial stumble of selecting a topic keeps many from turning in fabulous dissertations. That’s exactly what we will talk about in this post.

A quick nursing dissertation checklist of all things that you need to keep in mind when writing a dissertation and a list of 20 amazing nursing dissertation topics are just what you need to get started on that dissertation, so here goes.

Study hacks: nursing dissertation checklist

Before you start planning your dissertation, a few things need to be straightened out. Sure, you may have a schedule for each task that you need to complete to finish your dissertation help in time, but there is a lot more to planning a dissertation than just a schedule.

Here is thus a quick nursing dissertation checklist to keep handy when you set about to write your nursing dissertation.

  • Keep an idea journal handy for times when a topic or argument comes to you
  • Schedule researching and writing tasks around lectures and labs – never miss out on classes because you have pending dissertation task
  • Organise your tasks and to-lists with online tools like Trello that make your life way simpler and hassle-free than before
  • Keep all your notes handy with EverNote (it also has note-taking, scribbling, doodling and journaling features)
  • Brainstorm on a topic from more than one angle to find the one you are keen on exploring
  • Conduct background study with care for you can find brilliant insights about your discipline at this stage
  • Finally, get your topic and stance for the dissertation approved by your professors or supervisors following meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions

Now that you have a nursing dissertation checklist handy, it is time to take a look at what some probable topics could be for writing an impeccable nursing dissertation.

Topic search: 20 nursing dissertation topics to show you the way

Nursing presents a plethora of possibilities as a discipline. Branching out to different specialisations and areas to explore, it delves deep into the aspects of medical care and health policies. If you are about to write a nursing dissertation, the following is a list of nursing dissertation topics to choose from that are sure to impress your professors and peers alike.

  1. Explain the strategies of management and care for patients affected with chronic and acute pain
  2. What, according to you, are the effects of drinking contaminated water and the public health issues arising from it
  3. How can healthcare practices be promoted through community nursing programs?
  4. How have the policies and approaches of the World Health Organisation affected child health development worldwide?
  5. Discuss the clinical management methods and psychological treatment processes for inhabitants of a correctional home
  6. Evaluate the medical and health consequences of disaster-hit areas with a comparative study of two or more disaster-hit regions in the country
  7. Prepare a comparative analysis of community nursing programs in two cities of your choice
  8. Explore the new-age policies and organizational directions for healthcare and medical services in your country
  9. Discuss the problems of management in geriatric care and suggest three ways to overcome the same
  10. Explore the relationship between poverty and child health issues as an agenda for forming a public health policy
  11. How can community nursing services play an integral role in the assessment of malnutrition issues in children?
  12. Explain the strategic management perspectives of international health organisations
  13. What are the best management strategies for treating patients with post-traumatic stress disorder?
  14. Discuss how diabetes is a public health issue and suggest lifestyle changes to combat the spread of diabetes
  15. Discuss the existing neonatal and pregnancy care facilities available within community nursing programs in your country
  16. How have the organisational directions evolved over time for health care policies and services in (the country of your choice)?
  17. Explain the clinical management procedures for patients with high blood pressure, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases
  18. Conduct a study on the issue of AIDS in public health and social stigma
  19. Opine about the role of nurses, GPs, social workers and policymakers in a nursing centre for the elderly
  20. Discuss the impact of WHO on the global healthcare facilities status currently

In conclusion

Writing a nursing dissertation is a tall order. You would want to put your best foot forward as your grades, and the degree is at stake here. Be it public health or clinical management, choose a nursing dissertation topic that you will enjoy researching and studying.

Pick one from the topics that we enlisted here to mitigate the trouble of having to narrow down on a topic that manages to floor the entire panel. In fact, you can frame a topic of your own taking a leaf from our pages as well. Choosing an impressive nursing dissertation topics is the first step when writing a dissertation. Get cracking on your nursing dissertation with the topic prompts listed here, and you will well be on your way to finishing a stellar dissertation. Good luck!

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