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OSCOLA Referencing in Law Assignment by HND Assignment Help


OSCOLA is a popular citation format among law students. OSCOLA is designed to encourage consistency and help students find the required information easily and quickly. Oxford University formed OSCOLA (Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities) in 2000 for benefit within Oxford University. OSCOLA is now the initiative standard for referencing legal materials. OSCOLA referencing is used by the many UK and International law schools and many legal periodicals and publishers. OSCOLA referencing is the style approved for use by the College of Law at Swansea University. OSCOLA does not claim to be comprehensive but gives rules and examples for the leading UK legal primary sources and many secondary sources. The latest edition of the OSCOLA referencing guide is always followed to generate results for you.

We have an OSCOLA referencing service. Using our OSCOLA referencing generator not only helps you do the sources effortlessly but plays an essential role in conveying you good marks in law assignments. As far as possible, the guidelines in OSCOLA are based on common practice in UK legal authority but with a minimum of punctuation.

OSCOLA is essential for two reasons:

  1. The structure is highly preferable at law colleges. 
  2. It is also a complicated referencing format. 

OSCOLA referencing format is a guide to legal citation. It helps you achieve consistency in your law assignments. The purpose of this format isn’t to be comprehensive. Instead, it intends to provide rules and examples for UK legal primary sources and different types of secondary sources. It is used initially within Oxford University. The regulations of OSCOLA referencing are updated every three to four years. Keeping a check on all the updates is always possible for students with HND Assignment Help.

There are two types of OSCOLA referencing. One is the in-text citations, while the other is the footnotes. You need to add a superscript number after a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence. It IS tough. So, use our OSCOLA referencing services to complete the citations correctly. Our experts believe a basic knowledge of OSCOLA referencing is required by each student. However, practically implementing ṭhe rules isn’t a child’s play. Instead of beating yourself, you can take help from HND Assignment Help for the OSCOA referencing.

The OSCOLA style is a footnote referencing system. It consists of three elements.

  1. Citation – When you acknowledge a source in the text, you place a footnote marker one at the end of the relevant sentence. If several references close together, it can identify the number at the end of the appropriate phrase or word. 
  2. Footnote – This is the reference at the bottom of the guide. These should be brief to identify the source, not provide additional information.
  3. Bibliography – A list of all the sources you have cited in your work. We should provide it at the end of the essay.

Whenever you paraphrase or quote a source or use another person’s ideas, you need to provide a reference in a footnote. Your footnotes should be numbered continuously through your document, starting at one. You don’t always need a footnote for legislation if you have provided sufficient information about the bill within the text.

OSCOLA Referencing, Law Assignment, HND Assignment Help
OSCOLA Referencing in Law Assignment by HND Assignment Help

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Our OSCOLA referencing services is based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing technologies. Each type of reference outlines the components of the source is split by a vertical line ‘|’. The latest edition of the OSCOLA referencing guide

 is always followed to generate results for you.

  • whether words are in italics (like this)
  • whether brackets are round like this ( ), square like this [ ] or angled like this < >
  • where there is punctuation, such as commas (,)

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