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PGBM135 – Global Strategy and Foresight London


Canvas Turnitin Submission Deadline: Tuesday 9th November 2021 by 2pm

Module Leader: Dr Giuseppe Cantafio Moderated by: Tawfiq Elahi Introduction:

This module is assessed by one individual assignment, a case study based coursework

(Assessment). Details of the assessment are as follows. You will need to achieve a pass mark in order to pass the overall module successfully.

Module Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will have demonstrated:


K1. That you can critically evaluate the theoretical basis for sources of competitive advantage and evaluate their relevance to practice

K2. That you can critique the relationship between organisational vision, strategic objectives, intent, resources, planning and the firm’s environment

K3. That you have an appreciation for the conceptual theories of ‘internationalisation, innovation and competitive advantage’ to different industries and locations

K4. That you can demonstrate critical understanding and application of relevant theories and tools associated with strategic foresight and the need for organisational future orientation


S1 How to review and present their critical knowledge of selected international business, strategy and foresight literature

S2. Your ability to evaluate an organisation’s competitive environment, analyse its competitive positions and identify its strategic resources, capabilities and core competences

S3. Your ability to explore global trends and drivers of change with a pursuit of identifying attractive future markets

S4. How to identify the key resources, capabilities and competences for an organisation’s future growth and sustainability

S5. How to use relevant foresight tools to understand and articulate the dynamic nature of a given industry, its future trajectory and develop plausible scenarios

Assessment (100% weighting)

Case study based Individual coursework with a word guideline of 5000 words (plus or minus 10%) to meet learning outcomes K1, K2, K3, K4 S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5.

Case – H&M

The apparel retailer H&M has made an incredible journey since its start in 1947 with a single store for women’s clothing in Sweden to go on to become one of the leading global fashion and design group. Currently, H&M has 4200 stores in 72 countries and employs around 177,000 employees worldwide. H&M also has a strong online presence and their products are available on 47 online markets (platforms/ countries). A pioneer in ‘fast fashion’, H&M has positioned itself as a firm that responds quickly to new trends and creates fashion items that are made available to customers both online and in-stores immediately thereafter.

You are required to answer the following FOUR questions that pertains to the case – H&M. For further details on H&M, you may refer to the case study, ‘H&M in fast fashion: continued success?’ (Exploring Strategy, pp- 576 – 583). It is also recommended that you research information additional to the case study to support your arguments. This may be obtained from a diverse range of sources and you are encouraged to research the issues in whichever way you deem appropriate.

Question One: Within 1000 words critically evaluate the current global positioning of H&M taking in consideration the elements below –

  1. Evaluate the trends within the ‘fast fashion’ industry and disruptive external events (e.g. Covid-19) in general, that could be considered as key drivers for change
  2. Construct some plausible 5-year scenarios for H&M
  3. Consider the potential impact on H&M’s business in terms of both threats and opportunities, using the identified trends, disruptive forces, and the constructed scenarios. [30 marks]

Question Two: Sources of Competitive Advantage and its relevance to management

Critically review the theories of competitive advantage and evaluate their relevance to management. Discuss how such theories could inform H&M managers in their quest to gain sustainable competitive advantage. [30 marks]

Question Three: Firm’s strategy and strategic position

Critically review the firm’s strategy in relation to firm’s resources, capabilities and the firm performance. You may use H&M as an illustration in your discussion. [20 marks]

Question Four: The role of innovation and internationalisation in a firm’s Competitive Advantage

Evaluate the relevance of innovation and internationalisation in designing and implementing H&M’s strategy/ competitive position [20 marks]

Please note:

All work must adhere to the University regulations on ‘Cheating, Collusion and Plagiarism’, which are provided as an Appendix in your Programme Handbook. I encourage you to use ‘Harvard Referencing Style’ and avoid ‘Plagiarism’.

You must submit an electronic copy of the coursework in Microsoft Word format on CANVAS before the appointed date/time.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment will focus on the level of ANALYSIS carried out. That is, the application of THEORETICAL CONCEPTS studied in the module to the ‘practical’ case study presented. In other words, you should proceed beyond a DESCRIPTION of the company and its actions. You should be analysing ‘why’ rather than describing ‘what’.

Academic Rigor

  • your ability to isolate the key strategic issues
  • the coherence and depth of the analysis of those issues
  • the ability to analyse the strategy context within which companies operates
  • the ability to critically review and evaluate strategic decisions made by companies


  • the use of relevant evidence, from material provided and personal research to support any statements made
  • the appropriateness of the methods used and theoretical models and frameworks applied
  • the breadth and depth of research undertaken
  • Evaluation of data
  • the ability to make sound recommendations or conclusions arising from the analysis
  • the soundness of arguments put forward


  • the summary of arguments
  • report layout and format
  • use of illustrative material and evidence to support arguments
  • the appropriateness of length
  • the quantity and accuracy of referencing


H&M, 2019. Annual report 2018-2019. [Online] Available at: https://hmgroup.com/content/dam/hmgroup/groupsite/documents/masterlanguage/Annual

%20Report/HM_Annual%20Report%202019.pdf [Accessed 20th August 2020]

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