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Plan, design and build a website


Griffith College Dublin Computing Faculty / Assignment Title Sheet

Course:                                  BSc. Client Side Web Development

Stage/Year:                          1

Module:                                 Client Side Web Development

Semester:                              1

Assignment Number:        3

Assignment Submission:         Upload to Moodle Assignment Weighting:                                                20%

Assignment Title: Plan, design and build a website.

For this assignment you are to plan, design and build a website using HTML and CSS.

There are 2 main deliverables:

The finished site

An evaluation document.

The website is to showcase the life/work of someone you consider a personal Plan, design and build a website

‘hero’. The site must feature:

  • Details about the person’s life
  • Details about their work / influence
  • Details about why you chose them.
  • Media concerning the person (images/audio/video)
  • Links to other relevant websites
  • Anything else you consider relevant In addition to these your site should have:
  • A ‘welcome’ / ‘home page’
  • A personal bio / ‘about’ page about yourself

The site must feature at least 7 pages. What these pages are exactly is up to you.

The site must feature: Plan, design and build a website

  • An intuiative, usable interface (Navigation, page layout)
  • A well organised site structure
  • A suitable design with approriate visuals (colour, images, typography)
  • The site’s design should reflect the subject material, and also be easy to use and navigate.
  • Modern CSS practices including: CSS Grid for page layout, Flexbox for navigation (and anything else you deem necessary) and media queries to make the site mobile friendly.

Deliverables: Plan, design and build a website

The site and all it’s contents (pages, images, CSS files) should be organised in a clear manner and placed in a folder and zipped. (Folder should be named: lastname_firstname_studentnumber_assignment_03)

This should be archived using the ZIP format. Do not rename after zipping. Name it before zipping. Note: Only zip format will be accepted. Any other format will be ignored.

In this folder you should also include an analysis document.

This document should feature:

Description of site design (1/2 pages) Plan, design and build a website

A description of the finished site, explaining the various decisions you made.

A site-map diagram (1 page)

A diagram of the pages on your site and how they are organised.

Wireframes (1/2 pages)

A rough wireframe of key page layouts.

Research (1 page)

Some links or screen shots of sites that have inspired you (can be subject related or not)

I would like to see progress on this document when we come back for the first week of labs in late February!

This document should have your name and student number on the cover page and be saved in PDF format. It should be named yourname_studentnumber_sitedocument.pdf

The site must be built using self-written HTML5 Markup with CSS. (Validated and commented)

The site should function normally the latest versions of Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

All images must be properly optimized for the web.



You may use sites such as Wikipedia or other online sources for your bio information. This information must be properly referenced and linked. You may use other people’s images for this site, however these too much be properly referenced and attributed.

References, attribution and links must be placed in-text.

The design of the site must be your own. You cannot use templates or themes. You may use certain design elements that have a public use license. In all cases you must cite the license agreement (e.g. Creative Commons). All such elements must be run by the lecturer first.

The design must be your own, however. Plagiarism is not acceptable and will be taken very seriously.

Whilst you may use client-side scripting such as JavaScript for certain elements I will not be marking this nor taking it into consideration. The site should function with JavaScript turned off.

Additionally the site must be built with HTML/CSS.

The maximum file size uploadable is 100MB. Your site and all imagery must be below this amount.

I reserve the right to refuse selection of any particular person as your ‘hero’ subject matter. You must run it by me, either via email or in a lab. www.hndassignmenthelp.com

Learning Outcomes being assessed:

Understand and demonstrate the importance of research and pre-planning in designing and building web applications

Design and build standards-compliant web sites with HTML, CSS.

Assessment Criteria:

Research and planning

You have undergone a procedure of research and pre-planning.


You have considered your sites users and usability principles and these have informed your decisions.

Design / Concept

You have employed design principles to make your site usable and aesthetically pleasing, and this design is suitable to your subject matter. The design of your site must be consistent with the content.


The pages are consistent and usable, with clearly defined areas of content layed out using HTML/CSS


You have displayed independent learning and thought to help aid your design

Coding practice

Your mark-up is working, valid, well-organized, commented and clear. Your images are optimized for the web. Proper separation of content and presentation. Modern web design practices .


You have attributed all material that is not your own.

Site Structure

The structure and names of your files/folders should be clear and meaningful.


You have followed all presentation (file names / file types etc.) guidelines as stated in this brief and in class.punjabassignmenthelp.com

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